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  1. Aww, it looks beautiful and I truly hope you change your mind someday (I sure will use it). Keep the beautiful work up!
  2. Is this skin useable for FM 2019 touch as well? If so, how to download it? If not, will there be a FM 2019 version of this skin?
  3. Goodmorning, I've noticed that when I start a new game picking the leagues in the following order: Holland, England, Spain and Germany, that I miss Bertrand Traore at Ajax. He's currently at loan from Chelsea, but the lad played already in The Netherlands for Vitesse. But he isn't included when I select the leagues in that order. But he will only show when I put England first. Which is odd, since he already played for a Dutch club and currently playing for a Dutch club - Ajax. It is odd that he ain't included in the Dutch database and that Ajax is missing a player who is of good use in the game. I hope this minor thing can be adjusted. Kind regards, Postduif
  4. Thanks! If I can be of any service, please let me know. And I'll try.
  5. Not me, but for the next time I will keep a save and send it. If you didn't receive one already at that time.
  6. I had the same thing. It ain't realistic. Normally a player would get dispensation and come later on the national team. It kind of sucks when you have to play a Champions League final with grey players or extremely young players.
  7. I would like to bump this topic. I have tried to start a new game several times to see if this bug is persistent. Every new game I had the same conclusion, the bug is persistent. On a personal level I have to say that the game is losing fun for me, since it's impossible to set up a good youth policy (for more than a few youngsters). And your transfer accument suffers as well from it. Besides the personal frustration a three month loan ain't even realistic these days (not in Holland and neither in international loan-outs (there's everything till the end of the season)). Please be aware of this 'bug', it is fun-killing and not very realistic at all (perhaps only in England).
  8. Hi there, I want to report an issue, I am currently in my thirth season with Ajax in FMM 2017 on an enhanced engine and something came to sense. It's (almost) not possible to loan out players, it rarely occurs that a player of mine goes out on loan eventhough I have great prospects to offer. It only occured like 3 times in three seasons that I was able to loan out a prospect by offer. But then the following, when I succeed finding a temporarily club for my youngster they are only willing to have them for three months instead of what I offered: the end of the season. For now it never happened that a club is willing to loan a youngster for more than three months. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Edit: I offered someone for the full length of the season. And yet again, they only want him for three months. Computer controlled teams are loaning eachother players as well for three months. See screenshots.
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