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  1. So I just managed to stay up back in Serie A. This was the 2018/2019 season. Survived with a game to spare, and a couple of invites to the board room to explain myself!! Almost up to the start of the 2019 season. Had improvements made to youth and training facilities, which are up to a pretty good standard now. Also had a stadium expansion approved, which will take it to just over 20,000. Actually spend some money this window, and haven't sold any of my key players for once. Re-signed Riccardo Sapanora from Inter for 6M, who I sold for 12M. Invested heavily in a new defence, and some decent wide players. Also signed Iheanacho on a free transfer as he only wanted 5k per week, and was deemed pretty decent by my ass man. Has done pretty well in pre-season. Overall I'm much more hopeful this season, and aiming for mid-table at least. Plan on playing 4-1-2-2-1 or 4-2-3-1 for the most part.
  2. Yep, found that out the hard way. Had to pay slightly more than the agreed fee in the loan, and someone else had a bid accepted so wages were fairly high too. O well!
  3. Yeah I think so, which is annoying as that is when his loan expires. Hopefully they'll just accept my bid in July anyway...if not I'll need to find a striker or 2. Luckily I have a fairly big transfer budget again this season!
  4. That's what I did Highest paid was Wellington Silva from Arsenal on a free, contract of £39k per week. And I still only finished 2nd! I mean that now I've been promoted to Serie A, when can I start offering > £4k p/w ?
  5. Parma got relegated on my game. Finished bottom of the league. Luckily only a couple of my players are wanted, and they seem happy to stay. The only issue I'm having is trying to buy Pohjanpalo. I got a future fee in his loan deal, so that's all good. But he says he isn't interested due to the wage cap. I have him on loan until the end of June...will this cap be lifted before then does anyone know?? A few young players look very promising as well which I'm quite excited about. A couple who were out on loan look ready for the first team. And 3 strikers who came through my first youth intake look very promising. 1 might sit on the bench, I think the others will be loaned out. I'll do some screenshots after work tonight.
  6. I managed to clinch promotion after finishing my season last night! It wasn't easy work!! Teams seemed to play much more defensively against me, and there were quite a few tight games with last minute winners. I was massively helped by my star signing in January, a striker called Joel Pohjanpalo on loan from Fiorentina. He scored an impressive 19 goals in 18 games. He actually had 8 goals after his first 4 games! I finished second, clinching promotion with a game to spare. Glad I didn't finish 3rd, as the playoffs included the maximum 6 teams! I'll check which one got promoted, but pretty sure it wasn't 3rd/4th! Now I just need to build a squad that is ready for Serie A, and possibly come up with a new tactic.
  7. I've found it quite hard to be consistent in this division. My season has been a series of good form followed by bad form, and oscillating between the 2. Hoping I can embark on a final push to get an automatic promotion tonight. I don't fancy being involved in the world's most confusing playoffs.
  8. I was also just reading the promotion rules. It seems quite a complicated system, where 3rd gets promoted automatically if 4th place is > 9 points behind. There are playoffs if this gap is closer. It does seem like quite a good idea though, meaning if a team deserves to go up they don't have to go through playoffs. Less incentive to be in the top 6 though, as you may not even get a playoff game.
  9. Ah that explains it! Also explains how I was able to get some decent players on such low wages during the Jan window...I thought they just really wanted to play for me!
  10. I recently started a game with Man City, having not played FM16 much this year. I got bored of that halfway through the second season, and saw that Empoli had just been taken over by a tycoon in February 2017. So I quit City, and applied for the job. They were bottom of Serie A at the time, so I had a bit of a job on my hands, despite having a big transfer budget (which I obviously couldn't spend as the window was shut). I had a good go at staying up, and managed to almost catch up with the team in 17th by the end of the season, but ended up being relegated in 18th. Had a huge clearout of players, some just weren't good enough, and most of my best players wanted to leave. I ended up making a profit, despite spending around £40M. The only thing is I couldn't sign any more players due to a wage budget restriction from the league? But I can't find any more information on this. I still have a big wage and transfer budget available. I thought Serie B would be a walk in the park, but after a not so impressive start I was 10th in the league! After some changes to tactics, I caught up with the top 2 by the winter break. Got rid of and brought in a few more players in January, then had another wobble and went 4 games without a win. Currently back to 2nd with 11 games to go. Hoping to climb to the top by the end of the season!! I think the last time I managed in Italy was the season after Juve got demoted, but I'm actually enjoying it quite a lot!
  11. Would the below be ok for FM? http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/dell-iinspiron-15-5555-silver-amd-a10-8700p-8gb-1tb-15.6-windows-10-laptop-5555-7710/version.asp Processor - AMD A Series 8700P - 3.2 GHz RAM - 8 GB Hard Drive - 1 TB AMD Radeon R6 Graphics Card Thanks
  12. I found a Brazilian newgen, who's natural position was RB. He is 6'4, great marking, heading and tackling, poor dribbling, crossing and pace. Is an obvious CB, yet natural position was RB. Trained him on CB until maxed out, but still shows as a RB. I've never played him there, surely he should lose that natural comfort with the position at some point?
  13. Happens in real life. My local team Bishop's Stortford (in hertfordshire) had to play a season in the North due to being the most 'northern' team in the conference south.
  14. Playing the CL final with Arsenal, and went to extra time with Real Madrid. At second half kick off, bale shoots straight from the kick off and lobs my keeper. I wanted to cry!! Ended up winning anyway, and a bit after I was just impressed that the ME could come up with that! Never seen it before. Imagine it happening in real life!
  15. I have seen several Costa Rican players. One Left winger who is decent PL player, and another I'm signing from Ajax who is a AMC wonderkid, looks like potential to be world class/leading prem. Also found a decent looking GK from South Korea, stats looked very good, but only 5'9...
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