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  1. I have Samsung S8 and did the update now it won' go past downloading data it gets to 100% then starts again at zero, I've now tried this 4 times totalling 3 hours and still no joy
  2. You my friend are a total star thanks for all your help this is why I love forums Again thanks loads Mark
  3. Nope I never did that, can I do that by uninstalling it and starting again or is it not possible to do it now ?
  4. Right just tried it from a new game and he's still not there, am I doing something wrong
  5. Right mine was not on large database I've changed it but he's still not showing neither is schalke as well do I have to restart the game from the beginning ?
  6. I've noticed a few players missing the main one being Breel Embolo can anybody help
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