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  1. Is the player you are trying to sell in your reserves? i had same problem but moved the player to first team and the sale went through without problems. I don't take credit for this I saw it in an AppStore review by Jamiecooper97.
  2. I'm managing in the EFL championship. I noticed that one of my players was flagged as being one booking away from suspension. I checked his history and it appears he has been booked twice but was also sent off for two bookable offences. The game therefore is counting this as 4 yellow cards. Is this correct? I've spent the last hour on the EFL and FA websites and can't find what the correct procedure is. I would have thought that the suspension for the red card for two bookable offences would mean that these yellow cards wouldn't count towards his cumulative card count.
  3. I saved my game prior to updating to 17.1.2. Following update my save (and all auto-saves) is gone. I'm using IPad Air 2. Plenty of spare storage etc. Edit: All my preferences seemed to have been saved just not my save files. Further edit: The files do seem to still be there and can be loaded via the load game option in game but they were not available from the start screen. The load game option was also unavailable but is available now.
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