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  1. Another amazing thread with loads to take away and think about! Thanks for taking the time to share! Only question that comes to mind is one asked earlier in the thread but I'm not sure got a direct answer. Do you still use Close Down Much Less PI on your DM(d), DLP(d) and RPM(s)? Sidenote - just noticed the DM(d) naturally Closes Down More, but you can still apply Close Down Much Less to the role. Huh.
  2. The first post will tell you most of what you need to know, yes. It's worth reading the last couple of pages as well as Ozil has posted a few updates for FM17. E.g. changing the Complete Forward to a False 9 and removing Pass Into Space.
  3. I think it requires a certain squad of players to be effective. It's a very fluid system therefore players need a high work rate to contribute to multiple phases of play. If you've got any players that aren't going to pull their weight I think it will fall apart. The high press works wonders for me; as soon as we lose the ball we press the opposition in their own half and force a mistake/tackle/interception, or force them to punt it long which is easily mopped up by the high defensive line - then we go again.
  4. Take a look at this thread. Been largely successful for me.
  5. Thanks so much for this Ozil, great tactic! Had a lot of fun with it in my first season and now building my team around it. Just one question: Do you use any PIs for closing down more/less? I've got my DLP(d) on Close Down Less so he holds his position. Just wondering if you used this for any other positions? Thanks!
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