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  1. Gebhart: Lower than average technique, not a good dribbler, game mainly built on good stamina & work rate. Won’t get beyond 4th tier level. Gracic: I haven’t seen him play much, but he is said to have good free kicks. M. Spitzer: Average Bayernliga defender. Really strong, good header, reasonable long shots. Low agility, slow acceleration, below average passer with low vision. Could develop into a 3rd tier player, but his progress has stalled in recent times. A. Spitzer: Similar to his brother Marcel. Maybe a bit better with the ball (passing, technique) and a bit more agile. Quite aggressive, but not a good communicator. Klassen: Good Bayernliga player. Pacy, good technique, good crossing, good stamina, tends to go forward a lot. Sometimes overambitious in his positioning. In general, he is too inconsistent and not very good at marking. Very low jumping reach. Not the most professional in terms of focus & personal relations, but he has potential in him - if everything goes well, he could become a 2nd league player. Cyriacus: Good stamina, tackling, bravery, jumping reach, really good heading. Average technique, positioning & passing, tends to play simple passes. Seems a straightforward character & I think he can develop into a good 3rd league player even if he’s not the most technical player. Dressel: Very good technical skills & jumping reach, good long shots, finishing, passing & vision, decent set pieces, average strength. Very low bravery & aggression, rather low skills in terms of heading. The team’s captain but I don’t see any leadership attitude - in fact, he is quite phlegmatic. But he certainly has the skills, I think he could get to 2nd league level is everything goes well. Bilgen: Average Bayernliga player with decent technique, but rather slow. Decent work rate, but not very high stamina. I haven’t seen many good things from him and don’t think he can improve a lot. Culjak: Average Bayernliga player who could still improve a bit, but not likely to go beyond Regionalliga. Versatile, good work rate & team work.Very low jumping reach & low strength, average stamina, decent technique. Niemann: Extremely pacy, very good agility, good finisher, good long shots, willing to learn, good work rate, but not very strong. If he is not affected too much by his current injury, he is likely to develop into a good professional football (maybe 2nd league level). Türk: Reasonable Regionalliga player, clearly below average in 3rd league. Is a good finisher with good free kicks & penalties and slightly above average technique, but otherwise lacks real qualities: Reasonable dribbling, reasonable pace, reasonable off the ball movement, reasonable strength, reasonable jumping reach, a bit less than reasonable heading. Has been used as a supporting attacking midfielder (right or centre) in the first team but makes a good lone striker in the reserves. Is unhappy with reserves football and sometimes loses his calm over that. I guess if he played at a higher level regularly he could still improve a bit. Greilinger: Right-footed inside forward, very agile, good acceleration and speed, average dribbling and technique, problems with passing and strength, finishing average at best. Currently only average in the Bayernliga, but he’s still young and the club believes in him. I’d give him a 3rd league potential. Ezekwem: Great jumping reach but only average heading. Better than average acceleration & top speed. Low bravery, problems with positioning and vision, not a good finisher nor passer. Light-hearted. Won’t get beyond 4th tier level except as a role player. I’d propose to also add Okan Mehmetoglu (Sub19/Reserves). Attacking midfielder, very skillful playmaker&dribbler, excellent free kicks, good long shots, good determination but does not always handle pressure well. His biggest deficit is that he keeps suffering from damaged cruciate ligaments (3rd time in a few years), but otherwise he’d be a good Bayernliga player with potential to make it to the first team. Almost all players don’t really have the communicative skills to be a good leader (except Metzger and Hipper, maybe Marcel Spitzer) and tend to be inconsistent. I guess highest in the hierarchy are Metzger, Dressel (captain), Türk (vice-captain) and Hipper.
  2. But are observations fine, or should I propose numbers? E.g. if I post "Johann Hipper: Very good goalkeeper at Bayernliga level, strong communication, reflexes and rushing out, brave player, his aerial reach is not too awesome. Potential to be a good 3rd or even 2nd league goalkeeper. Tom Kretzschmar: Decent keeper at Bayernliga level, very good reflexes and one-on-ones, rather low aggression and consistency, rather weak communication, rushing out and command of area, average handling, but is thought to be talented & could maybe improve to 3rd league level" will you be able to make anything of it? If so, I could do that for pretty much all reserves and various U19 players. If not, I would need to produce a wall of numbers.
  3. I have no idea how you guys usually deal with reserves players, but I insist I have useful informations since I watch the 1860 reserves quite regularly. If you are at all interested, please answer/write a PM/tell me who to contact.
  4. 1860 Munich: - If there can be a BPD in the 3. Liga, it is Simon Lorenz. Very good passing, technical skills and dribbling, likes to play way out of trouble. However, he is not a natural DM (rather competent than accomplished), and not a CM. - Felix Weber's penalty taking attribute is interesting. I can't actively deny he's a good penalty taker, but he hasn't been taking penalties for a long time. Philipp Steinhart, on the other hand, is very good at that. - Sascha Mölders is still far too pacy. Maybe his acceleration is not that bad, but his top speed is. And his natural fitness is awful, whereas his stamina is average at best. As such he may not be a bad Pressing Forward, but would have to go off after 20 minutes. - Romuald Lacazette seems a bit too strong in terms of ball-winning, but is a very technical player who could have a bit more Technique and Flair. I would say he argues with officials. - Nono Koussou's Determination seems too high to me. - Benny Kindsvater is probably one of the most agile and pacy players in the 3. Liga - Nico Karger is better at long shots, scored a couple of screamers in the old Reserves, And he totally sucks at playing M(L), even if Bierofka insists. I see him as a pure IF, and not more than competent as M(L). - There is something dreadful about Marco Hiller dealing with a ball. I guess this is best displayed by bad First Touch and Passing attributes. In terms of Reflexes and One on Ones, I see him even better. - Helmbrecht isn't really accomplished as DR or WBR, maybe competent. - I would reconsider Bekiroglu's Agility and Acceleration, I have not been impressed by that. He's quite a good finisher though. - Belkahia is quite pacy and has good concentration and passing. - Abruscia's main strength are very good dead balls. He has a good first touch, too. And he has played on the left wing occasionally. - Ziereis has not really played as AM last season, rather as a DLF or something like that. I don't see him more than competent as AM. And he has also sometimes featured on the right wing, though his main strength is a striker. Talking abouth strength: 13 is way too much, maybe 10 or 11. - Willsch has regularly featured as a WB(R) in recent matches when we played 3-4-3 (5-4-1), and seemed quite comfortabel. I have heard he even played as D(R) occasionally when in Schweinfurt, and often also as M(C). His Work Rate is really high, and his crossing is better than 8, I think. - Before arriving at 1860, Wein had played mainly as D(R) and D(C). When we use three at the back, he sometimes features there, too. I would say he is natural as DM and D(C) and accomplished as M(C) and D(R). I think his vision is a bit better. - Weeger is obviously right-footed, and I have my doubts that he has ever played in midfield. He has reasonable long shots. - Türk is more a striker than an AM, I think. He could still be natural in both positions, but by no means is he a good DM or M(C). - Kristian Böhnlein is part of the squad since 1/7/2018. He shoots with power. - Dressel is definitely taller than 184cm, with a good jumping reach (though he is not a good header). - Lex (Fan) and Köppel (Supporter) should have 1860 as favoured club. So should Lukas Aigner (Burghausen, Fan). Reserves: Most players lack attributes as far as I can see. I feel I could contribute with some observations, though I don’t think it makes sense to do so here, as it takes too much space. So far, only positional and footing issues: - Cottrell Ezekwem has only recently been turned into a striker. Throughout the youth teams he played as a CD or DM, sometimes as CM. I don’t know what his natural position would be, but these positions should be added. - Sebastian Gebhart is not really either footed, his right foot is definitely stronger. However, he has played on the left occasionally, and also in more attacking positions on the right. - Arif Ekin is probably best as AM and accomplished as CM, AML and AMR. He can also play ML, MR and if really needed WBL and DL. - Oliver Stefanovic is occasionally used as a DR, while I doubt he features as MC very often. And I don’t really think he is natural as as DM. - I don’t think Marcel Spitzer would make a good Wing Back, and probably he is not natural as DL. - While his brother Alex has been used as a DM, he is not natural there (accomplished or competent), and he would be an awful MC. - Lennart Siebdrat, on the other hand, should be natural or at least accomplished also at DL - I’d see Niemann as natural also on AML, he very frequently plays as an Inside Forward. - Bilgen can play on both wings. - Cyriacus is competent or maybe accomplished as MC, but not natural. - Culjak has played mainly as AML and AMR this season. - Buchta is natural or accomplished also as MR, AMR, AML and ML. - Szekely is also a Youth Goalkeeper Coach, and I guess that’s what his future looks like – he’s just not a good goalkeeper himself. I also doubt he’s really 185cm tall, looks much smaller.
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