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  1. Once purchased, does sugar daddy work across all saves/careers? If so, how can I activate it? I know you get an inbox email after buying it but that doesn't come up in earlier saves.
  2. I'm only on my third season but I've won the treble, everything domestically, in two of the previous seasons and didn't get manager of the year. Very weird.
  3. Unfortunately I don't :/ The confirm transfer comes up every day now which is very annoying.
  4. I accepted an offer for this player, then went on holiday to skip a few friendly games. When I came back it said the transfer can now be completed but there's no confirm option? It says future transfer on his profile but no pending transfers on the club transfer page, so I'm a bit confused. Shouldn't he have left already?
  5. That's really annoying about Gauld because he turned out great in last year's game.
  6. I thought that could be it but strange the rest of the team would be there. Now Rangers are in the top league again I thought I'd just load up that so I could have the option of managing in the English championship.
  7. Literally just downloaded FM 17 Mobile and started a save as my team Rangers. Noticed immediately that first choice left back and club captain Lee Wallace isn't in the squad. He isn't in the Scotland team either.
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