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  1. Anyone managed to get this player from Real Sociedad? Ander Barrenetxea. Got him in FM mobile and he is killing it as a poacher.
  2. Leverkusen has got a fantastic youth setup and it produces players good enough for the first team. I took over Leverkusen in the summer of 2021 (FM2017) and I can say they are in pretty good shape. A number of young players are already on the cusp of the first team. The main challenge is the finances, as well as to find the "right" players for the team. Not easy to obtain replacements for the likes of Aranguiz. I highly recommend to manage this team some time in your game career!
  3. Also, you might want to go to the national squads of the smaller nations to try your luck. Some players in the senior squad may have contracts expiring or expired and you can take them in on trial. Same for the U21 and U19 squads, where there is an added bonus of finding a hidden gem or two.
  4. Merry Christmas to all! I have a small suggestion. Can authors who are using YouTube videos as their main source of narration indicate it in their title? Say for instance : "FM18 - Reading the Royals (YouTube)" Thanks!
  5. What happened? I think you were doing good thus far. Pity that, as I enjoyed reading the updates. All the best for your next challenge!
  6. Very interesting thread and I look forward to your progress. I thought you would have given Zohore more time as he had just joined the club. But looks like loaning the striker from Ajax could be the kick up the ass for him. Will Solanke be a long term target for you for the Viduka role?
  7. Another silent supporter gained! Like the idea of the story so far! So glad you got rid of Moyes, who I could not believe got the job! Interesting to have "different managers" take over essentially the same team to implement their ideas. Kutgw!
  8. Heh, It was Senegal in your group, not Ghana. But no matter. Great job on a limited team. Goes to show the star ratings do not matter much and the tactics and utilisation of the players are far more important. Glad to see you continue on FM2017, so I can still follow someone. Keep up the good work and hope to see you take up club management soon!
  9. @Dong21, Please continue to pen your career updates in this forum. It is helpful for persons like me to read through how others cope with similar clubs. I have picked up a lot of tips and details on this forum just by reading through the various threads. I must say that it is an impressive team you built out there. Made all the more impressive that, unlike many others, the best XI are actually real players 10 years in. I can say you somehow manage like Inzaghi at Lazio, giving the players who have lost their way a new path forward. So kudos for building such a strong team!
  10. Here is what I got: James Maddison - Norwich Alex Mowatt - Barnsley Joe Mason - Wolves Will Keane - Hull
  11. What is your budget and any preferences on the type of player? For a start, I suggest looking through and scouting the players with only 6 months left on their contract or are transfer listed. These players are usually much cheaper. Secondly, go to the lower leagues such as Portugal (less the big 4 clubs) and Scotland. There are plenty of cheap and good players there. I will try to provide a few names when I get home later. Meanwhile, I think there was a thread on this some time back too which gave quite a number of good suggestions. Hope this helps!
  12. I managed to not only get Wycombe promoted, but also won the Championship in the process! I am still in disbelieve myself! My team faltered in the second half, finishing 5th in the points table, but took the Championship as no other team wanted it. Middlesbrough had an insane 2nd half of the season, winning 50 points and also the EFL cup against Man Utd?! So they will be playing in Europe and the Premier League next season. Thibaud Verlinden topped my team's assists with 17 (13 in the league). Ashley Fletcher scored 26 goals in 52 appearances (18 in the league). Harry Wilson also played a big part, with his vision and knack for scoring crucial goals key to snatching victories. Trying to tempt Wilson over with a 9K p/w contract. I need advice now on how much maximum wages to offer in-coming players and my current squad. Gone are the days where I can get away with paying just 2K p/w to my key players. They are now demanding at least 10K, if not more. How much do you typically cap a player's salary at? Any advice is welcome!
  13. Throwing out some names that appeared 4 seasons into my game in case they become available on free transfers... Ben Garratt - Crewe Guido Guerrieri - Lazio (left due to wanting first team football, so may not be ideal) Thomas Kraft (fairly experienced keeper) Andreas Raahauge (FC Midtjylland) Ted Smith - Southend Will Mannion - Hull
  14. Approaching the last 11 games into the 18/19 season, and my Wycombe team is somehow clinging on to first spot. I think teams are becoming more wary of me now and are sitting back and hitting me (hard) on the counter. My left back isn't the best so I have conceded on the flank for a couple of games running already. Need to address the area asap. Thankfully, somehow Norwich has also suffered after beating my team. Not wanting to jinx it, but promotion looks like a possibility. I will need Harry Wilson (Liverpool Loanee) and Kasey Palmer back from injury though. They were key to Ashley Fletcher's scoring form and my surge up the table. With them out, the goals have dried up and teams have become to take points off me. Nervous last stretch indeed... On a side note, my youth intake is trash. Found and purchased a couple of good regens, who are out on fee paying loans (no work permit)... so at least that is some source of income.
  15. @Armistice, definitely. From my experience so far, the board does not agree to your requests all the time. So grab the chance while your stock is high. Small update from me as Wycombe (3rd season, championship). Sitting in first (!?) position after half the season. Never did expect it in my life. I really think I have a good chance of promotion, so I have took a big financial risk. I have gone ahead to purchase Kasey Palmer from Chelsea to bolster my attack. Defensively, my team is pretty sound, with my central defence partnership of Pierre and Perrington more than holding their own. I have also bought Ashley Fletcher to boost my attack and he has repaid with 18 goals (13 in the league so far). I noticed that the decisions attribute gets more important as one rises up the football ladder. In the past, I could get away with signing players with less than 10 for decisions. However, when I entered the championship, I realised that the errors these players make are too glaring and have cost me points. So now, I am paying far more attention on this attribute. I am now lacking in the goalkeeper department. But I fear that with the low reputation my club has and the refusal to expand or build a new stadium will be an issue if I get promoted. Has anyone been sacked for being relegated the season after being promoted?
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