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  1. Oh my goodness, for a moment there I thought we'll be seeing a release in March (like CM4). Oh how cute!!! Miles is saying the game crashes every time his team wins against the odds but not when they lose against the odds. The way Watford are playing that is hardly surprising, even the game knows it!!!
  2. The updates paused and it says "missing file privileges". What's that about?
  3. And spend the rest of the weekend fine tuning your team before the first friendly in the early hours of Monday morning. And then the alarm rings and ponder whether to call in sick. Another one bites the dust.
  4. I don't do any kind of business (loan/sell/buy) with Panathinaikos, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea and Inter. And I don't sign players who have them as their favourite team either. I don't hate them, but they leave me passionately uninterested. I have a soft spot for Everton (because of my mum) but generally I don't do business with them either as a Liverpool manager, though as an Olympiakos Piraeus manager I always try to get Miralas back.
  5. You'd really need a passport to get into England from Merseyside. On a serious note, I think dbc files are to update the games for changes that have happened after the database has closed and shipped to the shops.
  6. If I can't choose how Brexit is implemented in the game will I be able to reload until I get my desired version?
  7. $50 = $1 for every day I play this game at the most as on FM14 I accumulated a lot more than 1200 hours. EA it ain't!
  8. I think you can set your defenders to mark specific players once you've submitted the team (and before you go all the way to starting the match) by going into tactics and doing it through the player instructions. At that point you can save your tactic and I think it'll stay, though you'll most probably have to save at least two different versions (one where the opposition has one attacker and one where they have two attackers). I've never done this, but I think it's feasible.
  9. Click on a competition (like the Premier League) and check under 'Stats' for 'Team'. Then you can see the overview of most stats, but there is a drop down where you can see in depth goals conceded from corners and from direct and indirect free kicks. I hope that's what you're looking for.
  10. Plenty have and I've read all 13 pages of this feedback thread and several others opened outside this feedback thread (and closed as this is the feedback thread and people just opened new ones because their moan is more important than anything else). This always happens and is not surprising; it's human nature!
  11. I've always hated the white skin because it gave me headaches, so for the first time I'm so very happy!!!! I'm sure one will come along soon or someone in the community will create something that you like.
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