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  1. Have you seen Adama Traore's shoulders - they extend to almost half the pitch!
  2. Oh, I was expecting a diatribe on how the Germans were actually behind Brexit
  3. I'm very frustrated with FM20, much more than any of their previous iterations (including CM4). I have played this game for more than 1100 hours already and my average for each year runs to more than double that. I've had success, but mostly failed in most of my objectives in every save I started - and I still carry on playing. Maybe the next (last?) patch will make me happy again and maybe it won't - if it doesn't then I'll cross it off as a failed attempt by SI for this year. Still, when I calm down and think about it overall, I really don't care if SI fail every now and then, because of what they've given me in the past and hopefully in the future too. I'll keep on supporting their independence as much as I can because I trust them - you know, they're much like "family" now... and if I don't support family then who would I support? [EA? ] That's just how I feel and I think SI should hear from everyone, not just the moaners.
  4. Awesome! Thank you thank you thank you
  5. I'm really enjoying the darker skin, thank you! If I had one suggestion to make for your next update of this amazing skin then that would be for the "opponent details" part of the Schedule page to be a tad smaller, so one can see more of the fixtures. I've seen this done on another skin and I liked it a lot, but it's not a biggie. It may not work for you so please don't feel obliged.
  6. Isn't that when the World Cup is on in Qatar? I think the draw for the next round of the European competitions is made after the World Cup.
  7. This poll makes 30 year old's feel really old! I love it!
  8. Best description ever! I leave both lines (defensive/engagement) on standard and don't press as much in order to lure them out a bit and I seem to enjoy a bit of success against them now. Unfortunately, I still see very low conversion of big chances by all sides compared to real life, loads of missed penalties (8 consecutive by Messi in an abandoned in rage save) and idiotic defending movement. The representation of my team's tactics on this ME is making the match very confusing because it is very difficult to read. Most of the conceding seems to come through set pieces, over the top balls of immense accuracy & when under pressure where world class defenders first instinct is to split apart and then chase after the ball and all of your wide players crossing plays exactly the same way (they dribble past their man and rather than crossing they wait for their man to come back and knock it on him to win a corner) irrespective of whether I told them to go to the byline or hit early crosses. My assistant manager at Liverpool once advised me to start my next match against Dover Athletic (from the conference league) on a cautious/defensive mentality. I feel like the game is trying to tell me that absolutely everything it taught you in previous versions on how to win is now completely worthless. However, I watch every match now from beginning to end and act on what I see all the time because I don't trust my players anymore to act as per the roles insinuate they would act. I'm only using basic roles/duties and very basic team instructions and then during the match I make the changes I would have made when creating my tactic and it's working a lot better.
  9. The only way I can think of to achieve this, besides Quick Picks, is to create your second tactic from the template of the first. This is good if your formation sort of compensates for the capability of the same players playing in different positions in the different tactics. The reason the players get moved about is because the positions in each tactic don't follow the same order. So, for example, if you have a tactic with 3 midfielders, all playing in the centre of the pitch, and you decide to create a second with two and one in the DM position, you don't know which of the 3 midfielders will drop back. This is why I feel creating your next tactic from the template of the first one is advantageous because it allows you to change them quickly. I have a tactic that has 3 players in the AM positions (AMR, AMC & AML), so when I created my second one that has two in the AMC positions and two strikers I just loaded my first tactic on the second slot and dragged the players around as my AMR can play as a striker and my AML can play as an AMC. Then I go on about changing any other team/player instructions etc.
  10. All this talk about statistics does not hide the fact that the ME is way behind logic and it makes it feel like the whole purpose of the game is to satisfy the statistics. It feels manipulated to prove them! I've played this game since the early 90s and with FM20 and the way it is it makes me long for the commentary-only ME which left all to the imagination, because this ME is not just hurting my imagination it's messing with my eyes (and I already wear glasses). I understand how difficult it is to have a 3D ME and I appreciate the effort been made and so I will continue to support this company. Nothing will ever change my love for this game and what this company has achieved. So, patience it is! Good luck!
  11. Is there a way that I could safely remove the "Instant Result" button & functionality from this skin without breaking it? Not a biggie in any way. I love this skin!
  12. Edited as was commenting in the wrong thread.
  13. Oh my goodness, for a moment there I thought we'll be seeing a release in March (like CM4). Oh how cute!!! Miles is saying the game crashes every time his team wins against the odds but not when they lose against the odds. The way Watford are playing that is hardly surprising, even the game knows it!!!
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