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  1. You would have to bring in the youth, pretty awesome youth players at Chelsea.
  2. Why is 1860 Munich so attractive to do? I've seen a load of people doing it, so might do it as well. Or can anyone recommend a good team similar to 1860 in Germany?
  3. Has a supporter.Thanks everyone, you guys have inspired me be to Leeds. Wasn’t going to be this year as I do Leeds every season, guess I haven’t settle on save this season.
  4. Thanks for replying mate. No it not FM TOUCH or online. My game constantly freezes and crashes. I never had a problem with previous FMS. *Set up? Leagues, you mean? *Also I have reinstall and install the game, it was much worse before then but seems slightly getting better.
  5. Feel free to move this to the right section, I think I put it in the wrong one. Thank- you
  6. Hey guys and gals. i understand your busy and was wondering if u can help. never had a problem with previous fms, but this is doing my head in now. my fm keeps freezing, I can move my mouse cursor and so on. By game either freezes at the beginning, middle and now the end of the game. So far I’ve done this game the same game to death lol. I’ve reinstalled the game and it still occurring. Now another error saying the teams are warming up and it’s full time please wait. Please help! Thank you.
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