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  1. Hi there all! So, I have tried to add Macau as playable but with the real 2014-2015 fixtures, in which some of the teams retired from their First League or were demoted because some breaking of rules. I've encountered some problems because of my only basic skills with the editor. So, the First League has now nine teams instead of ten, but I want from the next season to be ten, only one team to be relegated to Second Division, instead of two, and I don't know how to do that and also and I don't know how to make the Second Division (10 teams) to have 10 teams in the following season (if only 1 team is relegated from the First League, instead of two)... with a bonus promotion from the Third League or less one team downgraded, maybe??. Also, 16 teams join in the Macau FA Cup, 10 from the First League and best 6 of the Second League , but with only 9 teams in the First League, I'm receiving the error: The teams entering the cup (15) do not match the number of teams ... {something} (16). Any help will be appreciated.
  2. I want to sell my players a little bit easier, not to be forced to release half of them because I have 200-300 players. Even when they are on TL for free not even a weak, low division team doesn't want them. It's so unreal.
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