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  1. GOLD CUP 2045 MEXICO - WINNER Group phase: In the group stage of the Gold Cup, we actually faced amateur teams compared to ours. At the beginning we got Panama and the game was one-sided. The next game was against Barbados where I was really upset by the lost goal, but the result as a whole was great. I treated the last match with Suriname as a rest for the players of the starting eleven and let me replace them with substitutes who presented themselves really well. Together with us, the Barbados team advanced from the group, and the whole table looked like this. Quarterfinal: In the quarterfinal we met with the representation of Trinidad and Tobago. To be honest, I started to worry after this match because my opponents took 5 shots, 3 of them were on target and 3 ended with a goal. I was totally furious with my defense, luckily the attack in this team is from outer space. Semifinal: The semi-final match against Curacao was perfect for us, we can say that everything we planned came out, which resulted in a high score. After this match, we just had to wait for our opponent in the championship final. Final: The final match turned out to be a game between rivals for many years, we met the USA. We started the game with a strong hit, thanks to which we were leading 3-0 until the break. With that result, we went into the second half and we kept the game under control until the end. Schedule: Tournament tree: Dream team: CHALLENGE COMPLETED - 2045 At the beginning, I would like to thank everyone who is here, because if it weren't for your presence, I would not like to continue. I have been playing various versions of the manager for about 18 years, and this is only the first challenge I have decided on. Usually I played for the same club for the whole edition, usually it wasn't some top club. However, when I found this challenge and when I saw how many people are trying to do it, I decided that maybe it's worth it, maybe I will turn it on and I will want to finish it. The beginning was a real euphoria when I started my career with Flint Town and it grew when I won the Welsh Cup with a totally amateur club in the first season. Sure, there were ups and downs after that, this game was a bit dragging, but every ticked-off success encouraged me to win again. The things I will know how to do better if I approach this challenge again. It is definitely not a good idea to start your career with a club from a weak European league. It doesn't improve your reputation very much, and it is also not very easy to win anything that will block you a bit in the challenge. I really like the path that starts with South Africa. It's relatively easy to break through there. In general, it is best to visit the whole world and only start conquering Europe, then you can actually win the championship every season. When it comes to the national teams, I have no idea what can be done better, the only thing that comes to my mind is to start playing the national teams faster. And most of all, it's probably to choose the teams looking at where the championships with a chance of winning will be faster, instead of choosing a better team, which is 4 years old until the next tournament. For sure, my problem was also a problem with the England national team and they fired me. The most important thing is that I had a lot of fun, but to be honest I was getting tired at the end, I didn't really feel like playing. However, by nature I am a man who finishes what he starts, so I am where I am and I do not promise that in FM 22 I will go on this adventure again, but in FM 23 I will definitely be back here and I will want to describe the whole adventure a little more interestingly. Honestly, I would love to continue with this save, but I'm afraid I would get upset quickly and lose all the pleasure of this challenge. I think that now I will deal with something close to me personally and start a new career as the manager of Pogoń Szczecin. You know, it will just be waiting for me for a new version of football manager, but I hope that I will be able to do what I dream of in this club in real life. The best football academy in this part of Europe and selling talents for millions. I keep my fingers crossed for everyone else so that you can also finish what you started. I am still watching you!
  2. COPA AMERICA 2044 BRAZIL - WINNER After leaving PSG and the Chinese national team, I was elected the head coach of Brazil. Group phase: This stage was pleasant, although I was very surprised by the draw with the USA. However, the match against Colombia was a great prognosis for me. Quarterfinal: A very relaxed game against Venezuela. Semifinal: Definitely the toughest match of the tournament. Argentina set tough conditions and there were moments in this match where I was afraid we would be knocked out. Fortunately, we kept more calm in the penalty shootout competition and advanced to the grand final. Final: The final match against Chile was probably the easiest game in this tournament. The result of 7-1 speaks for itself. SCHEDULE TOURNAMENT TREE DREAM TEAM I can reveal that after the Brazilian national team I took over the Mexican national team and I am getting ready for the Gold Cup. In the meantime, I started to lead Legia Warszawa with whom I won the Polish championship and the Polish Cup, and then ended my club career.
  3. SEASON 23 (2042 - 2043) Paris Saint-Germain Good morning, surprise. AS Monaco contacted me, but I took advantage of the better offer and became a PSG coach. What a season it was. Virtually unlimited budget, great footballers, great training staff. There was no option called failure. We dominated Ligue 1 (36W, 2D, 0L, +129 GA), the French Cup (6W, +31 GA), the UEFA Champions League (9W, 4D, 0L, +21 GA) and added the French Super Cup to that. I'm approaching the end, so I'll do a bigger summary after winning the last two cups with national teams. Ligue 1 Coupe de France
  4. AFC ASIAN CUP - 2043 China - WINNER Group Phase vs Syria, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan Second round vs Australia Quarterfinal vs South Korea Semifinal vs Singapore Final vs Japan (after a penalty shootout) Schedule Tournament Tree Dream Team
  5. SEASON 22 (2041-2042) Leicester City After a successful adventure with AC Milan, I moved to England and my new employer was Leicester City. On the spot I found a terrible training staff, fortunately the team was not the worst. From the Italian team I took with me the top goalscorer of the previous season Serie A and my best defender. Then we started with Foxes in the fight to win the Premier League. The beginning of the season was perfect for us, in December we felt a bit out of breath to win practically everything again after the New Year. It ended with the England championship with 89 points. Honestly, at first I thought it was because of the poor performance of the other teams, but those 89 points in the previous 10 years would have earned us 8 championships, so I'm very happy with our performance. We also focused on fighting for the FA Cup, thanks to which we won the most important cup in England. We have already forgotten (which is slowly my specialty) the Europa League and the Carabao Cup. After the season ended, I decided it was time to pack as AS Monaco showed interest in me and I hope that my lack of a contract will convince them of the only right decision. PREMIER LEAGUE FA CUP
  6. SEASON 21 (2040-2041) AC Milan The 21st season of my adventure and the 3rd season as AC Milan coach is a thing of the past. This season, I put all my strength into the Serie A struggle, which resulted in the Italian Championship. Of course, this had its downside, such as being knocked out in the 1st round of Coppa Italia or another forgotten Champions League, which ended with a 3rd place in the group stage. In the Europa League, we were eliminated in the quarter-finals. Additionally, Supercoppa Italia was forgiven by us, where we lost to Juventus. It was by far the best league season in these 3 years in Italy. I crossed the 100 points mark in the league, I secured the championship 3 rounds before the end. Sure, I was also very lucky that Juventus had a weaker season after all, because it's okay to cheat, but in terms of players, it's a much stronger team. After all, our striker, who scored over 30 goals in the league, had a big impact on the championship. After the championship, I decided it was time to say goodbye to Rossoneri. SERIE A COPPA ITALIA
  7. UEFA EURO 2040 WINNER A quick description of the European Championship, because I have to run for duty. Group phase with no story: 1/8 finals against Italy also, although there were little nerves and it ended with extra time: Quarterfinal against Wales was very pleasant: The semi-final with Spain was very tough, especially after the red card in the 59th minute: Final, England: SCHEDULE: TOURNAMENT TREE: DREAM TEAM: After this tournament, I resigned as the coach of the French national team.
  8. SEASON 20 (2039-2040) AC Milan The second season as Rossoneri's coach is behind me. Another season in which 90 points were not enough to become the Italian champion. 11 points behind Juventus, 20 points ahead of third-placed Inter. As you can see Juventus is so far out of reach, but really if it were not for 9! draws, the table would be different, the more so that I won 2 direct matches with the Italian champion. As a consolation, Coppa Italia managed to win, after a nice final match with Roma. The Champions League was completely forgiven by us, we took 3rd place in the group, so we had to struggle in the Europa League, but after 2 matches we ended our adventure. For the next season, my goal is to improve my attack performance as we had the best defense this year in the league. Now I am and the French UEFA Euro team are waiting for them, winning in their current form is our duty. SERIE A COPPA ITALIA
  9. SEASON 19 (2038-2039) AC Milan After the 2038 World Cup and after leaving Barcelona, AC Milan offered me cooperation. Rossoneri took a shameful 11th place last season. Upon arriving at the team, the board's requirements were clear - a place in the Champions League. For this purpose, I was given a lot of funds, which I spent on a considerable reconstruction of the band. In fact, there are only 4 players left in the starting eleven compared to the previous year. We started the season with a painful clash with reality - we lost 3-1 against Juventus, in the second leg we lost again - 4-0 away. As it turned out, despite these two defeats, we counted in the fight for the championship to the 36th round. Unfortunately, 94 points are not enough to beat Juventus, but we can owe ourselves to ourselves as we lost a lot of points at home against opponents from the bottom of the table. As for Coppa Italia, I think there is nothing to comment on. In the first round we were eliminated after the derby match with Inter. SERIE A COPPA ITALIA
  10. FIFA WORLD CUP 2038 - Republic of South Africa France is the 2038 World Champion. From the beginning of the championship, we were considered the main favorites, because the current generation of French players is about to end and the younger players do not offer so much hope for success. In the group stage we met Peru and the Republic of Cape Verde. Both matches were a short walk for our team and ended with a goal balance of 9-1. We faced Switzerland in the second round and I think it was the key game of this tournament. Switzerland was leading from the 19th minute, we managed to even the score in the 91st minute. In extra time we scored a second goal and advanced to the third round of the championship. The third round is a game against Northern Ireland, which was in our qualifying group for the World Cup. It was a match with no history won 4-0. The quarter-final match is a meeting with Italy. The result of the match is 1-0, and the goal was scored in the 94th minute, which may indicate a tough fight. None of that, in fact this score is the lowest penalty. The whole game was dominated by the French. Semi-final - Spain. Another match, the result of which does not reflect its progress. The result of the match 2-1, total domination. The final clash was a meeting with Germany, among which many of my former charges from Schalke 04 played. Another match, the course of which is calm control of France. Unfortunately, the end result is only 1-0 for France after an own goal. TOURNAMENT TREE SCHEDULE DREAM TEAM
  11. SEASON 18 (2037-2038) FC Barcelona Another season is behind me. After leaving Schalke 04 I got along with Barcelona about the contract. I was willing to be on a one-year contract, the CEO offered a two-year contract and didn't want to negotiate, so I agreed. I took with me 2 basic Schalke midfielders without whom I can't imagine my playing style. It turned out to be a bull's eye. In Catalonia I won La Liga, Copa del Rey, Champions League and Supercopa Espania. After the season I decided to walk away in search of new challenges. An additional reason for leaving was the upcoming World Cup, where we are the big favorites with the French team. LA LIGA COPA DEL REY UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE
  12. SEASON 17 (2036-2037) Fußballclub Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V. I think each of us was in a situation where we had to leave the club even though we didn't want to. Now I found myself in this situation and I must honestly say that I have not become attached to the team for a long time, as I do to Schalke 04 now. In these few years, I created a monster from this team in the domestic backyard, as well as in the European and world arena. Behind me the final of the FIFA Club World Cup, which we won, and with this match I finish my adventure in Schalke 04. Do I regret anything after these 5 seasons in the club? I think only that last season I didn't manage to win everything again, because I was eliminated by Juventus in the Champions League semi-final and BVB eliminated me in the German Cup semi-final. In the meantime, I started working for the French national team, with which I managed to win the UEFA Nations League. At the moment, I do not have a new employer yet, but I can tell you that I am close to an agreement with FC Barcelona. BUNDESLIGA FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP
  13. SEASON 16 (2035-2036) Fußballclub Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V. Another season for Schalke 04 is behind me. This time I completed the showcase of the club from Gelsenkirchen with a Champions League cup, which they never won. Additionally, we won the Bundesliga, DFB Pokal, UEFA Super Cup and DFL Super Cup. Only 2 side-defenders from Spain joined the Schalke team this season, the rest of the players already had experience in my preferred tactical setup. I think the key to success this season was rotation again, especially in the Champions League where the reserve players won the group. I will probably spend the next season in Schalke as the FIFA Club World Cup is approaching and we will see what will be available later. By the way, did any of you have a similar problem to me that the manager's career history is not being displayed to me completely? I have no insight into what clubs I have run, and in my career history it looks like I don't even have a club now. I just hope save doesn't crumble BUNDESLIGA UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE DFB POKAL
  14. @vikeologist Yes it's true. I'm on vacation right now, so I'd love to watch it, thanks
  15. SEASON 15 (2034-2035) Fußballclub Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V. In the third season, as Die Königsblauen's coach, I found that I had to learn from the previous season, where my away games were terrible for me. I figured I'd spend the entire preparatory period outside my stadium and it basically paid off. In addition, I bought a player who in Hoffenheim became the top scorer in the Bundesliga and he did not disappoint me either, because he repeated it. In addition, I completed the squad with one central midfielder. Besides, I came up with the idea for DFB Pokal and UEFA Europa League to play the substitutes there. What did this plan bring? Victory in the Bundesliga, victory in the DFB Pokal, victory in the UEFA Europa League. The perfect season from any angle. Bundesliga DFB Pokal UEFA Europa League
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