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  1. 07 JULY 2023 NEW JOB KASHMIR FC After winning the Welsh league, I started looking for a new challenge. Sure, the Champions League is always a magnet, but it wouldn't be a long adventure. Therefore, I submitted my CV to clubs that were within my reach. Flint Town got very upset about this and after talking to the CEO, I was fired. It didn't hurt me at all, because I didn't feel like I could do anything else in this club. After a month of unemployment, the 3rd Indian League club came to me. I decided that they had the potential to win the championship next year, so I accepted
  2. SEASON 3 (2022-2023) FLINT TOWN UNITED The first career championships became a fact. Was this what I expected? Absolutely. This season, from the very beginning, everything was 180 degrees different from the year before. 11 straight wins, a 27 unbeaten streak that started in August. Something that could not work has become reality and I am still in shock. You have to remember that there is one professional club in the Welsh league, which is TNS. It is possible to beat them in one match, but it seemed impossible to beat them throughout the season. The young striker Mitc
  3. SEASON 2 (2021-2022) FLINT TOWN UNITED This season has been a complete disaster. 6th in the league, defeat in the 3rd round of the Welsh Cup, defeat in the semi-final of the league cup. At the start of the season it seemed that a few new players could help us reach the podium, but after a series of a few wins at the start of the league we started losing everything we could. Fortunately we managed to advance to the championship conference where we lost 7 out of 10 games. The season is forgettable, I would love to leave the club that for the second season in a row didn't se
  4. SEASON 1 (2020-2021) FLINT TOWN UNITED After a bad start (2 draws in 6 matches) we made a series of 14 matches in which we lost only 1 match and scored 33 points. The end of the season was again interspersed with draws and defeats so we finished the league in 4th place. Fortunately the Wales Cup became a pass to the UEFA Europa Conference League. For now, I will stay at this club waiting for a better offer. Yes, I forgot. Unfortunately, no license could be obtained.
  5. First Job - 11 july 2020 FLINT TOWN UNITED Ok, first thought - I hate leagues like Welsh or Irish etc but they were the only ones to offer me a contract and I wanted to find a club fairly quickly. I'm curious to see how long I'll be here, but I'm hoping for some nice results. Fortunately, I have the entire preseason ahead of me. Media announcement - 8th place - should be easy. F
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