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  1. The sooner the better I hope. This bug really frustrates me. If I make some tweaks and I change my mind about a sub I cannot undo it and that's unacceptable imo.
  2. I have a question about goal line tech. Does it ever confirm a goal? Because so far I didn't see one confirmed by goal line tech
  3. This is bug is since fm 2017. I wrote about it in the bug section and send them info and my save but seems it wasn't fixed. It happened to me once and I lost my best player because of it. I think it's a rare bug, but still...
  4. I want to know if really SI look into the crossing problem this time. There are lots of threads in the bug forum about the midf not looking for through balls and wing backs running wide and cross constantly. But no one from SI respond to these things. Why? Game this year looks way better than fm 18 tbh, but I can't stand this problem anymore. Since fm 17 we have the same problem and no one is saying a thing about it.
  5. Tell me how is this possible? My seasons is over because of this schedule.
  6. Man United always has been OP in football manager.
  7. There is nothing scripted in this game. I'm sure of that. The goals from crossing at the far post are for both me and the AL. The ****** midf are in the both sides. Same with shots which are all over the place. This update ruined the game for me too. I mean the ME is the worst I've seen so far. Every single match has the same outcome. Goals from crosses or counter attacks with defenders just staying in their position not moving a single yard to try to intercept the ball or tackling the striker. After the update full backs in defence are just pillars stucked in the grass. They're dribbled every time by the wingers. And yes I tried numerous tactics, tried to close down the wingers, tryied to mark the wingers, tried everything. Nothing works. And it's the same for opposition. I'm not even saying I have bad results because I'm really good in this department. Just I'm not enjoying the ME.
  8. The game is ruined for me after the update. I play in Championship and 90% of the goals are from crossing the ball at the far post. My strikers aren't able to score a single goal from an open play and the only time they're scoring one on one vs the gk is from counter attacks. I don't remember a single goal from an open play scored one on one vs goalkeeper. Maybe just long shots. And free kicks. Oh my God, where do I start? There is no goal from direct free kicks. I remember in fm17 there were lots of goals from dfk, maybe too many, now this thing is practically gone. It's sad because now when I have some free time to play I have to take a break from the game. Oh, and I have a question. I don't remember for idk how many FMs, there's goals after the striker is rounding up the keeper? SI really have to make the ME more dynamic. I feel like I'm playing the same match every time. Same goals, same plays, same everything. I know it's hard but maybe they should start the ME from scratch for fm19. I enjoyed the ME much more on fm 15 or fm 16 tbh.
  9. I have the exact problems even if my graphic performance is 5 stars. Also I have 4.5 stars for the save game database. It's laggy when I browse through home, inbox or when I click on players. Also when I press continue it needs 2 or 3 seconds till the command is working. I remember on fm 17 I had problems with the graphic card. It was just 2.5 stars even if my laptop has the necessary requirements to run the game pretty fine. And it was not just me. The problem was investigated or not, but what is safe to say is that nothing was done.
  10. I have only 7 days to keep my promise then the player will lose faith in me because I lied to him, like Oliver Torres did to me. How can I do this if the agent don't ask for an improved contract?
  11. I have a player at Leeds that wanted a transfer to City because they offer high wages, so I talked to him and asked how much does he want to stay and we settled at 3.7mil/year. Ok, but when I try to offer him a new contract he isn't interested in signing a new one. Now I have a promise to keep and an unhappy player because he wants to go to City to be paid more. So, what's to be done here? Ok, I had my problems with player interactions in other versions on FM, but in 17 it's all messed up. I had other conflict with Oliver Torres because I have broken a promise I made to him. What promise, I don't know.(I made sure when I signed with him i cancelled all the promises) The team was on a good run and after the conflict with Oliver half of my team was mad because I treated Oliver unfairly. This ruined my start of the season.
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