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  1. 2 Nice to know that it's worked in Sweden's LLM mate, could you give a sample of screenshot, maybe? Lol hawkeye! But if it works, It works. Still silly, but it works
  2. Welcome to Elhazel's Goals Galore XIII! It started on how frustrated I am on FM17's tactical consistencies. I never get the result that I want. Then I started to dig into the past and found this Goals Galore tactic for FM13 that I've made myself and starting to replicate it into FM17 with little tweaks.Here's the tactic: I'm using RBL on my save game with few new players from the 2nd transfer window. First match, I won 4-1 against Hamburg, then 3-0 against Freiburg. Not bad.Then the next match I won 6-3 against Mainz. Wow, things become interesting there, the scores are getting bigger as
  3. That could be true. It would be funny to see any 'virtual Football Manager players' point of view on your feed from our point of view from being a 'real manager'.
  4. Nope. Not at all. Just bought this game 3 days ago, I have almost zero ability to edit such files. What else can I do to convince you that this was a truth?
  5. Today I just found out that sometimes random people on your Social Feed ACCURATELY predicting a player's PA (Potential Ability). I know, it sounds silly, right? But check it out: I'm using RBL on my game, and as usual, there will be a busy day during youth intake day. You know, hijacking potential regen wonderkids from around the world. Then suddenly I've struck out at one regen that I saw has a great potential, the name is Arjan Grata. Trusting my instinct alone, without sending any scouts to analyze him, I sent a contract to this young lad. As usual, whenever you throw a bid to any p
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