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  1. Fair enough but no matter what is written, I would always pick Lewis Cook, Gosling does a job but to me Cook is a better player both IRL and FM. Good luck with my Cherries.
  2. The OP states that Look has not played as much as Gosling, that would be because of a torn ACL and being out for most of the season. If fit, he would be one first names on teamsheet
  3. You wanting your wide men to run down the line and cut in, say level with 18 yard line then have an inswing cross or cut inside sooner then cross, because to me that would be considered to be more of a through ball than a cross.
  4. Didn’t want the MC to play like a SV, like stated to work well with him, have witnessed so far that the SV, CM s and AM a performing a nice triangle, all be it a bit lop sides, working well, well in friendlies, will provide screen shots and data tomorrow
  5. Cleon, looking to implement my own style of play using what you and many others have been saying in this thread, however I have a couple questions that still bothering me, as I'm unable to play the game at the moment, I wouldn't mind a few minuets of your time. 1, I really want to add a poacher into my system, never tried one but want to this year. I'm hoping that with a poacher it could ease the goal scoring pressure off the IF (will be a Support duty im thinking) and still leave the IF enough space to find in and around the box? 2, moving your DMC to MC as a CM S but cleaver use of PI's to still have him close to work well with the SV. Anyway will be having a play (Hopefully tonight, fingers crossed) will my friendlies and a min of 5 league/cup games with out changing anything and look at the data, see where its falling apart. When anaylising the data, what is your goto method? Thank you for your time and hoepe to provide Screenshots later on how its going. Please dont look at this as Im asking you to fix things for me but where maybe I should be looking at to sort it all out.
  6. Rashidi, This is why I love your work (and Cleons), I love the way you help FM Players. It is not handed to us on a silver platter, you allow us to figure the game out our selfs, let us into your thoughts and processes. Everytime iI read a post of yours I always go back to my save, and put things into practice. You have made me a better player. Big Thank you from me and 1000's of other FM players.
  7. Not offended in any way. Just sayin the same things as others.
  8. I was only say in similar words what the creator of the tactic said to someone else (pompeyboz) who tested the tactic himself too by saying it has no meaning because not done in TFF testing database, so yes makes your test have no meaning. Don’t shot the messenger, tactic creators words not mine.
  9. Nothing to get excited about about this as not a proper test. Like what Knap said it’s not a test done on TFF testing database. So this is irrelevant
  10. I'm interested in these tactics and more information on them, that is maybe why I asked here rather than 'Tactics, training and Strategy Forum' Fanboys is not a disrespectful term, if people are offended by that term then sorry if any offence caused and maybe they need to stay clear of the internet as far worse out there. I do not feel it to be wrong to be asking for more information behind the tactics? Maybe would have had a better response if I just replied with 'Training?' or 'OI's' rather than ask a proper question?
  11. I am interested in using them. I am also entitled to ask for more informaton on them am I not?
  12. I wouldn't mind more information too other than Tried with Arsenal and Spurs. The question of asking the method in making these, is a valid question and the answer is well a bit wrong I think. How can you watch a game then come up with a tactic, even the very first friendly game in a save you need to input players into a formation or is just the version I have? After watching the first game, what did you see that needed tweaking, what is the thinking behind the tactics, any influences that helped make them? I have no doubt your tactics work and work well with the amount of fanboys you have but there are a lot of other people that like to know the method/thinking behind things so if something starts to decline in their own game it could help identify an issue and help them resolve it.
  13. I went long with wife or farther in law during those times too. Im a life long Bournemouth Fan but loved the Saints under Nigel Atkins, he was a top bloke
  14. If that was your last game in a long time, man I feel sorry for you. My wife and father in law life long season ticket holders and say this worse they have seen, just nothing happening
  15. I sort have been in the same boat as you myself however I have been lucky enough to have had a wife & child free weekend, so I tried a new approach. I set out my team (Wolves) as a flat 442. I then arranged a silly amount of friendlies and just concentrated on playing those friendlies. I started yesterday at about 10am. It is now 11pm the following day and I have just played my last friendly. I watched every game on Comprehensive highlights (something I have never done before). In my head i wanted to play a compact, 2 banks of four able to retain the ball but be explosive on the counter when the situation came about. I played the first friendly and did nothing to the PI, TI, OI and roles. After the game I looked ta all stats, player and team analysis. From spending over an hour doing this pretty much after each friendly i tried (and failed a lot) by changing Roles and adding small amount of PI & TI. I did this after each game. I am now in a position where I am starting to be happy with what I am seeing and will look for a long term save to start. I will not boast to say what i have almost created to be a killer tactic, but one I have very very much enjoyed doing Now I have only been able to do this because I have had the time to do so (apart from scaring the crap out of my neighbours when Steve Cook scores a 92 min winner at Newcastle), so if you have then that's great, if not, it will take longer take longer. I know this may not be the answers you have been looking for, but this is what I have done after being in same boat as you. I will say that these last two days have been the most rewarding in my FM journey and I have been playing since late 1990's. Good luck on your journey.
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