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  1. https://imgur.com/8lm7khh I'm sure why there's only 3 scouts that match this criteria interested in joining us - if I switch off all of the interest filters there's only around a page of scouts and most of them are the top ones at the top clubs. There seems to be a general lack of scouts, too. Context: we're a Europa League team now, playing in the Premier League. Advice would be much appreciated!
  2. Wait, so, if I play a player who runs down the left, on the right, he'll make an attempt to run down the left? That's bizarre?
  3. The PPM "Runs With Ball Down X Side" - does that effect a player who, say, runs down the left-side, but is playing on the right? It's slightly confusing. Would I find my right-winger running with the ball down the left in a normal phase of play? I mean, I can understand if it clicked into gear somewhat if it was situational, say he get's the ball from a corner. It's just one of the many vagaries that bugs me and I need clarifying. Thanks in advance, for anyone that clarifies.
  4. 1. Alessio Romagnoli - Possibly one of the best, most complete CBs I've played with on FM. Cornerstone to any success I had in my first save of FM17 at Milan. Him, plus my No. 2 Donnarumma could get clean sheets by themselves if need-be. 2. Gianluigi Donnarumma - Pretty much, Ter Stegen aside - because of his distribution - the best GK ever on FM imo. Starts at a very high level, at 17, and develops into a world-class GK by 21. Could easily get 2 decades of service out of him. 3. Divock Origi - Has it all, really. The epitomisation of a Complete Forward. Can dribble, hold it up - helps if you get rid of his PPM - and can most importantly, score. He really is the Anthony Martial-lite. 4. Alejandro Arribas - So, so solid and available for £4.4m at the start of the game. Amazing mentals, great technical and physicals and you can easily make a profit on him. He's a must sign at the start of every save. 5. Roberto Firmino - For me, this guy epitomises the Raumdeuter role - sorry, Thomas. This guy is so prolific from out wide. So smart; can press well and can finish in any way imaginable. The key-player in my treble-winning Liverpool side - scoring two goals in the final.
  5. I understand people saying it's usable, but I still think it's pretty ridiculous that a concept as basic as a narrow, compact 4-4-2 is hard to replicate without knowledge of the inner-workings of the game. And the fact that this has been flagged for the lifespan of the game, and we're most likely going to have to wait until another instalment of the game for it to be rectified is beyond.
  6. Hi people, At the moment, on my Liverpool save, we seem to be in breach of FFP due to our wage rise has seemingly exceeded the rules. Now, I've checked the rules of the Premier League, and it seems to state that I will only get a fine of a percentage of the breach rather than a harsher punishment. Can anyone just confirm that for me? Thanks in advance.
  7. I need a myth-busting re: the Advanced Playmaker. Basically, I've always interpreted the difference between the Attack and Support AP as the latter being somebody who works within the spaces further up the pitch and quickly distributes it; whereas the attack AP will work with the same spaces, but will dribble out of that space a bit more in comparison. Is that the case? I've shied away from using the role - going instead for a basic CM role customized - because I just can't quite grasp it.
  8. I've achieved great success with control at Sporting. I think the key is lowering the tempo a bit if you're looking for more of a possession-based game. Many a time I've watched my players keep their patience on the edge of the opponents 18-yard-box; knocking it about to try and open up gaps.
  9. What should I do if I find that there aren't enough men supporting attacks quick enough; put them on higher mentalities?
  10. My normal set-up is: Control, fluid. Slightly higher line, close down more, play out of defence, mixed passing, lower crosses. 4-3-3: SK , LB - FB , CD [D] x2, RB - FB [A]; DM [D], AP [A], CM ; LW - W [A], RW - IF , DF . Although, with me being Deportivo, that probably won't work vs. the Barcelona's in the league so I need a more direct alternative.
  11. Just a couple of quick ones: Is there any particular way to make you more compact horizontally? Maybe instructing my full-backs to tuck in more? Close down less? Also, when coming up against stronger opposition we seem to struggle in an attacking sense. Would it be better to go structured; leave more room in between players with the ball and try to play quickly on the break? Right now I'm playing standard, fluid with no particular changes in tempo, closing down more. I was thinking potentially maybe going counter structured, with more direct passing and pass into space.
  12. That was my fault; the CM [A] would normally be there. Just forgot to edit the post.
  13. Thanks for the response! I've watched Rashidi's videos but I still don't seem to grasp it - not too sure what it is. I've also included the kind of system I'd use in another reply.
  14. My usual 4-3-3 would look something like this - I'll use Liverpool as an example: Instructions: Play wider, shorter passing, dribble more, slightly higher line and offside trap. Mentality: Control, Fluid. I'd also instruct the front-line to close down much more and tackle harder; might also ask Coutinho to roam.
  15. I've played FM rather subconsciously for quite a few years now, and it finally seems to have started the catch up with me. As the AI improves, obviously, the game get's harder and I have to concentrate on the game more. Which, I'm looking to do. Firstly though, I have a couple of questions as I find it hard to learn via reading things; I need a bit more of a visual representation or to be explained to me like I'm 5. Does the width instruction determine how wide your team plays during attacking transitions only, or as a whole? I'm pretty sure mentality determines the defensive transitions, but I'm not too sure. Could anybody provide me with a visual guide to shapes? I find it hard to visualise via the explanations on here. I visualise structured kind of being more lazy; less movement, more space in between players and in an attacking sense I can't really fathom how this is a good thing. But, with the success I've saw via the likes of Rashidi, it obviously is. 4-3-3's. I've forever struggled with them; specifically due to my failure to fill the space between the Attacking strata and the Midfield strata. I've had forwards dropping deep, but it seems as though when they receive the ball, they turn and shoot a lot from 40-or-so yards - regardless of the instructions I have on. Then if I have a winger cutting in, compensating with a full-back for width seems to leave me exposed and I'm just not satisfied with AP [A]'s and CM [A]'s. Does tempo vary from mentality, to mentality? E.g. If I have the tempo bar set to the default it would be on control, whilst on defensive, will I be playing to the tempo of control in theory? Finally: if your team has lower than average teamwork, what way should I play? They are very basic questions, but questions I've seemed to avoid until now. I've had success on FM17, don't get me wrong, but I'm looking to expand my knowledge a bit and hope you can help me. Thanks for any help in advance!
  16. I'd say if you want to replicate it as it was vs. Chelsea, I'd say go: note: the outer cb's are stoppers Instructions: Exploit the left-wing [if you want it to be that similar to reality], work ball into the box, higher tempo [?], play wider, close down more. Mentality and Shape: Standard - should be adapted depending on situation - and structured. PI's: Dembele: Dribble more. Walker: Dribble less, fewer risky passes, pass shorter. Eriksen: More direct passes. It's a bit tough to judge, as there's only a small sample size of games and Chelsea sat rather deep. This is based on a mixture of watching the game and pass-maps. The PI's like Eriksen for example, passing more direct to Alli and Kane, may have been an exploitation of Chelsea's lack of height on the right side of defence as Alli repeatedly targeted Azpilicueta and Moses in the air. Another example of the pass-maps influence is with Walker playing it short to Eriksen, for him to then make the killer ball; hence the lack of any real creativity coming from Walker. If you wanted to use this tactics, they'd be an example of a couple of adjustments you should make.
  17. Tbh, I think it may take a season for the game to adapt to changes. Marseille have just came flying in with £40m for Kristoffer Ajer. Hopefully we can get our debt we got into by buying De Kuip cleared soon.
  18. I've been putting £30m clauses in a lot of contracts as bait - nobody's been biting!
  19. In fairness, I know that the league's stature has grown whilst I've been at Feyenoord. The players have a bit more of an incentive to stay pay-wise; I can offer 5x what I could at the start of the save for example. There's just inconsistencies, really. On other saves for example, I've saw Rick Karsdorp off to Bayern for £25m - on my save I can't get a £10m+ offer. I'd be happy to let go for £15m. Out of nowhere, BMG have swooped in for Chris Kuijpers, the jewel of my youth system for £20m with £10m over 12 months, £5m after 50 games and 20% of his next sale - so I could make over £40m on that one, but Maxi Romero, who is clearly quality is worth £18m? It's just annoying. I guess I need to lower the bar, but people are referencing Janssen moving in 2016 from AZ who have no European football, pull or financial power as I do; whilst Benfica who are in a similar position to me are getting £38m for Lindelöf. I'm also 3 years in the future, so there's better sponsorship deals etc that enhance our financial clout.
  20. I'm currently playing with Feyenoord, and a big part of making it big with a team at this level is buying and selling players; reinvesting the money and building that way. I can't do this whilst not being able to extract worthwhile value from my sales. See below, for example: Romero is the top scorer in the Eredivisie, valued at £11m; 21, with great stats and I'm being offered £14m - after add-ons - for him in a second bid. Is anybody else having this kind of issue? If I can't get good value, I'll try and wait until I can, but then the players get unhappy and I'm stuck between a rock-and-a-hard-place. I really love this save, and the game for that matter, but this is making it unplayable. Hope somebody can give me some advice.
  21. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but does anyone know of a facepack with a cutout face for Maxi Romero?
  22. My biggest piece of advice would be stop over-complicating things. It seems as though you're trying to put a square peg in a round hole. You have to adapt to the team you choose - unless you specifically choose a team based on their style of play. Personally, I'd say Monchengladbach are more suited to a direct pressing style, than a possession based style. You have a tonne of pace and goalscoring ability from wide-areas [Hazard, Hahn and Hermann], yet you're trying to slow everything down. I'd go for the above on Standard, Fluid with Play Out of Defence, Mixed Passing, Close Down More, Higher Tempo [depending on the situation], Slight Higher Backline and Get Stuck In [depending on the nature of your players - I'm in work so can't check]. Of course, that isn't guaranteed to work; but it's simplified and suits the player at your disposal. Make a base tactic and tweak. Believe me, I was struggling at the start of FM17. Now I've done the treble with Milan and Feyenoord - won the Europa League 2nd season - and have a successful Marseille save. Mainly because I was pragmatic in my first season; kept it simple and had a blueprint that I was going to buy - literally - into. At Feyenoord I finished 2nd first season, before selling my best players who didn't really fit my style and bought players who did. Second season: treble. If you want to develop a high-possession game, then be pragmatic for the first season and aim for players with good First Touch, Teamwork, Passing, Decisions, etc to transition over time. Let me know how you get on!
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