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  1. Just wanted to drop in and say that this thread is great. I wish there was more like it about; but they seem very few-and-far-between sadly. Keep up the good work! Funnily enough I'm looking to implement something similar in my 1.FC Köln save.
  2. https://imgur.com/8lm7khh I'm sure why there's only 3 scouts that match this criteria interested in joining us - if I switch off all of the interest filters there's only around a page of scouts and most of them are the top ones at the top clubs. There seems to be a general lack of scouts, too. Context: we're a Europa League team now, playing in the Premier League. Advice would be much appreciated!
  3. Wait, so, if I play a player who runs down the left, on the right, he'll make an attempt to run down the left? That's bizarre?
  4. The PPM "Runs With Ball Down X Side" - does that effect a player who, say, runs down the left-side, but is playing on the right? It's slightly confusing. Would I find my right-winger running with the ball down the left in a normal phase of play? I mean, I can understand if it clicked into gear somewhat if it was situational, say he get's the ball from a corner. It's just one of the many vagaries that bugs me and I need clarifying. Thanks in advance, for anyone that clarifies.
  5. 1. Alessio Romagnoli - Possibly one of the best, most complete CBs I've played with on FM. Cornerstone to any success I had in my first save of FM17 at Milan. Him, plus my No. 2 Donnarumma could get clean sheets by themselves if need-be. 2. Gianluigi Donnarumma - Pretty much, Ter Stegen aside - because of his distribution - the best GK ever on FM imo. Starts at a very high level, at 17, and develops into a world-class GK by 21. Could easily get 2 decades of service out of him. 3. Divock Origi - Has it all, really. The epitomisation of a Complete Forward. Can dribble, hold it up - h
  6. I understand people saying it's usable, but I still think it's pretty ridiculous that a concept as basic as a narrow, compact 4-4-2 is hard to replicate without knowledge of the inner-workings of the game. And the fact that this has been flagged for the lifespan of the game, and we're most likely going to have to wait until another instalment of the game for it to be rectified is beyond.
  7. Hi people, At the moment, on my Liverpool save, we seem to be in breach of FFP due to our wage rise has seemingly exceeded the rules. Now, I've checked the rules of the Premier League, and it seems to state that I will only get a fine of a percentage of the breach rather than a harsher punishment. Can anyone just confirm that for me? Thanks in advance.
  8. I need a myth-busting re: the Advanced Playmaker. Basically, I've always interpreted the difference between the Attack and Support AP as the latter being somebody who works within the spaces further up the pitch and quickly distributes it; whereas the attack AP will work with the same spaces, but will dribble out of that space a bit more in comparison. Is that the case? I've shied away from using the role - going instead for a basic CM role customized - because I just can't quite grasp it.
  9. I've achieved great success with control at Sporting. I think the key is lowering the tempo a bit if you're looking for more of a possession-based game. Many a time I've watched my players keep their patience on the edge of the opponents 18-yard-box; knocking it about to try and open up gaps.
  10. What should I do if I find that there aren't enough men supporting attacks quick enough; put them on higher mentalities?
  11. My normal set-up is: Control, fluid. Slightly higher line, close down more, play out of defence, mixed passing, lower crosses. 4-3-3: SK , LB - FB , CD [D] x2, RB - FB [A]; DM [D], AP [A], CM ; LW - W [A], RW - IF , DF . Although, with me being Deportivo, that probably won't work vs. the Barcelona's in the league so I need a more direct alternative.
  12. Just a couple of quick ones: Is there any particular way to make you more compact horizontally? Maybe instructing my full-backs to tuck in more? Close down less? Also, when coming up against stronger opposition we seem to struggle in an attacking sense. Would it be better to go structured; leave more room in between players with the ball and try to play quickly on the break? Right now I'm playing standard, fluid with no particular changes in tempo, closing down more. I was thinking potentially maybe going counter structured, with more direct passing and pass into space.
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