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  1. hi, i was wondering how long times to take a foreigner to get malaysia citizenship because i had one player form nigeria which play for my team pahang about 7 season but still didn't get a citizen... help me please...
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    so, what i have to do? buy full version from steam? the price about RM105.. it's the price? it too expensive
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    no, I'm just install using DVD ROM FM16
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    can u explain to me why it become like that n how to repair the demage?
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    how to update? can u give the instructions
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    football manager 2016 16.2.0f750467 ( update )
  8. when I play fm16, i took pahang n manchester, after one season, once when i click continue, the next day, all player in my squad changes name weirdly. such as wayne rooney going be almez gozales. so I can't recognize my player. and all player name in any club change weirdly too. so, why it become like that? i try check at properties of the game. it's write fm16 ( updated ), when i want to previous version, it say file not founded. why become like that? please help me. tq