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  1. This is a definite issue for me with defensive role midfielders. Digging down in to the stats behind each performance the rating doesn't seem to make any sense. For example: My regular Central Midfielder (Def) has the following stats: Games played 11 Pass completion 88% (Rated 2nd out of players in the same position in the Prem League) Tackles per game 6.85 (Rated 6th) Interceptions 64 (Rated 9th) So, from a defensive perspective you could make a case that his output puts him in the top 10 of defensive midfielders. Yet, his average rating is 6.65! I tend to leave him in because I know that he's doing a job but it niggles that maybe I'm missing something.
  2. Really enjoying it so far guys - the mocap for the match engine has added another level of immersion, it looks superb! Couple of things I've noticed that could be better: - No right click to select players into vacant team/sub slots - please bring this back - The analysis screen has more info which is great but I liked to go in and check on pass completion % throughout a match to get a grip on who maybe be struggling to find a team mate with their passes. The % figure is no longer displayed so I have to mentally calculate a rough percentage from the available figures. Perhaps there could be an "Overview" option from the drop down which displays the full range of stats and then when you select the individual options the stats displayed change to just the stats for the relevant selection. e.g. When you select "Passes" it shows Attempted, Completed, Percentage, Key, Own Half, Opposition Half, Opposition Penalty Area, Short, Long. This extra granularity would be really useful and would mirror the increasingly stat based analysis that happens around football in the modern game - Agree with the already stated opinion that the moving of the player role info to the left hand side of the tactics screen is a step backwards. The previous method was perfectly usable. On the positive side - the vertical movement in strata to illustrate Defend/Support/Attack is really useful. Keep up the good work!
  3. First of all, great game this year in general but, based on an admittedly small sample size, there are still some balancing issues with the match engine. On the plus side, there seems to be a lot more variety in the types of goals scored post the latest patch. However, there are just too many being scored! I've only played 3 games so far but have scored 17 goals. I'm playing as Liverpool in second season and beat Man City and Olympiakos at Anfield 5-0 and 7-1 respectively, and Sunderland away 5-2. Totally agree with the common assertion that there's too much wonder dribbling. It's like the dribbling dial has been turned up to 11! Without being all melodramatic about it, it has put a bit of a damper on my game as it feels a bit like cheating when I know I can score a hat load of goals seemingly without much effort. Gonna have a good run of games tonight to see if it's just been an anomalous run of results.
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