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  1. PSG came and bought Sanchez from me in my current save game. As a result i was able to pick up an unhappy Draxler who has been fantastic for me.
  2. I picked up Draxler due to being unhappy with Sanchez replacing him at PSG and he has been fantastic. Highly recommend taking him on
  3. Thanks for starting the thread off! Elneny and Walcott are fantastic for Arsenal this season, both are keepers. Lots will look to sell these two straight away but they are worth holding on to.
  4. Ontiveros Is playing brilliantly for Arsenal for me. 3.5 mill and scoring freely
  5. From something i saw in the beta section
  6. In beta it looks like he wont change his mind, but it looks like the official release update will give Sanchez options
  7. Why sell Elneny? He is one of the better players in the squad this season, performs consistently well. Debuchy too. My main issue is giving game time to all my midfielders as all are playing well.
  8. Antonio Marin of Dinamo. 16 and a left winger, by october im starting him in cup games for Arsenal and he is scoring.
  9. I’ve been playing these games since year one and can say that this years edition is looking amazing. The new features are great and it feels smooth. Top work guys and gals, thank you x
  10. Nketiah is looking really solid so far Niles too, scoring goals in the Euro cup group stages for me
  11. 30 Mill is the most i get offered for him. 27 for Coq is the best deal i can pull off at the beginning so far.
  12. Hi Neil, I have solved the save issue. For some reason the game wasnt choosing an actual folder to save the game to. I hadnt noticed this happening before. Not running any custom graphics at all, just the game in its birthday suit
  13. Good afternoon, Started Beta this afternoon, already ran into 2 issues. First one is quite a big one, the game doesnt seem to be saving the games, i have looked everywhere for the saved games and they are nowhere. Starting fresh everytime it crashes will be tiresome. Secondly, had a random crash and have attached the crash dump here. I was going between players and scouting while this happened so not pushing it too much FM 2018 v18.0.2.1032507 (2017.11.03 12.28.34).dmp
  14. That didnt help Arsenal v Bournemouth 0, 77_fm-2.pkm Arsenal v Bournemouth 0, 77_fm-1.pkm Arsenal v Bournemouth 0, 77_fm.pkm Arsenal v Bournemouth 0, 77_fm-3.pkm
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