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  1. Well, initial i did. But recently I actually have not shut down steam. I might just try closing steam to see if it works.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. So i have been doing some testing on my own and discovered something quite funny. So, I would need to launch the game. Let it run for about 10 to 15 mins into the game and it will hang. I will then need to force quit it using task manager. Now here is the funny part... I launch the game again and play it. But this time it doesn't crash at all, no matter how long I run it for. I have even deliberately left the game on for about 4 hours or so without actually playing to see if it would hang or crash... So far, thankfully nothing. I don't know why
  3. When the game is running, it is around 5.5% to a max of 8.0% I have attached a screenshot for you to see.
  4. Ok sorry took awhile getting back to you. So i have done Speedfan and there was no suggestion from speedfan. Tried FurMark, went on for about 20 mins without any issues. I actually finally managed to play the game like for about an hour or so on Thursday night without crashing or freezing up. Then today when i tried to play it, i got maybe 20 mins of game time and then the freeze happened again... Any other suggestions?
  5. No custom graphics/logos/skins or any other kinds of add-ons are being used for the game. Sorry, was typing half way early before it got posted. Also to add, my computer is not overheating and my graphic is stable.
  6. Hi there. I recently installed FM 17 and attempted to play it. But after a while, probably around 15 to 20 minutes into the game, the whole game freezes up and I can only exit it using task manager and force quitting. I have browsed this forum several times and went through whatever I found and thought might help solve this problem. Things i have done so far: - uninstalled and re-installed - the game,my graphic card, ALL directx files and reinstalled it as well. - updated - windows, directx, Netframe, graphic card - clear cache, verified cache (forgot how many times)
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