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  1. Hi Cleon a quick question about when you go back to analyse after your first 3 matches.... Do watch them games in full or break them up as you described I.E first 15 mins 30 mins 45 mins? Thanks.
  2. I’m not asking for help, just wondering what people’s opinions are?
  3. Takin player selection out of it, which in your opinion is the best attacking role from the CM position?
  4. Glad to know it’s normal to take so long then! I was wondering today if it takes other people so long to get going.
  5. Just wondering how long it usually takes you guys to get to your first competitive match of the season from starting up your save? Interested to see how much prep people put in. My fist save in FM 19 and I’m 2 hours in and only at my 2nd friendly of the season.
  6. Thanks mate, can't believe I've never watched tifo football before! The videos are great.
  7. Hi guys, I see a lot of people posting about replicating tactics from real life into the game on here and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some good football tactic websites? Looking for something I can read and expand my knowledge on both the game and tactics with the hope of being able to use the info to help me understand different styles of play etc. Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.
  8. Going to be following this, hope it works out. From another tactical rookie.
  9. Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I was was just wondering what database size people use? I understand it’s about how much your computer can handle but I’ve also heard people mention that it can have an effect on the transfer windows etc. Was hoping to get some clarification on this. Thanks.
  10. Ah right, that’s an interesting way of doing things I’d be worried with just having the 1 player to cover CB and RB/LB RW/LW but if it works it works I guess. Thanks for the insight.
  11. Just wondering how you LLM managers manage your squad sizes? Do you stick with 2 players per position or use up your full limit?
  12. Never thought to do this either.... seriously glad I made this topic now.
  13. Just watched the videos looks like solid advice and I’m gonna give it ago. Looks like he’s not posted in a while after that last video tho.
  14. With my job I’ve definitely got the time, it can be a little disheartening tho when I’m watching the match and my head is scrambled with no idea what I’m supposed to be looking. I seem to even struggle with the simple questions like “how do you want your team to score goals”. I wish I could come up with a plan to follow through with. I seem to have have like a mental block.
  15. Makes you wonder how this game isn’t really friendly towards new players without a great deal of time 😂
  16. Some quality advice here and I really appreciate it all. Going to take everything on board and Actually stick to a season. I bet literally everyone has been where I am at one point or another, I just need to stick with it. Would you recommend starting on FM touch maybe to get a grip of how tactics play out? Thanks again.
  17. I just want to play the game and feel like I have some idea what’s going on. I don’t want to go back to using plug and play (which is what I’ve done since fm13). Maybe I need to stein everything back to basics.
  18. Really appreciate the replies here guys... It seems like there are so many attributes you need to squeeze in to get a player to do a job which is what confuses me. To quote the link above “ For example, I want to play a winger in a structured shape and I want him to attack the space out wide. Then I will need him to have Go into and Attack Space – Acceleration, off the ball, anticipation, determination. Once he gets there, I need him to control the ball – First Touch, balance, agility. Finally I need him to dribble with the ball go down the flank and cross – Dribbling, Crossing. “ What if your players don’t have all of the attributes required. Am I just over thinking it?
  19. Hi guys... just wondering how people go about analysing a new squad from the start and deciding how they should be playing based on the the team report and attributes? I really struggle with this area of the game. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  20. Still having a tinker mate. Your advice has been taken on board, deffinitly an interesting way of looking at things.
  21. How does this usually work for you? I play a lot of FIFA and have never thought about putting what I do there in to practice here. Given me a fair bit to think about. Are the formations the same as you would use in FIFA? Thanks.
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