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  1. FM12: David Simao

    At the moment, I cant because I dont have the money. Racing Santander bought him for 220K euros in 2012. Lyon then bought him for 5mil euros in 2013.
  2. FM12: David Simao

    Hello Everyone!! Was looking around for an AMC when I stumbled upon this guy. Currently he is playing for Olympique Lyonnais but his squad status is currently as a back-up. My 20/20 scouts rates him 4 stars. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Anyone had any experience with him, good or bad?? He seems decent enough for my Leeds side.
  3. In my game it states that Bojan is on loan with AS ROMA. Didn't AS ROMA bought him from Barca??
  4. FM11: Gary Deegan

    Hi all!!! It has been a long time since I have visited the forum. Anyway, I was trolling around in my Leeds game and found this amazing player. Don't know whether any of you have actually seen him. There you go. Mr Gary Deegan from Ireland who starts off at Coventry. I don't know how he looks like at the start of the game but his stats now are quite impressive in my standards. p.s. YAYA SANOGO IS A MONSTER!!!
  5. Francesco Bolzoni

    God Bless Wiki!!
  6. FM2010: Jozy Altidore

    The thing is I wanted him for my Newcastle side at the start of my game but he was only rated as decent. Then I was looking around in the recent Euro Cup and saw him with his crazy stats. I guest I lost out on a great prospect. Now i have to pay big money to get him which I am not willing. I love me money.
  7. FM2010: Jozy Altidore

    Okay I know that when I am recommending a player, I need to have my own personal experience with him but for this post I just have to make an exception. OMG!! He was not this awesome at the start at the game but WOW!! I know he is well-known throughout the FM community but I did not actually think he would be this good. I guess for those who wish to acquire him, you need to get him early on. Sevilla bought him for 18.75 mil. Last but not least, WOW!! P.S. My 20/20 scout says he is a quality player and his history proves how good he is. He seems to be scoring at least 20 goals.
  8. Here is the dilemma. I bid for Juan Mata which was rejected and Mata became unhappy and wanted leave the club. Everton bid for my regen keeper which I rejected and also became unhappy and wanted to leave the club. The only difference is that my regen keeper handed in a tranfer request but Mata doesn't. Why is that so?? Why is it that when I unsettle my transfer target they never hand in a transfer request?? Why is it that my player seem to get unhappy eventhough I only rejected 1 bid from another club?? This is not a rant by the way, it's just that I feel annoyed and I feel that the AI is sort of cheating in a way. Feedback would be much appreciated. Mata being unhappy. My regen keeper being unhappy Then handing a transfer request.
  9. FM10: Geromel

    Chelsea always buy him on my saves.
  10. I AM LEGEND!! no more :(

    A bit of a turn off if you tell me. Now I feel like I am being held hostage. I guess all I can do is run down my contract and hope they wont hate me for not resigning. If that happens then its ****ED UP!!
  11. I AM LEGEND!! no more :(

    I still don't get why they would hate me though. I won the treble for the first time in my life with my Newcastle side and then was offered the England job. I felt that I could not take the club any further and am looking for an adventure with the England squad. I mean when Shearer left Newcastle, nobody hated him.
  12. Soo i won everything that has to be won with Newcastle at least once and have been stated as being a legend in their books alongside the other legends so i decided to take the England job as soon as it was vacant and then resign from Newcastle bus as soon as I become England manager my legend status in Newcastle is gone. Why is that??
  13. Khouma Babacar

    This is him a few seasons later. I want him but have to pay around 35mil to get him.
  14. @col_nufc1, How did you manage to get the likes of Dzeko and Kallstrom to sign for you?? I tried to sign them after a season in the EPL and they we're not even interested in signing with Newcastle??