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  1. My goal keeper Scott Bain, with 14 long throws, is still taking my attacking throw ins occasionally I have a few people set to take them but when they arent on the pitch he does Please sort this this is a joke, theres no way this would ever happen
  2. I keep getting 2 scouts reporting on my next opponent. I had removed the assignment and tried it for a fortnight but no reports came in, so added it back to one guy, and the next week the same 2 people report it again. Anyone else had this? How do I solve it? It is wasting one of my scouts every week. Also related - is it worthwhile doing a scout report and an analysis report for next opposition or are they both the same thing?
  3. The message I got didn't mention about them being foreigners or not, it just said all players would need to be on a minimum of 7k to play in the first team for leagues, 3k a week for cup games
  4. Because having it happen and forcing clubs to spend 7k on wages to play peopl in the first team is a joke and will bankrupt the majority of Scottish clubs
  5. Any update on the above from Si or is it just another thing you have to guess?
  6. I think it will be stadiums editor with a bit of luck New leagues are not new features!
  7. Glad you have brought this up, it's the same in the tactical briefings, they can vary in colour with no indication over what they mean blue red I am close to chucking the tactical briefings anyway as I don't beleive them to have any sort of influence, but some confirmation from SI would be good If I have direct passing chosen, and go into my tactical briefing and tell them to do direct passing, and there is no reaction - what is the point? What is it meant to do, besides an aesthetic thing? Is it meant to mean the players will play more direct than if I didn'
  8. Does it actually make any difference? Is there an actual benefit to it? I know it flows green when they agree with you, but what point is there to going on and saying right lads we are going with our usual formation at our usual mentality today? Am I wasting time?
  9. Its not pretty cool at all the game shouldnt be making subs for you I have reported it as a bug but theres been no response, if this isnt a bug and is planned then it's such a bad decision
  10. Just took over Oxford in October - should they have a reserve squad? Because they don't, all I have is first team and U19s
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