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  1. Hi guys! I have finally taken the step and started a Bayer Leverkusen save. Tactic and XI So I'm currently in the late stage of my first pre-season with the team and after some thinking and experimenting I think I have settled for this tactic and XI: A quite simple but offensive 4-2-3-1 as you can see. The pre-season games have gone well and we have created loads of chances with especially Bailey and Havertz bossing it so far. I'm a little bit unsure on the winger roles as I might switch one of them to a IF (s) instead in some games to keep the attack more unpredictable. The defense looks decent especially the pairing with Tah and Diego Llorente that looks like a perfect match. However I have a few questions over Weiser and Wendell but it's obviously very early days so we'll see. Transfers This is how my transfer window looks at this moment: Unfortunately I sold Lars Bender to Bayern for £25m up front but I felt like it had to be done. However I'm confident that his brother Sven will step up and prove his worth even more now as I also have sent him to a leadership course with his brother now gone. As you can see I decided to sign Trémoulinas on a free to provide some cover for Wendell. Gnoukouri was also signed as a free agent mainly because of the bargain status, but I have not yet decided if he will be in our squad this season as a back up or if he will be loaned out and maybe sold later on for a profit. Almirón was signed for rotation with Havertz and he's been impressive during pre-season so he'll definitely get games. With Diego Llorente I have big, big hopes for him this season. I felt that we needed one more quality proven centre back along Tah and so far so good. I see this transfer as a coup since the likes of Man City, Liverpool, Roma etc were lurking around him and given the fact that he almost every save sign with a top flight club. Youngsters Norrestrand and Hasic is mainly signed for my U19 team but might be involved in a few cup games this season. Hasic looks like a great prospect imo. I'll be looking to add some more talents to our youth team as the most of the current youngsters are not good enough for the future. I'll also looking to be upgrading on Alario and Pohjanpalo in January and maybe one or another position. Staff I almost every save make a big clear out since there is so much deadwood staff at almost every club... This save was not any different. I won't go in to so much of the details but I hired Marco van Basten as my assistant manager as he was the best option available to us. I fired the DoF since I don't understand how anyone can play with a DoF (no offense) and who's also almost every time on high wages as well. Anyway this is how it looks after the clear out and the recruitment process was done: Not so bad at all if I might say so! Okay, sorry for my novel but I had some spare time over hehe. I'll be hoping for a great start of the first season, knock on wood. Come one you Bayer 04!
  2. Thank you very much for that clarification!
  3. I'm not too experienced with the Mezzala role, but will not Pogba and Chiesa try to operate in the same wide space given that Chiesa is a Winger on support duty? With that said I'm having some troubles with the same formation especially the midfield combinations so I'm here for my own learning as well Good luck!
  4. You're not alone on this one. I'm really struggling against the big teams on this years game as well as I'm especially having a hard time conceding on corners and direct free kicks against the big 6. It's actually becoming quite laughable because it's the same almost everyone of those games: Concede on a corner/set piece after maximum 30 min in to the first half -> Concede again on a direct free kick or a long range shot in the second half. Frustrating...
  5. Yes you can add nations/league under the 'Options' tab in game. Then you'll just choose 'Add/remove leagues' and pick what you want. However, I think that the new leagues will be loaded when your next transfer window begins, not before.
  6. Great to hear! Just signed him on my Wolves save in February first season for £250k straight up. I thought I might have taken a gamble but I'm getting excited now
  7. Yes I have. I'm managing Wolves and are currently sitting 5h in the league in January first season. As you can see below I have used him sparely so far with being subbed on 8 times and starting just 2. I think he's doing alright for a 18 year old in the Prem. He's developing quite nicely and as I plan to introduce him more in the second half of the season I expect to see his stats get a good boost.
  8. As always apologies if someone's already posted.
  9. Apologies if someone's already mentioned. Some interesting players here for various levels.
  10. I'm using that formation on my save and it's going quite well actually even though it's still early in my save. Diogo Jota and Hélder Costa are beasts on the wings!
  11. Have you been giving John Kitolano some game time yet? Seems like a good prospect to me. I've only played two games in to the first season so far but I won 3-1 against Watford in the opening game and 2-0 against West Ham in the second game of the season. It's always nice to start with a good run so hopefully we can carry on and kick off from here!
  12. Seems like the Suisse league have some bargains. A decent left back for £2-2.9m here.
  13. I'd really like to see: * Jarrod Bowen *Morgan Gibbs-White * John Kitolano * Birger Meling * Jack Lahne Thank you!
  14. Benoit Trémoulinas is a free agent at the start of the game. Looks really solid for a 32 year old and does not demand a high wage either. Tried to sign him for Wolves but he went to Real Betis instead for £10k/week less than I offered
  15. I second this. To try to play with as few instructions as possible at the start is the key in my opinion. If you have a clear idea of how you want your team to play I think that you will notice pretty quickly where you'll need to make your adjustments. Good luck
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