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  1. I have just fired up a new Brentford save after the winter update. I couldn't resist! Especially since I'm a fellow Scandinavian. However, considering Brentford's youth level at the start of the game have you all kept the U23 staff for the future or have you let them all go and decided just to hire new ones when eventually the youth level and youth teams are back? I will send all the youth players that can't make the first team squad out on loan. Cheers!
  2. What position are you all using Dele Alli in? He's still injured in my save since I've only played two league games so far (3-1 win at home to Burnley and 1-5 win away at Villa) but I'm quite unsure where he will fit in. I'm using a 4-1-4-1 DM vertical tiki taka formation and as my midfield is really stacked with Ndombele, Lo Celso, Bruno Fernandes (what a beast), Sissoko, Winks, Dier and Skipp, Dele will most likely have to play IF (A) on the left wing. It will be interesting to see how that pans out. Also, I bought David Brooks as I needed cover on the right wing. Lamela got injured of course in the last pre-season game so it looks like Brooks will be given a lot of game time in the nearest future. So far he's not disappointed though, he even scored on his debut. Nice to have a young left footed winger that's also home grown.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions but I decided to go for Nelson Semedo for £24m. Seems like a bargain for that price!
  4. Lorenzo Pellegrini have a £27m release clause at the start of the game. Tried to sign him for Spurs but he chose to sign a new contract after they offered him £10k/w more in wage and promised him to be an important player.
  5. I made a Spurs save in the beta to get going with this years new version of everything. Not managed to play so much yet but so far I sold Eriksen to PSG for £60m upfront + £2m in 12 month installments. I also sold Alderweireld to Liverpool (unfortunately...) for the £25m release clause and Aurier for £5m to Al-Ahli. I was desperate to get rid of Aurier basically at any price. So far the only one I have bought is Timo Kehrer from PSG for £5,5m! What a bargain. I have not quite decided which formation I will be using but I'm leaning towards 5-3-2 WB and a classic 4-2-3-1. Does anyone have any RB suggestions?
  6. Hi, any thoughts on this setup? I haven't given the 4231 formation a go since forever so this is all a bit new for me. I want unpredictability in the attacks and a *fairly* stable defense as far as that's possible with this formation.
  7. Jack Lahne has very good PA, highly rated irl in Sweden as well. Others could be Simon Tibbling (CM), Erdal Rakip (CM), Edwin Crona (ST) and Noah Alexandersson (CAM, ST). Edit: John's brother Joshua Kitolano (CM) is a good prospect also.
  8. I'm at work now so I can't post print screens but Jason Kerr is a good fairly young CB, Antony Angileri for a young CB with great potential and Stephen O'Donnell as a right back option. These won't cost you more than £8m in total. I think Brentford have some gems that can be picked up fairly cheap if I remember correctly.
  9. Luan and Matheus Cunha are great options for a F9 role. I mainly played Zaniolo and Schick as F9's when I managed Roma. They did fine, Schick scored about 15 goals from that position. I even played Dzeko at times as a F9 and he did alright too.
  10. We play a narrow 442 so Ünder and El Shaarawy is a WM(a) and Zaniolo and Pellegrini are both BBM.
  11. My usual XI is: Olsen Florenzi - Manolas - Meré - Kolarov Ünder - Pellegrini - Zaniolo - El Shaarawy Dzeko - Schick The money situation is okay. Roma have some massive debts so I guess it's not English Premier League level but i's fine. I can't remember how much you start with in your transfer budget though.
  12. I'm using a 442 formation. I have found out on other saves that this formation is very overpowered after the 19.3 patch but you can play some beautiful football so for me it's all good for now. The first thing I did was to offer Manolas a new contract since he's having a ridiculous release clause for clubs abroad so I really recommend doing that. Regarding transfers see the screenshot below starting from van Drongelen and downwards: Pastore didn't fit in my formation so I had to sell him as he's on huuuge wages. De Rossi and Karsdorp was making a lot of noise after their lack of playing time so I had to ship them out. I'm looking to bring in Luan in the summer window since I need a quality F9 and they do not grow on trees... It's an enjoyable save so give it a try. It's been more fun than I first thought!
  13. I'm playing as AS Roma on a save that I created just for fun, or so it started at least. Currently sitting first in the league in February and we look unstoppable at times. But seriously, how good is Zaniolo and Lorenzo Pellegrini really?! They have been immense for me. Scoring screamers every other week and Nzonzi/Cristante can't even get near them. Honorable shout to Florenzi as well who's also been fantastic. I really like this squad
  14. Hi guys! I have finally taken the step and started a Bayer Leverkusen save. Tactic and XI So I'm currently in the late stage of my first pre-season with the team and after some thinking and experimenting I think I have settled for this tactic and XI: A quite simple but offensive 4-2-3-1 as you can see. The pre-season games have gone well and we have created loads of chances with especially Bailey and Havertz bossing it so far. I'm a little bit unsure on the winger roles as I might switch one of them to a IF (s) instead in some games to keep the attack more unpredictable. The defense looks decent especially the pairing with Tah and Diego Llorente that looks like a perfect match. However I have a few questions over Weiser and Wendell but it's obviously very early days so we'll see. Transfers This is how my transfer window looks at this moment: Unfortunately I sold Lars Bender to Bayern for £25m up front but I felt like it had to be done. However I'm confident that his brother Sven will step up and prove his worth even more now as I also have sent him to a leadership course with his brother now gone. As you can see I decided to sign Trémoulinas on a free to provide some cover for Wendell. Gnoukouri was also signed as a free agent mainly because of the bargain status, but I have not yet decided if he will be in our squad this season as a back up or if he will be loaned out and maybe sold later on for a profit. Almirón was signed for rotation with Havertz and he's been impressive during pre-season so he'll definitely get games. With Diego Llorente I have big, big hopes for him this season. I felt that we needed one more quality proven centre back along Tah and so far so good. I see this transfer as a coup since the likes of Man City, Liverpool, Roma etc were lurking around him and given the fact that he almost every save sign with a top flight club. Youngsters Norrestrand and Hasic is mainly signed for my U19 team but might be involved in a few cup games this season. Hasic looks like a great prospect imo. I'll be looking to add some more talents to our youth team as the most of the current youngsters are not good enough for the future. I'll also looking to be upgrading on Alario and Pohjanpalo in January and maybe one or another position. Staff I almost every save make a big clear out since there is so much deadwood staff at almost every club... This save was not any different. I won't go in to so much of the details but I hired Marco van Basten as my assistant manager as he was the best option available to us. I fired the DoF since I don't understand how anyone can play with a DoF (no offense) and who's also almost every time on high wages as well. Anyway this is how it looks after the clear out and the recruitment process was done: Not so bad at all if I might say so! Okay, sorry for my novel but I had some spare time over hehe. I'll be hoping for a great start of the first season, knock on wood. Come one you Bayer 04!
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