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  1. I've been playing your game a few years now and I am still NONPLUSSED by the Game Engine! Why is it even in the 2016 version, that every time I make a substitution, the opposition score? -(This goes back to the 2012 version!); then if I don't make a sub one of my key players gets injured?? Why is it that the referee calls offside when there can be up to 4 players (defenders) in front of the the attacker? before the ball is played? Eh??? Why is it that the only team that seems to score from corners are the opposition?? In the 2012 version it was my team and the others scoring from corners, now, half way through the season, my team have not scored one!! but the opposition have, what!! (despite tinkering etc)?? I really enjoy your game, BUT, I have coached this wonderful game in real life for 30+ years, and cannot work out your game engine at all, as it is, in some parts, unrealistic to the actual game as played. Might I suggest that you review this, and if not already, get someone on board who has coached/played the game at a top level as this part of it is REALLY frustrating.
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