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  1. Louis Hall 28106570 joined Oxford City 16/9/2020 http://oxfordcityfc.co.uk/2020/09/16/oldfield-ensures-hes-got-his-hall-hired/ Nana Owusu 28086112 rejoined the club back in July https://www.witneygazette.co.uk/sport/football/18554629.nana-owusu-re-signs-oxford-city-next-season/ I cant see Alan Foster at the club or on the game anywhere guess because its only beta sure he was on it before he is the clubs Goalkeeping coach
  2. I thought short term loans were not included but at Oxford City Joe Gubbins is on loan and leaves early November he only joined on a 2 month loan so shouldn't have been included. Takes up 1 of your overall loan spots for the season
  3. FC Cincinnati seem to have the stadium move to the new West End stadium missing they are expected to move in around March 2021 Also the training ground is no longer Xavier University Complex but the club moved to a new complex called the Mercy Health Training Center FC Cincinnati Academy also play here it has 500 seats. The club own the training center.
  4. Started playing as Oxford City in Vanarama South First game of the season home to Tonbridge Angels Oxford City should have been in the blue and white home kit but they played in the green away kit
  5. Liam Manning at Lommel Date of birth should be 20/8/1985 and born in Great Yarmouth Playing history 2003 Ipswich Town (youth) 0/0 2004 Ipswich Town (youth) 0/0 left on free 2005 1 Bishops Stortford left on free 2005 2 Long Melford 8/0 left on free 2005 3 Leiston 2/0 left on free 2005 4 Woodbridge Town (LOAN) 14/0 2006 1 Selfoss (Iceland) 16/2 joined 25/3/2006 left 14/09/2006 free transfer 2006 2 Woodbridge Town 3/0 joined 14/9/2006 left for free 2006 3 Leiston 28/2 2007 Leiston 31/2 left for free 2008 1 Woodbridge Town 4/0 2
  6. Last nights team sheet for Cheltenham Town under 18s https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Emj-sFqWEAAgyEn?format=jpg&name=900x900 Has dates of births for a number of the youth players Liam Atwell - 8/11/2002 Dan Stevens - 25/10/2002 Zac Guinan - 29/1/2004 Will Taylor - 6/2/2004 partial dates for a few but using that and the club site for ages listed in profiles believe the following to be correct Harvey Skurek is 6/11/2004 Felix Miles 26/9/2003 Connor Jakeways - 29/3/2004 Callum Ebanks - 8/10/2003
  7. Basingstoke in game start at The Camrose this is very wrong that ground has gone ready for housing. They played last season and the start of this season at Winchester City's ground before moving to a new ground in Basingstoke which seems to be listed correctly. It also lists the Basingstoke Under 18's as playing at The Camrose but they have been playing at Winklebury for a while. Michael Kightly isnt list at Rushall Olympic he should be there as he joined in the summer
  8. Cambridge City are listed as playing at Sawston Stadium This stadium hasnt even been built yet it is suppose to be the ground they move to eventually but planning issues seem to be making it take forever. They actually play at Histon's ground now Bridge Road
  9. I think it would be a good idea to add an extra job role for the non playing history of staff. The inclusion of roles such as Manager (Womens) Coach (Womens) Physio (Womens) A number of former players are getting involved in the womens game and maybe this could be replicated with the inclusion of a new job role for the non playing history. THIS IS NOT asking for the womens game to be put into the game but just a cosmetic addition to the non playing histories. An example could be as such Phil Neville Man Utd (Coach First Team) Valencia (Coach First Team)
  10. I would really like to see the inclusion of the England C team and also the inclusion of the Wales C team along with Italy C, Turkey A2 A number of England C players have gone on to represent bigger named clubs such as Andre Gray (Burnley) Craig Mackail-Smith (Peterborough) Michael Rose (Macclesfield) As the game allows you also to start as low down as National League North and South this would be a valuable and realistic inclusion to those players game play Wales C the players are from the Welsh league predominately the top Welsh league again adding realistic game play t
  11. I like this idea alot of the lower level grounds in England are very basic with a small roof over a few steps behind a goal, it seems that in game this is represented as a large terrace with a roof This is an example of a non league ground in England literally no stands but just a rail around the pitch (it is Larkhall Athletic) a small tin covered area far side floodlight pylons along the side of the pitch. Often grounds at these lower levels are a mix of a small seated stand maybe on the halfway line and then flanked by a stepped uncovered terrace either side maybe one side has a f
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