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  1. The Transfer System in place needs updating as it has been very similar for several years now. The buying and selling is bias towards the computer. For Example: Im juventus and i see that bayern munich are after aguero for a fee around £30 million (Extremely Cheap for Him). so i go purchase him and i offer £30 million plus add ons. Man city turn around and say they will not accept anything less that £80 million (Im not paying that) next thing you see is that aguero has been sold to Bayern for £24 MILLION PLUS 8 MILLION IN ADDONS - makes you mad Every player you go for who that is half decent or has potential - you must pay stupid money for. I got quoted £97 million for some 17 year old who had 4 star potential which is ridiculous. as you know if the computer went for him they could get him under £20 million it is same as selling a player. Computer team want silly money for their player but do not pay realistic fees for your players. it is normally either below their market value or only slightly above it and guarantee the majority of the fee will be in add ons or over a period of time It has been like this for years now and i know plenty of people who have said that it is stupid you have to manage a budget which is great but unless you spend way over the odds for nearly every player unless he is on the transfer list or out of contract it is pointless- you cant buy anyone great without blowing your full budget on one player.
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