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  1. I built this 3-5-2 which I think accurately sums up how they played against Barcelona in their 4-3 win. However, I can barely create any chances. I usually get about 60% possession which is good but my front 3 are always pushed up against the opposition defence, not moving around and making space. The ball pretty much is passed between the RPM and BBM with occasional switches to the CWBs resulting in blocked crosses.
  2. I hate losing games to mistakes by my players and flukey long shots. I'm managing Norwich in my 3rd season and I've been doing pretty well
  3. Thank you for this, I managed to beat Spurs 4-1 with a total of 5 CCCs. The wing play was great and that's where most of my chances were created from
  4. I do win comfortably against other teams with this formation, and I don't think I've ever scored from a set piece in this save. I can limit these teams to long shots but I struggle to even get 5 shots throughout the full game
  5. Recently, I've been struggling with teams that play 5 at the back, like Conte and Poch. I know I could probably use a 4-4-2 to win but I want to increase my tactical knowledge in the 4-2-3-1 formation so I can successfully adapt to different situations. My formation is as below: SK (Su) FB (D) - BPB (D) - CD (C) - FB (At) BBM (Su) - DLP (D) W (At) - AM (At) - IF (Su) DLF (Su) Standard : Structured Fairly Wide, Slightly Deeper, Use Offside Trap, Use Tighter Marking, Roam from Positions. The pictures are the formations I'm having troubles
  6. Is it wise to play a counter-attacking style of football against a team with lower rep that parks the bus? It seems hard to get their players to play more attacking so you can nick the ball and attack
  7. That sounds like a good way to find a team. Continuously promoting various teams to turn drop down to find the perfect team. Let's hope Man City get relegated
  8. Quite ironically, we lost 1-0 at home to Burton with a goal in the 86' minute. Last game of the season, was at Newcastle away and leading 2-0. 82, 86 and 90 were the minutes in which Dionisi scored. We lost 3-2 and finished 3rd. Then in the playoff finals, we lost 1-0 to QPR
  9. I guess I'm a just a Championship title seeking mad man, cheers lads. I'll aim for promotion
  10. I'm playing as Barnsley in the Championship and I'm in my first season lying in 2nd plane with 43 games played. Was wondering if it's better to finish second, get the PL money and most likely get relegated, or intentionally drop down into the playoffs and bottle them to create a good squad which could win the title?
  11. Hey guys, which laptop would be best out of these: https://www.thelaptopcentre.co.uk/performance-laptops/dell-latitude-e6230-gradea.html https://www.thelaptopcentre.co.uk/performance-laptops/hp-notebook-af156sa.html https://www.thelaptopcentre.co.uk/performance-laptops/dell-inspiron-15r-n5050-intel-i5-25ghz-4gb-250gb-win-7-156-screen-webcam.html
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