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  1. How on Earth do you defend crosses?

    I've set my width to play wider and I've changed one of the striker roles to AF. Haven't seen a difference but thanks anyways
  2. Every game I play is full of conceding cross after cross. My defenders all have good attributes and no matter what type of defense I try, I get absolutely walloped. I just conceded 5 goals against Arsenal and 2 against Burnley, just from crosses.
  3. My defenders are some of the best in the league yet somehow they're always prone to these crosses whether I play 4 or 5 atb. I've tried setting my defensive line higher and lower but it doesn't seem to change anything
  4. Is it wise to play a counter-attacking style of football against a team with lower rep that parks the bus? It seems hard to get their players to play more attacking so you can nick the ball and attack
  5. Why is it so hard to beat Manchester United

    United play a 4-3-2-1 DM on mine, and Arsenal seem to be a very good team too. Played United in the FA Cup Final but ultimately lost 2-1
  6. Why is it so hard to beat Manchester United

    Well, i wasn't expecting that amount of detail but thanks a lot, I'll try using your methods next time
  7. They seem unstoppable this year, it's like they are the Barcelona that played against PSG but on FM. They always come at you and somehow find a way to create tap in chance where the player actually passes the ball across goal, but when you want to do it, your players always try to shoot.
  8. Better to finish 2nd, or bottle the playoffs?

    Everton always do horrible in my saves
  9. Better to finish 2nd, or bottle the playoffs?

    That sounds like a good way to find a team. Continuously promoting various teams to turn drop down to find the perfect team. Let's hope Man City get relegated
  10. Better to finish 2nd, or bottle the playoffs?

    Quite ironically, we lost 1-0 at home to Burton with a goal in the 86' minute. Last game of the season, was at Newcastle away and leading 2-0. 82, 86 and 90 were the minutes in which Dionisi scored. We lost 3-2 and finished 3rd. Then in the playoff finals, we lost 1-0 to QPR
  11. Better to finish 2nd, or bottle the playoffs?

    I guess I'm a just a Championship title seeking mad man, cheers lads. I'll aim for promotion
  12. I'm playing as Barnsley in the Championship and I'm in my first season lying in 2nd plane with 43 games played. Was wondering if it's better to finish second, get the PL money and most likely get relegated, or intentionally drop down into the playoffs and bottle them to create a good squad which could win the title?
  13. Beating Man United?

    They've signed so many defenders in my save, it's unreal. They even lost De Gea but they still win. Too OP
  14. Beating Man United?

    If only we had Barton too
  15. Beating Man United?

    Cheers, I've got them next game so I'll try to adapt to their tactics