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  1. Well, you Sir are a genius, I've switched to this and gone about 20 games without a defeat. How can WOF give such poor results (for a 'lesser team') for so little changes, Also its hard to figure out the AI, Like I mentioned before we came second in the league, and we finished in semi final of champions league, and still WOF isn't a valid tactic? Maybe FM17 is more player ability oriented, then I thought. If I win the league with this tactic, My question is will I have to change to WOF, Or wait until my squad improved. Judging by the success of this tactic, I believe in the latter.
  2. Yes fm17 I used mid summer 442 in that, worked ok 85pts. Might get fm18 soon just want to nail 17 first with a 90+ pointer but can't do it. I'll try find the 343.
  3. I am using WOF 3412 AM SS at the moment, No effect. I have Blue matter 433 loaded but ddint try it yet as I have been bashed using WOF I have the alternative TM tactic just for variation, Works ok.
  4. I was looking at reputation to decide which tactic most suits my team (mid summer for mid table team, Then change to WOF for Champions league spot challengers), As I thought I needed to find out what mentality the AI is using against me. But yeah the Ability factor gives the overall points score, Providing you set your team up in the right way. I might give my AM 10 games in charge of team talks to erase this possible factor. Food for thought, anyway heres some screenshots of the clubs history.
  5. In FM scout I'm 8100 rep. I can get you some screenshots tonight Jaap stam is my assistant manager, and I would say he's good at team talks but I think he's to strict on the players. I would like to think I'm better at that as I've turned many games around via team talks, and it come up in the media update after the match I did well.
  6. Yeap, and your advice in training. Don't get me wrong I've won competitions with lots of your tactics, and they are decent but I'm not getting anywhere near the 100pts mark. My current save is Leeds untied in fm17 with second season in champions league and reached the semi final. Won the EPL last season and runner up this season, I'm 20th best team in Europe by rating. I've used midsummer until last season now I'm using wof 343 as I thought we was to highly rated for mid summer now. Maybe my team is just in that no man's land between good and great.
  7. How do you go about getting your points score For each tactic. I've used your tactics for a while now and never got above 85ish points... And that's with a title winning team which I've managed for 6 seasons now. Not saying your tactics are bad, just wondering where I'm losing 20 ltd a season with your tactics!
  8. Yes We did it, Mega Suprise, Wasnt easy after 30ish games nothing in it points wise between 5 clubs all within 1 point of each other, But Leeds come good at the end and stormed to victory! GJ Knap winning a league with a 442 strikerless some achivement
  9. I cant believe this tactic dose not get more attention. I've been using it in my Leeds save since my second season, It saved me from getting the sack. Not to mention We finished 12th in prem second season, then in 3rd season, We finished an amazing 5th and got into Europe 2 points off champions league, with a largely untouched Leeds side, just bolstered a few positions to give us strength in depth. 4th season was a lot tougher in the league due to being in Europe, but we managed to win the EFL cup and qualified for Europe again, But further more we won the Euro cup defeating Valencia in the semi and beat AC Milan in the final sending us into the champions league. I'm determined to win the league with it now, Since I've built my squad around it, one question though, I noticed my wide midfielders do try and dribble a lot, but as training a wide midfielder they don't train dribbling would it be a good idea to train them in it as an addition task?.
  10. Same **** different tactic!!!, Just joking, apart from this match is seems like a solid tactic plenty of goals and nice play. I just wish i could understand why we keep getting these kind of games.
  11. I'm having the same issue, for steam version, I had the game working fine since November, now suddenly its saying "An error occurred while installing fm17 (No internet connection) This happened so I tried the following Clear cache of steam Uninstalled the game Changed server download location to Manchester All of which no joy so far.
  12. Sorry this may sound thick!, But how do you get 7 tactics to fluid? Or do you just use a few of them please explain.
  13. Well I cant get this tactic to score, Same happen while playing Norwich and Brighton games , We dominate all areas and even away to Chelsea (who are by far a batter team) We still cant score. Is like a magnet is sucking the ball away from goal!
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