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  1. I have begun porting it over for personal use but I doubt I'd be getting Emil's permission to ever release it due to his opinion on SI. I doubt he will want his work carried on by another skinner either.
  2. Due to the way the match titlebar is coded it doesnt scale very well as the containers havent really been organised correctly which makes it a lot of trial and error to get them lined up correctly, took me a while to do so to get it displaying right at 1440x900 at 85% zoom
  3. Its not a bug per-se, its the issue with using fonts that don't contain euro and accents. The only solution is to change the font. I had to do the same with my skin this year and Vexillium for the same reason.
  4. Have you tried deleting your skin preferences Medders? Search up about it, it might help.
  5. I think it's the "cant be bothered" part that irks me. I personally have put in COUNTLESS hours over the last 7 years skinning FM and comments like that make me rather salty.
  6. Really?... They say patience is a virtue but if it's not one you have, learn to modify it yourself, it's not difficult.
  7. Done something similar with this (although I used the same concept with my original version of vexillium for FM14 too)
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