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  1. I have begun porting it over for personal use but I doubt I'd be getting Emil's permission to ever release it due to his opinion on SI. I doubt he will want his work carried on by another skinner either.
  2. Hahaha, no worries bro. Yeah youll never get that dead center unless you can figure out a way of defining the bar bar to be central to said container as as it is now it will always sit to the left of the container however you lay it out. Find the file responsible for that tab strip and see if there a way of defining it centre_x and you're on to a winner
  3. No point uploading my folder because mine looks like this The one I sent will work asking as you have the right city pics installed
  4. Just take the files I sent and put them in your skins panels/club folder, they will work I've tested them, the way you've done it you now have 4 panels competing for space so making them bigger isn't really possible.
  5. Have you downloaded the city pics? Do you use metallic logos?
  6. Put these files in your panels/club folder and let me know what it looks like. Also make sure you have the Vitrex City Pics and you're not using metallic logos with the background logo folders still in place or it won't work. bergkamp club overview staff panel3.xml bergkamp club overview staff panel4.xml bergkamp club overview staff panel5.xml club overview panel.xml
  7. If you draw up a picture of what it is you want it to look like i can whip something up for you?
  8. I solved this in Vexillium by changing the horizontal adaptive container layout to "-1,340,12,328,-1" where 340 is the menubar, 12 is a spacer and 328 is the continue button. Because without the -1's which just fill the gap both side then add up to 340. This means everything stays in the middle :). Any extra containers you have other than that need to be deleted OR and this is probably the best way of doing it, make the container layout "-2, -1, -2" with only the tab bar in that container and move the continue button to where the competition logo is, if you put the competition logo into the title bar score instead then theres no need for it.
  9. INTRODUCING VEXILLIUM 17 - THE ALL-IN-ONE SKIN FOR FM2017 Ported from FM14, Vexillium is back in it's glory, banners and all!! This heavily modified skin introduces features such as perspective and minimalist style tactical pitches, rosette style backgrounds in the titlebars so you never need a logopack again, instant result button and background selector as well as new player and club overview screens taken from Flutskin and customised to Vexilliums' style and modified to work at smaller resolutions, a whole bunch of original content and much more. Try it now, you wont regret it!!! SCREENSHOTS: INSTALLATION: Extract the Vexillium folder to: C:/Users/<yourusername>/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/skins If this folder does not exist, create it. CHANGELOG: 14/01/17 - Initial Release - v1.0 CREDITS: Emil Debski for the original nation and staff overview panels, the signature font and the BBC news panel and for inspiration. Flut for basic panel layout for new prematch lineups and player/club overview pikawa for the coding basis of the match titlebar not to mention the COUNTLESS amount of people who have helped me with skinning over the years, without you guys this skin would simply not exist DOWNLOAD If you discover any bugs in the skin or have any suggestions on how to improve it, please leave a comment in this thread.
  10. Photoshop can read and save .dds right? Im guessing that means that it cant be skin specific then? What a dumb move that is SI!! Just downloaded your Sky Sports skin and saw the folder, guess i was wrong then @D_LO_
  11. This is probably going to be targetted mostly @michaeltmurrayuk but if any other skinners know the answer to this please let me know. I want to remove the background image (the stadium style one) from the main menu but without removing the manager 3D model. Any ideas? On another note, here's some screenshots of the new version of Vexillium I am working on
  12. Due to the way the match titlebar is coded it doesnt scale very well as the containers havent really been organised correctly which makes it a lot of trial and error to get them lined up correctly, took me a while to do so to get it displaying right at 1440x900 at 85% zoom
  13. Its not a bug per-se, its the issue with using fonts that don't contain euro and accents. The only solution is to change the font. I had to do the same with my skin this year and Vexillium for the same reason.
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