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  1. I'm a few years in to my save, playing with Getafe, I have no U19 coaches and cant hire anyone, I have even tried to hire the worst unemployed coach I could find, be he (and everyone else I have tied) wants 3600 Euro/week, and I'm only allowed to spend 2000/w, once i succeeded to have the board raise the maximum amount, but that was from 1700 to 2000, what can I do?
  2. Ok, tnx, yea no problem with the connection, it is a stable 100/100 at the PC at home. And I dont really think it is a problem with my computer, I have had this problem both with fm19, and fm18, and also, if you google it, many others have it to, but no one seems to have a solution.
  3. Ok, followed it and found the directory I should look at to add the file ending, but, my save is not there on the Mac, it is just an old file that I wrote about, that I had already deleted on my PC.
  4. At home Im playing at a PC, and when im away I bring my Macbook Pro. Im saving to cloud, but most of the times I dont see the same saves on my Mac and my PC. Like yesterday, I played on my PC, Saved at around 6pm, also deleted some lod saves, and closed the game, had my PC turned on until around 10pm, so 4h for it to upload the save, but now when I turn on my Mac I can only se a old save that I deleted on my PC, but not my newest save. This happens a lot. And I had the same issue in fm19, and fm18 to. It should not be that hard to get it to work ... Bu
  5. Ah thanks! The "load.." think is good! Finally I can clear all old stuff up!
  6. Maybe I have missed it, but I cant find how to delete my tactics from the cloud, If I save on my computer I can go to "manage tactics..." but I can't manage the cloud saved tactics there....
  7. It is not the exact wording that I can send there, but I was thinking they just changed the wording, see attached. But when i requested the affiliate it was something like "So that I can send players to get match experience" or something like that.
  8. It is not there at all, only Wolfsburg II, I have tried both during the season, summe window and january window, but it is never possible
  9. I'm playing with Wolfsburg, wanted a affiliate to send player to so requested one and got Dresden in the 2nd league, but how do I send players there? If I click on a player and take move to affiliate I only get "Wolfsburg II" as an option, I have tried many different times during the season and also gotten anoter team to in the 3rd division, but can't send there either....
  10. So, always in FM before, you got better and better the more you played your tactic, the player learned it and felt more comfortable in it. But now, after the last update, it feels like it is completely upside-down, I change the tactic, plays well for maybe 10 games, then I start to suck, change to a completely new tactic, start to play good again for a few matches, then start to play bad, and have to change again. A friend of mine have the same experience, is this a bug or just a really strange coincidence?
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