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  1. Glad other people are enjoying it, but this has never worked for me. Giving up multiple goals per game from 20-30 yards out. No one closing down the space or providing pressure in between the defensive and midfield lines.
  2. @Djuicer, just wanted to say how much I appreciate this post. I've been trying to put together a 4-4-1-1 for my non-league club and your insights have given me a lot to think about. In particular, I also set it up initially with an AP and a BBM...so once pre-season starts I plan to pay close attention to them stepping on each others' toes.
  3. I've been tweaking the attached 4-4-2 formation over the last two seasons and having some pretty good success with it with one notable flaw...I get absolutely destroyed going against any other 4-4-2s. I'm giving up 4 or 5 goals a game from anywhere on the pitch. They can waltz unmolested right down the middle of the pitch. Where am I going so wrong? I'm in the Regional First Div w/ Dan BHTFC's lower league DB, so having attributes in the double digits is a rarity. What tweaks can I make without adding a bunch of TIs or fancy positions that'll overwhelm my squad?
  4. It's in the 2nd post, back on page one. Dan updates as he goes.
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