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  1. Also ended up with wins in the French Cup and the Ligue Cup for a Domestic Treble in the first season. The tactic used the combination of a FB(A), BBM(S) and AP(A) on the left to circulate possession then releasing Thauvin as a Trequartista from the RW position. I found the Trequartista role to have excellent movement for this purpose, it uses aggressive vertical runs but does not cut in as early as Inside Forwards, or stay as wide and isolated as a Winger. The full set-up is below. A really fun season, and I would say Thauvin is one of the best players I have managed on FM19, he is an absolute monster of a player and loyal also - not interested in Man U or Real's advances after his insane first season!
  2. With inspiration from this excellent thread (thanks crusadertsar) and a few others I created a 4-1-2-3 tactic for Marseille in order to try and consistently isolate opposition defenders our best player by a mile - Thauvin. As you can see from the screenshots below- it worked pretty well!!
  3. Across 5 seasons and two different saves, in terms of great value for money mine would be: Sandro Tonali Antonio Marin Fiete Arp Francisco Trincao Almamy Toure
  4. Great I look forward to it. I find it ironic that the goal (for me anyways) is always to build a great team, but the game is much more fun where everyone thinks we're rubbish ;-)
  5. Any updates on how your system is working in the lower leagues? I've been following and really enjoying this thread!
  6. After reading this thread i'd thought I'd give a defensive, possession based tactic a whirl. Results have been pretty good so far, possession and defense have been pleasing. I've never played with a half back before and wanted to try and get this role working, he seems to be doing a good job so far and i've yet to be caught out with the centre backs still being too far apart while he transitions from deep to a DM position. Still not sure I have the correct roles for the front three - there is bit of congestion at times and i'm unsure about the AP(S) with the MC(A) behind him, interplay can been neat at times but they can also be on top of each other. I'm also not sure about the poacher with 2 players in AMC positions, he can be an outlet but when the build up play slows outside of the opposition box his lack of movement means i'm not creating great chances for him. Anyhow it's been fun so far and looking forward to tweaking it further - all feedback very welcome!
  7. Just made the changes you advised. Dominated a tough game, was winning 1-0 missed a few clear chances to put it to bed. 85th minute, equalizer from a knock down corner, unbelievable!!
  8. Yes I do use Hassle Opponents actually - it's a pretty big part of my outfield style though which is a problem if I considered turning it off, I'd need to redesign the tactic a fair bit. Still I might give it a go. What are your marking instructions? I play with a 3-5-2 with CBs as well which makes it even more frustrating that i'm suffering so much!
  9. The game has become unplayable for me now due to this - in my latest season i'm conceding over one corner a game, and it's just so frustrating. I concede both a lot of knock downs and direct headers from an opposition player challenging my keeper. Despite dominating games and working really hard to score 1 or 2 outfield goals I then concede one or 2 very quickly from corners and lose or draw. Not enjoyable at all, it's completely ruined the game for me. I'm going to give up for now and wait for a patch before I throw my laptop across the room!
  10. I have found with mixed or short passing it's really hard to get the quick counters like you get with Direct Passing, you get more possession but far fewer chances so at the moment i'm playing Direct passing. Still really struggling against teams who play defensively, and conceding a lot of set pieces which is making it tough to get consistent results.
  11. @JamieAdams3 I agree I'd read a few articles watched Athletico and set up a tactic very similar to you have. Defensive mentality with Fluid philosophy if definitely the way to go I think, although i'm trying to make it work with the Valencia squad. DLPs, WMs and a Defensive Forward and Advanced Forward is how I see it, Costa closes down very aggressively IRL. 2nd game beat Barcelona 2-0 with lethal counters and Barca not creating a single CCC. Still playing around with the wide players - one thing that i'm not sure about is crossing. They crossed a lot more with Falcao than they do now but am experimenting with the Cross the Ball Early shout as I think if the fullbacks can so this it will make it more varied going forward. Still struggling a bit with breaking down the defensive teams but I don't have the right front 2 movement yet as I need to train some PPMs - still top of La Liga after 8 games so we'll see.
  12. @ Cleon Thanks for another fascinating thread - i've been trying to replicate a Bayern tactic for a while so really enjoying testing out your approach here. A couple of questions: 1) Have you ever considered using a sweeper keeper instead of a regular keeper? I've been experimenting with it and it's helped me out a few times in dealing with balls over the top. 2) Do you follow the current Bayern set-up by using a right footed WM on the left and vise versa? I've been experimenting and it seems to make quite a difference in how the wide players get involved in the game.
  13. One question I have - does anybody Under 23s even have any fixtures at all? Obviously unplayable - but when I put my players in that team they don't get any matches whatsoever, I've had to resort to arranging a whole season of friendlies so they have some games. Makes developing young players much harder!!
  14. I've been using the ideas outlined in the post with AC Milan and had a very enjoyable save - using Destro of Niang as the Trequestia has produced some great football and lots of goals, so thanks to Cleon and Lam for all their really valuable help and advice! Thought i'd post a link to a great piece in the Guardian today by Jonathan Wilson: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/blog/2013/jan/15/the-question-4231-football-tactics This really highlights the approach taken my Cleon and Lam in this system, using agressive WB roles in the FB positions, plus the 'Push Higher Up' shout to reduce the space between the Inside Forwards and Fullbacks and help compensate for the potential weakness of this shape down the flanks. I know Cleon has also advised changing the Inside Forwards role to Support when playing against great wingers to reduce this even further, one potential change this article hints at if you are still having problems against a team such as Bayern or Barca with great wingers is changing to 2 DMCs and 1 MC to offer further support to the full-back. Although that will likely have further repercussions in the middle of the park and reduce attacking options.
  15. OK that makes complete sense, so I have just come up against another back three, this time I set my wide forwards up as Wingers, still used the Exploit Flanks shout, together with Play Wider and Work Ball into Box - looked a lot more dangerous and created 2 CCCs which I scored from in a 2-1 win! Both goals came from out wide but from isolating a defender, beating him then playing a pass into the box. Thanks for pointing out the obvious!! I'm still getting a lot of intercepted crosses, I guess because I don't have great players to play as wingers but as I said, was much more dangerous in the final third!
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