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  1. Do you think the top sides in Europe changed the way they played against you through the years as you became more and more dominant? If even the best squads sat in deep defensive blocks that might also explain your intense style becoming slightly less effective? I only say this because it seems to happen a little to me in a top league after a few seasons of dominance and unless your players' ability continues to rise to meet the challenge, then playing on a lower mentality seems necessary.
  2. I am attempting to in-still your principles on a save with AC Milan on FM18. A big challenge as the starting squad is a mess with no short term fixes as they made a ton of rubbish deals early in the summer which are long terms turning into over valued transfers. Has taken me 3 years to build a squad even close to be able to play this way. End goal is to recreate the Sacchi days style in a ultra aggressive 4-4-2 which is basically what you are currently using.
  3. Thanks, great to get that insight. I always end up buying too many high potential youngsters as I love developing young players and then rotation becomes a real nightmare! Because of that, maybe established players don’t hit the same level as they often only get maybe 30 a year.
  4. Amazing career save and thread Ozil! Inspires me to play every time I read an update! Looks like you don’t rotate too much seeing as your key players play around 50 games a season? So my questions are: Do you rest the first team before CL knockout games? Or are you comfortable playing players in the low 90s for condition? How do you deal with happiness and match fitness for your reserves? Are they routinely not match fit? And does that affect their development? It seems not to, as your players such as Almada etc... look to have got to great leve
  5. JULY 2019: 4 Wins, 1 Draw, 2 Losses THOUGHTS Pretty happy with how the team has looked, played some tough friendlies, great win against Koln and totally out played Boavista in the division above despite a 3-1 loss. Only other loss was after going down to 10 men in the 10th minute. One competitive game, the first round of the league cup - a nice 3-0 home win against Varzim who are also in our division. You have to play 2 U20 players in this competition which was news to me, so a couple of 18yr old prospects were drafted in at the last minute. Happily they combined for th
  6. TACTICS I'll start things off pretty simple and adjust as I get to know the players better. Squad suits a 4-2-3-1 as I have two really good attacking mid / playmakers and harder to fit them into a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 and I generally don't like playing with 3 centre backs. Not settled on the striker role yet, might change to DLF for Almeida and could be totally different role for whichever other striker I might finally sign (tough going at the moment). Not too many team instructions to start with and a balanced mentality, I imagine this will be a base i tweak from as I go and a littl
  7. THE SQUAD Squad has potential but a bunch of holes. Lots of loans which I'm not really a fan of, I don't like improving other people's players so they get the long term benefits, even if get the short-term gain. So i'll probably try and cancel as many of these as possible after the 28 day amnesty period which I guess is a new FM20 feature. STRENGTHS Good depth at centre half, 4 solid players with not a lot of drop off in quality across the 4. The star of this group being Ze Castro, brought up through the club ranks and went on to play for Athletico Madrid and Deportivo
  8. To make things more challenging I have started with no coaching license and as a Sunday league footballer, usually I just use what is recommended for the club i choose so it will be interesting to see the difference this makes. As we can see, a fairly sparse trophy cabinet, hopefully we change that soon. One of the things that attracted to me to this challenge is that they have decent sized albeit very old stadium - if we can create a decent team, hopefully we can eventually fill Estadio Cidade de Coimbra on a weekly basis. No immediate requirement for promotion which i
  9. Coimbra is the fourth largest city in Portugal after Lisbon, Porto and Braga, a major cultural centre mainly due to oldest academic institution in the country, the University of Coimbra. While incubating young minds and safe guarding many cultural traditions they city has always been lacking one important Portuguese passion - a decent football team! Académica de Coimbra have a fairly inauspicious history with the exception of a runner up finish in the Primeira Liga once back in 1967, they now reside in LigaPro the Portuguese 2nd Tier. They do have a couple of trophie
  10. Also ended up with wins in the French Cup and the Ligue Cup for a Domestic Treble in the first season. The tactic used the combination of a FB(A), BBM(S) and AP(A) on the left to circulate possession then releasing Thauvin as a Trequartista from the RW position. I found the Trequartista role to have excellent movement for this purpose, it uses aggressive vertical runs but does not cut in as early as Inside Forwards, or stay as wide and isolated as a Winger. The full set-up is below. A really fun season, and I would say Thauvin is one of the best players I have managed on FM19, he
  11. With inspiration from this excellent thread (thanks crusadertsar) and a few others I created a 4-1-2-3 tactic for Marseille in order to try and consistently isolate opposition defenders our best player by a mile - Thauvin. As you can see from the screenshots below- it worked pretty well!!
  12. Across 5 seasons and two different saves, in terms of great value for money mine would be: Sandro Tonali Antonio Marin Fiete Arp Francisco Trincao Almamy Toure
  13. Great I look forward to it. I find it ironic that the goal (for me anyways) is always to build a great team, but the game is much more fun where everyone thinks we're rubbish ;-)
  14. Any updates on how your system is working in the lower leagues? I've been following and really enjoying this thread!
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