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  1. Resurrecting this. so i’m In same above situation - chatted to player. He agreed to make self available immediately as staff. I said, yes please. His staff attributes now show. BUT when I offer him a new contract and change role to “player/coach” (or whatever staff role previously discussed, he rejects the contract, barring the mixed “player/coach” role from further negotiations. So despite him saying he’d make himself available immediately, he then won’t sign the contract to enable the transition, Same issue effects 3x players in my team. Any advice? is this a bug?
  2. So now i'm happily set up, I want to get rid of the in game editor icon. BUT: 1. Unticking "show in game editor in menu bar" option from preferences menu doesn't remove it (it does make it unclickable though) 2. I've even tried going into titlebar.xml and commenting out the container for the ingame editor. Reloaded skin and cleared cache. IT'S STILL THERE! I know when setting up the save I could tick to prevent use of editor but I don't want to do this in case need it later on for grapical tweaks. Plus, have already set up my save. How on earth do I get rid of the thin
  3. So if i've used official ingame editor to change some kit colours on my desktop save, what file do I need to find and copy over to my laptop, fr the same changes to show there? Is it just the saved in the save game file? Or elsewhere too?
  4. So I definitely did this a few months ago... But have completely forgoten how! Essentially I need to change the colour whichever sidebar you currently have selected, shifts to. Can anyone remind?
  5. UPDATE: Checked Messi's original file. And tried reloading it alongside all my other additional DB files too. All awards work fine there. INTERESTINGLY though in Mesi's file the awards all use the short names eg "Team of the Week" whereas in mine they use the long name "Northern Premier League Team of the Week". What can I possibly have changed in the editor to have made this change? (It's not the skin - using same skin with both.) Both versions of the file have long names and short names set identically in the database. Completely stumped. Help! @Wolf_pd
  6. As per pic below, names of some awards (I notice team of the week in particular but seems to apply to some other awards too) are missing in-game, but present in the editor. I haven't editted any of these awards. However I have editted some of the leagues (including league names) that they link to. And my changes are built on top of Messi's lower league file which obviously itself added a huge amount of changes, including creation of the lower league awards. The issue is that the names of the awards don't show (the awards themselves DO function correctly). eg I wll get a news item for
  7. I'm no expert so could well be wrong, but might be worth playing with some of the below settings from settings.xml: <!-- inbox colours --> <colour name="unread headline" value="fg"/> <colour name="read headline" value="fg alpha"/> <colour name="selected headline" value="fg"/> <colour name="must respond headline" value="fg"/> <colour name="unread category" value="fg"/> <colour name="
  8. What sets these bright/lurid green and red positive/negatve colours? They appear on several screens, pictured below on training screens. There is a 'positive' and 'negative' colour setting listed in settings.xml but it doesn't seem to change this. Anyone know what sets these?
  9. No idea how i've done this as haven't intentionally editted anything to do with replay panels. But somehow the height of the replay panel now fills the entire screen. See pic. Anyone have any idea where I can find the code to fix this? (Tried match replay controls panel but a)I def haven't editted that panel today and also that file has panel height set to 75, so it's def not that) Help!
  10. Don't worry - figured it out. Thanks for all your help on this.
  11. Last question (hopefully). How do I inset it from sides?
  12. Does it autosize then? Putting in the goal, card icons etc, and setting height of timeline according to that?
  13. Actually - next question. Tried putting match timeline in that bottom tab instead. It nearly works, but for some reason massively squishes the main timeline graphic (which is still at top f screen for now too for comparison.) Pic below. Any idea how to fix this without having to make whole tab bar as big as titlebar?
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