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  1. 2 July 2019 Just ran a week through, played a quick friendly and started the intensive task for recruiting & building up the club. Staff & Scouting I knew we wouldn't have the money for a full roster of staff. I also knew that even if the Board said we *could* have certain staff, we probably shouldn't take up the full quota, lest we jeopardise the financial position of the club. But even with that in mind I didn't realise just how tough this would be. Trying to prioritise, I decided we just needed the scouts first. For now I can bundle the U21's and U19's off to my assistant, and we can share the training. We have 1 physio. If I can just get 1-2 scouts, we can start looking at players and go from there. Even looking for the cheapest possible options I can't find scouts that'll sign for 200 pounds. The most the board will allow us to offer is 180. To try and get around this we've put out a job advertisement for Chief Scout in the hopes that we'll be allowed to offer someone 220 quid to get in the job. Personally I'll find it weird not having a DoF. And I've never 'not' used HoYD. I'm actually really unsure how we're going to find players at all - with no scouts, no DoF and we can't even afford scouting packages right now!! Suffice to say, this section is "TBA" when we figure something out. Squad Dynamics Thought I'd just show this off quickly. You can argue the good or bad in dynamics as a feature, but I do like the concept of having team leaders. In fact I almost feel like Team Leaders don't do enough internal work. Like a Team Leader will have the other players agree with him on club issues, but he won't be the main driver to fix player personalities or make sure we keep training at the right levels or step in when he disagree's with a certain player who's arguing to the manager... Team Leaders tend to purely exist to cause Manager troubles when in reality their greatest impact in the real world is within the playing squad. Anyway I think it's important that we get 1-2 guys pushed up to Team Leader status, so we'll be looking to make sure we stick with the guys who are in that 2nd-from-top bracket there. Sponsors & Debts Final comment on money is that we don't have any sponsors nor any debts. I'm hoping the Board can brew up some sponsors to just help us stay afloat for the short term. I think we'll probably lose 10k a month so if we can get a sponsor worth 50k or something it would go a long way to keeping us in balance over 12 months. And yes I tried to organise a senior affiliate but the Board weren't having any of it.
  2. 25 June 2018 There's always a lot to cover on Day 1 and I really like to take my time. The question is - how much of the grunt-work is interesting for the narrative!? Key Players Priority 1 should probably be meeting the team. And we can't create a formation or strategy without getting to know our key players. Volodymyr Korolkov He's probably on the back end of his career to be brutally honest, but he's been a good servant for the club - this is his 6th year here, and we'll probably appoint him as a our primary captain. He may not start many games, but I think it's important to set the standard for this management career - getting the right mix of players and treating everyone right is the key to success at this level. Olexandr Aksyonov We're a little light at the back, and we'll be relying on Olexandr to control things defensively. He's only 24 and has already had a sniff of top tier Ukrainian football - at Tavria & Mariupol - and more recently he's found himself jumping around First Div sides trying to cement his spot. What he brings to us is that potential to play Premier football and if he's using our club to re-invigorate his career and to break back into that top flight, that's fine by us. Andriy Skarlosh Mostly showing him off because he's got a huge star rating by our Assistant, Andriy is a First Division veteran. He's been at a few clubs now, and he has consistently been playing in the starting XI throughout his career. What I like about him is that he looks reliable. His technical skills are solid for this level, he's got a good array of mental attributes and he's quick with a good work ethic. Players like Andriy do all the hard work, allowing others a bit more freedom to express themselves. Igor Sikorskyi & Yaroslav Yampol Last in our player-spam (don't worry, this won't be a regular thing) are 'the wingers'. Igor really sets the bar here - he's fit, pacey and likes to run and cross. I'd call him the typical winger, which in itself can be fairly rare these days. Our challenge is going to be getting him in behind the defence (making use of his off-ball movement) and letting him decide if he can cut inside to get a shot off, or to peel wide and make the cross. Yaroslav might look like a weaker version, but I think he brings some good elements to the table. That kind of flair, mixed with a bit more technique and shades better balance means he might be able to beat players in his own way - not based purely on dribbling and pace. We also get a free kick taking option as well. I suspect we'll play both sides the same - I'm a big fan of symetrical strategies - that is playing a symetrical formation, but with vastly different tactics in place on either side.. but I don't think that suits the key men here. These two guys won't specifically site wide - they'll just be 'wide options' and I want to give them the freedom to stay wide or come in and be a goal threat. For now we'll probably use them on their preferred feet and skip the more modern 'inside forward' strategies. Maybe we'll learn we need to swap later. Strategy & Tactics To be clear, here's how I define Strategy & Tactics when talking... Strategy - The overall 'plan' or intention. How you will attack and defend. What features are important to pull them off. It encompasses tactics, formation, the kind of players you want etc... Tactics - The detailed orders given to the team and individual players - that ideally help pull off the strategy. As a general idea, here's what I think we'll go with. The plan will be to try and isolate our wingers 1v1 against a fullback and get them in behind, and to pick out the striker, opposite winger or the midfielders steaming in from the centre. The DM is there as security, and will allow our two MC's to push forward as much as they want - they are the playmakers and we'll be looking for both of them to feed the wingers or play the striker through the line. It doesn't really describe much about the defensive line, and that's mostly because I think we're short on options there. When I know we have weaker options in the squad, I tend not to ask too much of them. You'll note the same with the striker - so far the only idea is "be in the middle" - it's because I'm not sure there's a standout option up front right now. As you can see, our 'defensive unit' is fairly small and lacking in experience. More of our senior players are further up the field (Average age in our Senior Squad is 26). I might actually leave more of the 'tactics' element for a couple of weeks. I need to get an idea of how likely it'll be to transfer players in and out of the squad, or we need to utilise the players we have as best we can. So we've got the bare bones of the strategy mapped out - what tactics can we use on our players to achieve that? Once we know what players we'll be using, we can refine that. Schedule Having said that, I'll leave you with an idea of how much work needs to be done in a short space of time. With the freezing winters here, football is played from July to June with a 3 month break between December and March. It won't give us a lot of time to prepare. Honestly, I don't expect us to be fully settled until September/October time. That may give you an idea of our expectations for the season, haha.
  3. Haha cheers mate. Unfortunately I'm an English-only ignoramus! And even then I don't do it well!!
  4. For what it's worth - this is supposed to be a fairly serious, slow and detailed story of our managerial run. The title of this thread (and manager and backstory) just comes from my being bored and trying to find something interesting to do to basically get a game started. Once we're up and running I'll get into the swing of things nicely, but getting started is the hard part. So despite a fairly decent (I think it's decent) and creative (I think it's creative) premise, this thread will probably be a bit dry and serious and hopefully I can add some humour to that. TL;DR - title may not match the overall experience. Some (dated?) pop culture savants will probably already know where we're going with this just from the title, but to bring everyone up to speed, let's meet the manager. Minsc Butlee I typically use an alter ego for my manager names. I've always found it more fun to play a character as a manager - even if the managerial style always ends up the same. I like how the story bends and moves and if it's "me" all the time, it's not as interesting or natural to watch events unfold sometimes. For that case I tend to use "McBride" as my alter-ego-surname... except that it's far too English for what we're doing here. So I've just defaulted to using my own name as the compulsory surname field. But what's important is that we meet Minsc - some may call him a loveable oaf (he's 205cm tall), some may call him impulsive and rash, some say he's loud and obnoxious, but in his heart he's a good guy who always lets you know what he thinks and wants to do the best he can. This is a time before his widely publicised fame (and face tattoo's). He's not the most intelligent chap, but he's focused on attack and he's determined to succeed - he will not hear 'no' for an answer once he has his mind set on things. He's also good at motivational speeches. You've seen a couple, here's another one: At this juncture I need to apologise in advance for any and all potentially ignorant-of-other-culture remarks I make. I don't mean any harm by it. That said, Minsc hails from Belarus - a familiar Eastern Slavic region, and in his quest to become the best manager in the world and to prove himself in the eyes of his countrymen, he's taken on the nearest professional club Manager role he could find. His ambition is that of the journeyman - he seeks adventure and justice (sometimes in that order). He also likes swords and taunting his enemy. If you're reading all this so far and can't for the life of you figure out what's going on, I apologise. As mentioned by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers - "If you have to ask, you'll never know..." But this might get you started: http://baldursgate.wikia.com/wiki/Minsc FC Girnyk-Sport Gorišni Plavni Ukrainian First League (2nd tier, Ukraine) Now my Russian/Ukraine/Slavic dialect is non-existent, so wikipedia tells me there's a club name translation to "FC Hirnyk-Sport Horishni Plavni" as well. For this thread we'll stick to what my FM says - Girnyk. We've found ourselves at a club without a top flight history. Indeed the club was only founded in 1989 and entered the professional league structure in 1992. It's a nice little club with not a lot on the table, and yet they've made their way into the 2nd tier of Ukrainian football and with a bit of luck we can challenge for a spot in the top flight (maybe not in our first season). This first post is kind of image heavy. Going forward I'll try to mix up chit-chat and images a bit - I think the narrative of the story is as important as the visuals. Picture this: A wealthy Ukrainian or Russian businessman comes into the club's office and says "I will buy this club, but only on 1 condition. You put in chair for me." And thus Yunist Stadium was built and the chairman's throne was hoisted up on the halfway line. (I've been looking at this club for a whole day now, and the notion of having 1 seat in the whole stadium is still cracking me up!!) In terms of more serious matters - we have the bare bones of a Professional club. Yes we play in the U21s and U19s competitions and yes we have Youth Recruiting facilities alongside the basics for our Seniors. But it really is the minimum and any kind of money or investment or winnings we can get our hands on will need to be put back into the club. It won't be all spent on players & wages that's for sure!! Speaking of resources, we don't have a lot in the bank - just 473 pounds. I'm just going to operate the whole save in 'pounds' so it stays consistent. Personally I don't know how a Ukrainian Hrivna translates to currencies I'm familiar with, so we'll just stick with what I know. What's important is that our bank balance is only worth 1/10th of our weekly wage budget - so regardless of what currency it's in, you can tell we don't have any money on board. The club doesn't have any affiliates nor sponsors at this point so I'm not sure how where the cash is going to come from. Best we can do for now is get those wages under budget and maybe make some room to sign 1-2 more players and still stick under the budget. Intro-Wrap-Up Anyhow, that's kind of where the club and manager are at now. I'll want to do another set-up post more focused on the players and the squad... hopefully we can start having an idea of formations and what we need to make it work (either through re-training or new signings), and it will probably be AFTER that where we look at Aims and Objectives - for both Minsc and the club. We're all for moving around to new clubs, but we need to treat every club like it's a long-term appointment. If you arrive with the notion of "Oh we'll just do 2-3 seasons here", you never really properly commit imo. That's a pretty nice view of our club - especially if we're back in 12 months to compare. We have no real stars or professional history, so maybe we can leave an impression there over time. Squad is fairly ambitious and with any luck we'll grow the reputation here as we grow the club. Oh and I actually have 2 more things. First up, the skin here (credit where credit is due): https://www.fmscout.com/a-opz-elite-fm19-skin.html You can change the backgrounds from the black matte I have, to some more scenic ones or picturesque ones. I just use a plain because it's easier to edit/crop/manipulate sample images with a plain background. And lastly, someone made a little logo for me, so I want to link his Twitch (he's far more regular than I'll be) - if you want to go check out some FM saves, he's the man. The Keg Man. https://www.twitch.tv/KegManPlays Cheers, hope you'll stick around for more updates. All this stuff is kind of boring fluff, but it's important for the long-term as we'll be able to look back and see our humble beginnings
  5. I notice Matt Simon at Central Coast Mariners is both captain and defaults to the Youth Team at the club when you start. That may be because of the assessment of his skill, but to be honest he was signed to be their captain and he's only 32... he should be in the seniors!
  6. Did Brett Holman [Brisbane Roar] get put back into a regular salary position, not a marquee? https://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/football/a-league/brisbane-roar-continue-bulking-up-for-201819-aleague-season-by-bringing-brett-holman-back/news-story/8f0b64077100854ff22659979d4f1ac9 The Courier Mail is the local paper and the author - Marco M - gets pretty good access from the club with this kind of info. So long as you're getting his facts from the paper/publication and not his twitter page, you'd bank on him being right. That does leave Brisbane Roar a free Marquee spot - and that's a fairly significant thing that would change their fortunes in-game I should imagine. (In real life they chose not to fill their 2nd Marquee position this season).
  7. For what it's worth, this is an area that I think could do with some improvement from the design side. Just some more general feedback each time you get your Youth Intake beyond "Well do everything better (facilities, recruitment, coaching etc..)" and "HoYD got you these two players". That tends not to help much in the sense of how do you improve your youth intake. Just info that will help you actually manage a bit and improve your Intake, without completely giving away all the things that go into this (and how much each thing impacts). Anyway, just plugging my own thread - but on the Feature Requests forum I posted an idea with a screenshot of something nice. It's about halfway down the FR forum if you're interested/curious.
  8. You tend to get a big payout under "other" in your Income statement annually that pays back the money. That's how it's been in previous years in FM.
  9. Yup! That's the main kicker - all this stuff likely exists, and sharing some of it doesn't give the game away for making Youth Intake too easy or anything like that. It just makes it more fun & interesting this way!
  10. If Bautheac hasn't been promoted, has Holman been taken off Marquee? Roar only have 1 Marquee this season.
  11. Cheers all. Hope this gets a chance at being reviewed for the future!
  12. I do like the idea that there's a major benefit to gaining Kobehavn supporters in New Zealand though, haha.
  13. Cheers, glad you liked the idea. I agree with you; with the way some of the new things - the way Dynamics, Medical Centre & now Training to name a few - are presented, it would be good to ensure we go back and (both visually & functionally) touch up some of our existing features as well. If anyone has any more ideas for this page let me know and I can make a few extra images with different ideas.
  14. Cheers! Yeah this is really just a first draft to give folks an idea of what information is helpful. The layout could change or be added to for sure.
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