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  1. Butlee

    [Australia] Data Issues

    I notice Matt Simon at Central Coast Mariners is both captain and defaults to the Youth Team at the club when you start. That may be because of the assessment of his skill, but to be honest he was signed to be their captain and he's only 32... he should be in the seniors!
  2. Butlee

    [Australia] Data Issues

    Did Brett Holman [Brisbane Roar] get put back into a regular salary position, not a marquee? https://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/football/a-league/brisbane-roar-continue-bulking-up-for-201819-aleague-season-by-bringing-brett-holman-back/news-story/8f0b64077100854ff22659979d4f1ac9 The Courier Mail is the local paper and the author - Marco M - gets pretty good access from the club with this kind of info. So long as you're getting his facts from the paper/publication and not his twitter page, you'd bank on him being right. That does leave Brisbane Roar a free Marquee spot - and that's a fairly significant thing that would change their fortunes in-game I should imagine. (In real life they chose not to fill their 2nd Marquee position this season).
  3. Butlee

    Improving Youth Intake

    For what it's worth, this is an area that I think could do with some improvement from the design side. Just some more general feedback each time you get your Youth Intake beyond "Well do everything better (facilities, recruitment, coaching etc..)" and "HoYD got you these two players". That tends not to help much in the sense of how do you improve your youth intake. Just info that will help you actually manage a bit and improve your Intake, without completely giving away all the things that go into this (and how much each thing impacts). Anyway, just plugging my own thread - but on the Feature Requests forum I posted an idea with a screenshot of something nice. It's about halfway down the FR forum if you're interested/curious.
  4. You tend to get a big payout under "other" in your Income statement annually that pays back the money. That's how it's been in previous years in FM.
  5. Butlee

    [Suggestion] Youth Intake Screen/Interface

    Yup! That's the main kicker - all this stuff likely exists, and sharing some of it doesn't give the game away for making Youth Intake too easy or anything like that. It just makes it more fun & interesting this way!
  6. Butlee

    [Australia] Data Issues

    If Bautheac hasn't been promoted, has Holman been taken off Marquee? Roar only have 1 Marquee this season.
  7. Butlee

    [Suggestion] Youth Intake Screen/Interface

    Cheers all. Hope this gets a chance at being reviewed for the future!
  8. Butlee

    [Australia] Data Issues

    I do like the idea that there's a major benefit to gaining Kobehavn supporters in New Zealand though, haha.
  9. Butlee

    [Suggestion] Youth Intake Screen/Interface

    Cheers, glad you liked the idea. I agree with you; with the way some of the new things - the way Dynamics, Medical Centre & now Training to name a few - are presented, it would be good to ensure we go back and (both visually & functionally) touch up some of our existing features as well. If anyone has any more ideas for this page let me know and I can make a few extra images with different ideas.
  10. Butlee

    [Suggestion] Youth Intake Screen/Interface

    Cheers! Yeah this is really just a first draft to give folks an idea of what information is helpful. The layout could change or be added to for sure.
  11. I feel like there are a few screens in FM that could do with a bit of a facelift. I've made some mock pages (see 1 below) myself and would like to propose them as a Feature Request. One such concern is with the Youth Intake. The original mail message is quite unappealing and even though you do get a "Youth Candidates" squad page for a while, there's not a lot of info there (as they're all new players). I think Youth Intake is one of the most exciting parts of the game, and it's so underdone in terms of how interactive and how interesting it could be. Issue Basically there's a distinct lack of information for you, if you want to manage that part of the game. I think most folks know a few of the things that go into Youth Intake quality (Academy, Recruitment/Coaching, Rep of club, HoYD to guess a few), but no one knows for certain. And that ambiguity is ok - we should preserve that - but right now what we have is the polar opposite. We have almost no feedback on what we can do to help our Youth Intake improve. Ideas - Give the manager some appropriate, interesting and realistic feedback when Youth Intake comes around. - Make the mail more appealing, accessible and modern/business-like. Proposal The overall approach here is to make it seem more like a "report". After all it's an email being sent to you by your HoYD. It's also (nearly) 2019 and your HoYD is a professional. I think the mix of lists, quotes and graphics helps keep the page fresh, interesting and most importantly useful. Going down the page bit by bit... The list view of players is much easier to navigate. I think splitting by positions give you a kind of quick glance at what your club attracts. The top graphic on the right can be the current crop of players or of all time. The 2nd graphic on the right could be changed, but I kind of like the notion of knowing how many localplayers made it versus ones that were born elsewhere or were brought in from other regions. The Star Player is what we have now. A direct pick from the HoYD on who he thinks is the best player. For Staff influence it's whomever is assigned to Youth Intake. It's still really what you had before, except with a comment on which particular feature of the HoYD helped attract players. If you're worried that you'll get ugly mismatches where your HoYD influenced a great attacker and a great defender, but the comments say defensive attributes attracted them - you can even scrap the player names and just mention what characteristics were roughly influenced by your HoYD. For example you could just say your HoYD influenced the defensive skills on a number of these intakes (only say this if it's true of course) and then whenever you find a good defender in the mix you'll have a good idea that your HoYD helped, even if you can't be 100% sure. Then, as an extra feature, I think we could go with a Club Influence, where you get comments on location, or how your Youth Team influenced the Intake or just on your general reputation. Does United attract more than City for example? Are you struggling to get players because you're one of the 50 teams in London? Then the last 3rd is just some interesting data. Make a comment on what the facilities are, maybe add how much they cost - I like the line graph showing investments, and if that extends over 2-3 years it'd look really interesting... and heck if you could click it and get a 10 year profile that'd be amazing!! The the text just says if you've improved things since last season. It just gives you and idea of the general trend - has it been a while since you invested an improvement here? Have you invested a lot and is the Intake improving to justify it? And questions and decisions like that... Lastly is the overall advice from HoYD. I'd say it's quite realistic for a HoYD to understand the youth networks around your area and how your club stacks up compared to your rivals. This should be based on reputation mostly I believe - he's trying to say if you want to compete with clubs at your rep you need to do X. Maybe you're well ahead, maybe you're struggling, maybe you need to grow your club before your Youth Intake can practically improve its' market share etc... Whatever information you can give as advice. Overall that gives managers at least half a dozen little threads to pull on if they want to action their Youth Intake. But it doesn't ever give too much information or make youth take too easy or boring, or give you quick fixes to solve intake issues. It's still up to the wiley manager to look through this, decide what areas he could improve and/or work with the Board to plan his Youth strategy long term. Giving more info to make those decisions on doesn't give-away the system, it makes it more interactive and even more exciting to play with.
  12. Butlee

    Usain Bolt

    To be fair, in the A-League we have 10 teams of awful footballers, so he's probably found the right place!
  13. Butlee

    Usain Bolt

    Haha like a few guys here, I'm in Aus - and this is all reaching fever pitch. The amount of information, mis-information and other rumours is nuts. One moment Bolt doesn't care about the money at all. Next moment he will only sign for a Marquee deal. Then our FFA won't pay for Marquee Bolt. Then they will, because they can sponge money from their marketing budget (which they'll make back in spades) to get him. Then then Bolt scores 2 goals and says he'll do anything to play - again implying there's no issues with money/wages. I don't think anyone can confirm/deny any of that with actual proof (and quoting our newspapers does not make it proof - those guys are rumour-lovers). In terms of his status right now? He's been given 12 months to train at Central Coast Mariners as a trialist. If at any point the coach says he's ready, they can sign him. How they sign him doesn't matter too much so long as they have a price. The A-League has Marquee Contracts, Shorter-term "Guest" Contracts and CCM will likely have spare space in their regular 23-man registration cap anyway. If the money is ok (see above paragraph) then some kind of logistics to get him going will be easy to work up. How is he as a player? Like everything people have said so far, it's 50/50. His pace IS faster than anyone around here, and he ISNT what us FM players would call "match fit" - so you can't really measure the comparison of his general fitness to his football fitness. Suffice to say I feel like he made 70-75 good minutes the other night against amateurs and kept pretty busy. And I think that is at least enough confidence (in his fitness) to sign him as a 45 minute player or something - with potential for more if he does hit 100% Match Condition. His skills are intermittent. Sometimes he has good touches, sometimes he does just enough to beat a player for speed, sometimes he has some real Jamaican magic that you're not sure if that's actual skill or just him in the moment confusing the defender by how unorthodox and how uncoordinated he is. His left footed strike was definitely professional level as well. But then he makes mistakes, loses the ball while dribbling and really isn't shooting/hitting the target consistently enough to warrant him being a striker. He looks great in the air though imo. Will he sign? Just my opinion but YES. Will it be before this weekend? Nope. Why hasn't he signed? I actually get the impression (imo) that the manager is holding back the signing. Since if CCM play like garbage it'll be the manager who's sacked first. The club really want him (and $$) and the FFA here and our broadcast partners - it's like the goose laying the golden eggs right now! CCM as a club: They've just taken Ross McCormack on loan from Villa and before you all scoff, Ross was an incredible striker Down Under last season. They've also made A-League veteran Matt Simon their captain. So that's kind of starting striker plus backup sorted. But there's a potential idea where CCM operate with 2 guys up front - Bolt, McCormack and Simon can alternate in the "Target Man" or "Slippery Poacher" kind of roles and so maybe CCM are thinking 2 up front, these 3 fighting for the Starting XI and that's all covered. They have a 4th striker, Cory Gameiro who had a year long injury a while back and hasn't quite found his form yet. And there's nothing saying Mariners don't go with a narrow 4-3-3 either and play a lot more direct. For all intents and purposes, so long as they don't lose too much money on Bolt, there's room in their squad both in the registration rules and tactically. It's just a matter of if they think Bolt can compete at this level. So back to squad 1 in the decision-making process in that regard.
  14. Yeah sure, I 100% agree. Just putting it in context of the OP who's Celtic have 3x Champions League wins - there would definitely be *some* kind of impact on the youth of Scotland from that. They have arguably the best team in the World at that point. Kids are going to want to emulate that - at least slightly more than they did 10 years ago when Celtic was struggling to leave an impression at that level. So yup I'm with you. We don't mean "dynamic" like instant, noteable movement. Just "dynamic" as in "not quite fully static". :-)
  15. Just as a general kind of rule, I think doing away with as many static numbers like this as we can is a positive for the game. Another example being stadium size limits for certain clubs (I believe they are capped?). Ok a semi-pro side shouldn't easily end up with an 80,000 seater - but if you ran a near perfect 30 year project to the top with them you'd think they'd be well on their way. Re: Influence on youngsters (and thus, on what makes young players or could make FM youth intakes better) In Australia I can definitely confirm that the popularity of the clubs and the sport in general is heavily based around the success of the National Team. In 2006 Australia (locally) famously qualified for the World Cup for the first time in decades. We used our own 'golden generation' popularity to kickstart our A-League (the initial season was 2005-2006, riding off the back of their qualification run). Fast forward a dozen years and we've got more Aussie-born players in their 20's exploring their options in Europe than ever before. They were the kids who grew up watching our main team doing so well - it was all over the TV & papers here and the other popular sports here (Rugby, AFL, Cricket) all took a back seat for once. I believe we just had the youngest player at the Russian World Cup and he just got picked up (19yrs) by Man City and got a game with Celtic on loan recently. Our National Team is better and it's (slowly) flowing on down through to us having more great youngsters come through. Another example of something like this is the USA. They hosted the World Cup in 1994. Let's imagine all the 5-15 year olds watching that and dreaming of being there - then fast-forward 15-20 years and they had some of their best ever performances in the 2010 and 2014 World Cups, making Ro16 (being KO'd in extra time twice) based on those same kids growing into National stars. Point is, I think you CAN draw lines that relate success of clubs, and more importantly National Teams to the general quantity AND quality of young players coming through. I think FM could move in a direction like this. I think the other factor here (that needs a mention when we talk about Youth Quality of Countries) is player development. I feel like FM is almost too forgiving if a great player gets a bad development when he's younger. I know sometimes if you have the right skill is might not matter - but there should be a lot less skill retention (imo) for players that don't get the right playing time or loan deals, or that get stuck in clubs with dodgy facilities or have bad coaching etc... So that may be some kind of bridge for allowing some countries to have better youth ratings, but often not enough capability to nurture that talent.