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  1. Butlee

    Usain Bolt

    To be fair, in the A-League we have 10 teams of awful footballers, so he's probably found the right place!
  2. Butlee

    Usain Bolt

    Haha like a few guys here, I'm in Aus - and this is all reaching fever pitch. The amount of information, mis-information and other rumours is nuts. One moment Bolt doesn't care about the money at all. Next moment he will only sign for a Marquee deal. Then our FFA won't pay for Marquee Bolt. Then they will, because they can sponge money from their marketing budget (which they'll make back in spades) to get him. Then then Bolt scores 2 goals and says he'll do anything to play - again implying there's no issues with money/wages. I don't think anyone can confirm/deny any of that with actual proof (and quoting our newspapers does not make it proof - those guys are rumour-lovers). In terms of his status right now? He's been given 12 months to train at Central Coast Mariners as a trialist. If at any point the coach says he's ready, they can sign him. How they sign him doesn't matter too much so long as they have a price. The A-League has Marquee Contracts, Shorter-term "Guest" Contracts and CCM will likely have spare space in their regular 23-man registration cap anyway. If the money is ok (see above paragraph) then some kind of logistics to get him going will be easy to work up. How is he as a player? Like everything people have said so far, it's 50/50. His pace IS faster than anyone around here, and he ISNT what us FM players would call "match fit" - so you can't really measure the comparison of his general fitness to his football fitness. Suffice to say I feel like he made 70-75 good minutes the other night against amateurs and kept pretty busy. And I think that is at least enough confidence (in his fitness) to sign him as a 45 minute player or something - with potential for more if he does hit 100% Match Condition. His skills are intermittent. Sometimes he has good touches, sometimes he does just enough to beat a player for speed, sometimes he has some real Jamaican magic that you're not sure if that's actual skill or just him in the moment confusing the defender by how unorthodox and how uncoordinated he is. His left footed strike was definitely professional level as well. But then he makes mistakes, loses the ball while dribbling and really isn't shooting/hitting the target consistently enough to warrant him being a striker. He looks great in the air though imo. Will he sign? Just my opinion but YES. Will it be before this weekend? Nope. Why hasn't he signed? I actually get the impression (imo) that the manager is holding back the signing. Since if CCM play like garbage it'll be the manager who's sacked first. The club really want him (and $$) and the FFA here and our broadcast partners - it's like the goose laying the golden eggs right now! CCM as a club: They've just taken Ross McCormack on loan from Villa and before you all scoff, Ross was an incredible striker Down Under last season. They've also made A-League veteran Matt Simon their captain. So that's kind of starting striker plus backup sorted. But there's a potential idea where CCM operate with 2 guys up front - Bolt, McCormack and Simon can alternate in the "Target Man" or "Slippery Poacher" kind of roles and so maybe CCM are thinking 2 up front, these 3 fighting for the Starting XI and that's all covered. They have a 4th striker, Cory Gameiro who had a year long injury a while back and hasn't quite found his form yet. And there's nothing saying Mariners don't go with a narrow 4-3-3 either and play a lot more direct. For all intents and purposes, so long as they don't lose too much money on Bolt, there's room in their squad both in the registration rules and tactically. It's just a matter of if they think Bolt can compete at this level. So back to squad 1 in the decision-making process in that regard.
  3. Yeah sure, I 100% agree. Just putting it in context of the OP who's Celtic have 3x Champions League wins - there would definitely be *some* kind of impact on the youth of Scotland from that. They have arguably the best team in the World at that point. Kids are going to want to emulate that - at least slightly more than they did 10 years ago when Celtic was struggling to leave an impression at that level. So yup I'm with you. We don't mean "dynamic" like instant, noteable movement. Just "dynamic" as in "not quite fully static". :-)
  4. Just as a general kind of rule, I think doing away with as many static numbers like this as we can is a positive for the game. Another example being stadium size limits for certain clubs (I believe they are capped?). Ok a semi-pro side shouldn't easily end up with an 80,000 seater - but if you ran a near perfect 30 year project to the top with them you'd think they'd be well on their way. Re: Influence on youngsters (and thus, on what makes young players or could make FM youth intakes better) In Australia I can definitely confirm that the popularity of the clubs and the sport in general is heavily based around the success of the National Team. In 2006 Australia (locally) famously qualified for the World Cup for the first time in decades. We used our own 'golden generation' popularity to kickstart our A-League (the initial season was 2005-2006, riding off the back of their qualification run). Fast forward a dozen years and we've got more Aussie-born players in their 20's exploring their options in Europe than ever before. They were the kids who grew up watching our main team doing so well - it was all over the TV & papers here and the other popular sports here (Rugby, AFL, Cricket) all took a back seat for once. I believe we just had the youngest player at the Russian World Cup and he just got picked up (19yrs) by Man City and got a game with Celtic on loan recently. Our National Team is better and it's (slowly) flowing on down through to us having more great youngsters come through. Another example of something like this is the USA. They hosted the World Cup in 1994. Let's imagine all the 5-15 year olds watching that and dreaming of being there - then fast-forward 15-20 years and they had some of their best ever performances in the 2010 and 2014 World Cups, making Ro16 (being KO'd in extra time twice) based on those same kids growing into National stars. Point is, I think you CAN draw lines that relate success of clubs, and more importantly National Teams to the general quantity AND quality of young players coming through. I think FM could move in a direction like this. I think the other factor here (that needs a mention when we talk about Youth Quality of Countries) is player development. I feel like FM is almost too forgiving if a great player gets a bad development when he's younger. I know sometimes if you have the right skill is might not matter - but there should be a lot less skill retention (imo) for players that don't get the right playing time or loan deals, or that get stuck in clubs with dodgy facilities or have bad coaching etc... So that may be some kind of bridge for allowing some countries to have better youth ratings, but often not enough capability to nurture that talent.
  5. For what it's worth, I find most of the financial projections pretty inefficient. It seems barely more involved than taking the past 1-2 months of income/expenditure on that particular line item and projecting it forward. You're pretty well always projecting to get into debt throughout the season, completely ignoring any kind of estimate for prizemoney, season tix or sponsorship for example. The FFP one might be a tough better, but I've still found it rather unreliable. To the point where you keep getting the "its all fine" memo until the last minute when the Board has to inject money each month to ensure you don't get into trouble. Clearly it was never fine, but the projection isn't strong enough to capture it. I'd have to do more research to properly track it, but I'm convinced the projections don't do enough for us.
  6. What always makes me chuckle is when the AI takes over from you and tries to install a new formation. All it does is annoy most of the players (since some have to sit out because of the change) and have him waste incredible amounts of money trying to get new players to suit his style. For example if you play 5-3-2 you basically give up wingers and need really good ball-playing strikers, as well as 3-6 strong, fast DC's. New Manager comes in to install 4-3-3 with wide men and he has to buy a bunch of wingers, and he'll upset the strikers as he halves the spots for them to compete over. Same at the back! He'll also lose so much money because now all the strikers aren't playing so their value will drop (same for DC) and he'll have to get big transfers on the wings because you don't have anything there!!
  7. @RBKalle Yeah that's fine, I understand. As I said, it's not for everyone.
  8. Because after so long, after all the Season 1 players have filtered out of the game, the game world will have changed in all kind of weird, wonderful and interesting ways. Often it can be just as fun going into a new club at that stage because it will be entirely different to the club you know from 2018. I know it's not everyones' cup of tea and some will say you can get the same joy by just picking a new save and a new club you're less familiar with (and turn off names in the setup) - but personally I love playing the save more and more as time goes on.
  9. Butlee

    When to sell dead wood

    I'd say how long you as the manager have been there as well, that factors in. If you arrive a new club, you've no specific attachment to anyone there - they're all just from the previous regime. I'm very likely to let anyone approaching or over 30 go fairly easily (often cheaply) if it means getting them out and getting in MY choices in their spots. Whereas if I have been at a club for 5-6 seasons and the players I brought in during their mid-20's start hitting 30, I'm much more likely to hang onto them since they're still the right fit for what I've been trying to do at the club.
  10. Butlee

    Scouting sucks

    Then I'm a little worried to move the filter to "only show me >70" players. Because there could be guys where I only have 20% knowledge that are rated 65 (which I don't want to see), but once looked into further turns out they're 75 (which I do want to see). So it's really difficult to mess around with raising the minimum limit. Which means you have to look through a whole bunch of guys and weigh up if they're worth scouting further because they're a chance to increase, or not to bother because they've already got a generous score (and it will be lower when you see more of them). Point being, the filter for cutting out some of the busy work isn't really that useful imo. (Not directly aimed at you Mr Brock, just making a general point).
  11. @Barside hahaha that's gold! Actually I just recalled the other one that comes up. You tend to get players who come to you saying "I've achieved all I can here" and you work to sell them - often they end up at lesser clubs for lesser money. I don't mind that one so much from a player perspective - if he's been at the club X number of years and is fed up, he might accept less money so long as he gets a new challenge. But what's annoying is when it's a 10-year club favourite and the players and fans get onto you about it. It's amplified in FM18 where I feel like players are more likely to question my transfer habits. There's not always an option to say "He asked for this and because he was a good club servant, I felt we owed it to him to accept." or some other kind of appropriate answer/excuse that tells it better - where you were just doing the players wishes. I guess the technical solution is to include some kind of in-database 'tag' that categorises how the transfer came about. So if a with a player is about him leaving, it's tagged as 'player wants to leave' and if you transfer list him within 6 months of that tag, it stops all the negative aspects from the other players, clubs and fans**. ** Maybe or maybe not fans. They might need appeasing through media and interviews.
  12. Ultimately just an idea to visually represent transfers at the club. It can really be expanded on (beyond what my little image shows) depending on the effort to code it. I've explored the options in the post below. What: I propose a new graphic that shows us when players in our current Senior Squad have been transferred into the club (and for how much) in a timeline format. Below is one I mocked up for my time as AS Monaco in 2028. In hindsight I should have put the main window "Winter" up top. And the colour scheme and layout in general aren't too important - it's all about the concept. Why: For starters, I think any kind of modern-looking graphic or means of analysing our squad is a positive addition to FM. It's not specifically Data Analysis, but it's still the kind of analysis that comes along as general Data Science becomes more and more involved in sport these days. I think just any kind of lean into that side of things matches the direction FM is going in (ie, moving with modern football), so the argument of if it's mostly graphs-for-graphs-sake doesn't really matter. Secondly, and this might be minor or major, it's kind of a cool historical way of looking back over your career at a club. I often like going back and remembering what good/bad signings I made when I arrived, or how we got into trouble because we let X player go, or how much money there was/wasn't being thrown around then. Basically, every save in FM creates a kind of story and this is a kind of different, easy way to relive that story like nostalgia. My other major reason - the reason I want it - may be a little too meta, or fanciful, but hear me out. When I arrive at a club I feel that understanding the history of where the club is today and how they got here are really important to helping me manage the squad. And that's not just league position and financial resources and/or why they replaced their last manager - it's got a lot to do with the players that are here, the expectations they've had over time compared to what those expectations are now and how those kind of things effected decisions that were made. If I can (and here's where I may or may not just be a bit fanciful) understand why certain players were signed at certain times, or the situation certain players have been in at the club (say first team, backup etc..) in the years leading up to when I arrived, I can better manage them going forward. It might be easier if I explain some of the examples from above, to share my meaning: I arrived at the club in August 2028 for reference... <> Cesar, who arrived in 2027 for 93M, clearly expects to be one of our key players at AMC. Which becomes relevant when I look at signings like Dybala and Ca' who we picked up in their early 20's and whom also play AMC. <> Players well into their 30's now, like Marquinhos, Semedo & Maycon, are probably happy enough to leave the club. It's not like they've become club heroes in their 2 year stints. <> Whereas someone like Fabinho, signed in 2014 - well we'd do well to let him see out his career at the club. <> Guys like Jesus (signed 2023) and Cutrone (2024) have been fighting over the striker spot for years - and we haven't signed a striker since. <> We signed Lato in 2023, and since then we've signed 3 new potentially starting DL's (Maycon, Cucurella & Abdel Wahab), so there must be something up with Lato. And maybe that's all just a bit silly and who really cares and you can learn all this stuff in other ways etc... but personally I think that's interesting. I can see some patterns and understand what the prior manager was thinking (he left to go manage Portugal, he wasn't sacked, so he was probably doing a solid job here). I can get an idea ahead of time what players see their values and roles as and I can make sure I'm ready to manage that. It goes without saying that adding Dynamics to the FM18 mix gives even more of a reason to have stuff like this. Managing players and their expectations is a big part of keeping the squad harmony, and seeing the above visually can help you pinpoint problems (such as my AM problem with Cesar, Ca' and Dybala fighting for 1 spot). You can also see who the team leaders are, and know if they got there because of their time at the club, or just their sheer presence that elevated them up the pyramid in a short space of time. Options: The main one is the length of the timeline. I've sketched up basically 5 years back and a 'before then' column. It would really be up to how difficult this is to code to decide the limits there. In our perfect world it would stretch back to the year the game started - clearly all that info is still *there* in the save. You could use a horizontal scroll bar - I don't think anyone would complain about needing a horizontal scroll for a timeline. But if you need set period, I think 5 years is a pretty good window - I'd say at least half of any club's Senior Squad would have arrived within a 5 year time span and if there are any specific players you're looking at you can still review them 1 by 1. There are also a number of things you could do here by having filters. That all depends on how hard it is to code this kind of feature, but imagine if you could filter this similar to your Squad page, where changes happen 'live' based on check boxes. Maybe it would be more like check boxes but updated as if you were doing a player or staff search. Either way, a list of potential toggles (all are on/off and not all mutually exclusive). <> First Team / Reserves / Youths <> Positions <> Transfer In / Transfers Out (could be a toggle, or a check box or two tabs) <> Players At the Club / Away From the Club <> Free Transfers / Loans And on top of that, maybe it can be presented with different info. Maybe the transfer price isn't important and we'd rather see the positions or nationalities (or "all the above") in the chart. Conclusion / In Closing: I'm not sure what people think? If anyone else read through this, would it be interesting? Helpful? I guess the thing is - it seems to me like FM/SI wants to bring more and more visual aids to the game and this seems like a slam dunk of info that already exists, represented in a slightly different chart (having variety in the way you present information helps keep it fresh and easy to absorb), and it CAN be useful to managing a club. Especially when you first arrive. Hopefully it's an attractive idea.
  13. The one that I see most often is when a player asks to leave - say he's homesick or he wants to go to a bigger club - and so you list him and offer him to clubs like usual. But once he leaves you get the "X was happy to leave after his transfer listing" message and the whole onslaught of reactions that come (from other players as well as fans) as if you'd forced him out of the club. I know you can just 'not' list him, but clubs won't always go for a player who you've offered who isn't listed. Besides the player asked to leave - so if he doesn't want to play here why shouldn't I list him? Like everyone has said, it just needs more work in the detail. I think overall the Player Promises concept is good - you can attract players you would otherwise have been unable to by promising them things and I think it adds an extra level of management if you're trying to appease too many key figures all at once. But it needs to work in a more logical (and in parts 'less buggy') fashion.
  14. Butlee

    When to sell dead wood

    I tend to prepare myself mentally by assuming that any player in his 30's, in his last year of contract, that I don't want to use, will essentially be gone for nothing and I just have to cut my losses with them. Try and sell them asap - sometimes players will be keen to move on if they're not looking like getting regular footy for you. Some clubs might come in with cheap bids, but at least you get the wages off your books. Of course sometimes the player will just slum around for 6-12 months and go sign somewhere else, or he'll simply decide he's hanging up his boots at EoS. Then it's only the lucky, rare occassions that you might get a fee-paid loan for their final year or actually sell them asap for decent money. But when starting the game (or starting at a new club as well), at least for me, you basically just cut your losses on ANY player you don't want.
  15. But Neil, have you tried turning it off and on again? I hear that always works.