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  1. 12 April 2021 Melbourne Victory - 1st in the A-League [11W / 4D / 3L] With 2 international breaks, not much has happened since the last update - but it's technically been the best part of 2 months, so let's take a look. Still topping the League No one's knocked us off our perch yet, so can't complain too much. As you can see, we're having to manage the squad a bit more now as a tightly packed season with a small squad starts to wear on the players. McManaman has really fallen off the wagon but I'm starting to think it's my fault for fatiguing him to
  2. Glad it's a fun read! I think I'll get better over time as I get used to things here. That's a really good question though and it's difficult to answer. I was hoping there would be a good flow graphic out there that describes the relationship between Clubs, but alas there isn't one. The quick answer to how it works in real life - the B Team is actually more of an affiliate which plays in a separate competition. Since the B-Team league and the Youth-Team league run on opposite seasons (summer vs winter), most A-League clubs simply move their youth players over to the B-Team com
  3. 31 March 2021 Melbourne Victory - 1st in the A-League [10W / 4D / 3L] Transfer window closes Challenges of the Registration Rules I got a bit stuck pondering what to do on 31st of March - the obscure covid-effected transfer window close date around the middle of the season - so decided to share the dilemma. It'll give everyone a good idea on the kind of challenges you have in the A-League as a manager. We're starting to find more frequent injuries coming up. We've been fortunate to boast a mostly injury-free season and I think we might be feeling the consequenc
  4. Alas the Sydney goal was a scramble. One where the initial shot was blocked by a defenders challenge, but the ball fell to one of their guys - and since the keeper moved to try stop the first shot, he was out of place to stop the 2nd. Bit unfortunate, but we can't complain. As Brimmer has been coming back, I've definitely been dropping Roux on the right though. Good point about rating them against their expectations and rating them in their role (ie, as compared to the rest of the team). I'll do something up for EoS.
  5. 20 February 2021 Melbourne Victory - 1st in the A-League [8W / 2D / 3L] Halfway mark! Topping the League We've battled our way to outright top of the A-League by the halfway point. Not bad for a side who, in real life, won the wooden spoon. I've said all along that there's a bunch of talent here, and it's been a complete lack of management and culture that has destroyed all the on-field cohesion and unity in the real world. In FM we've managed to play a mostly consistent lineup (thanks injury gods!) and keep tactics that let our better players do their th
  6. 7 February 2021 Melbourne Victory - 2nd in the A-League [6W / 2D / 2L] Big game time! But first.... The A-League: a brief history of clubs I'm going to give a quick version, based mostly from Wikipedia, so strap in. Once upon a time Australia had a National Soccer League (NSL). It fluctuated in success and financial sustainability, but it never really grew the sport. But it was what we had Down Under and we accepted that for 27 years, right up until 2004. Afterwards a complete reset and complete overhaul of the Aussie football landscape was undertaken. The A-
  7. re: Contracts - it's true! I think there are always going to be half the team off contract here though. It's just how the A-League goes with short term deals. And you're right about the Aussie generation. There was a whole bunch of them at different talent levels that never went anywhere - no wonder the current side can't get it together!
  8. 1 February 2021 Melbourne Victory - 2nd in the A-League [6W / 1D / 2L] First major personnel decision. Note: Yes I get bored with skins a lot and change them around. The run continues A quick update on our fortunes to keep everyone up to date. Before we get carried away, we need to look at the top of the table - of the other 4 sides in the top 5, we've played just 1 of them once. In fact, in May we have 5 fixtures ALL against top 5 sides. We won't know our true strength until that test! It's been a really good run so far. Newcastle got a luck
  9. 18 January 2021 Melbourne Victory - 4th in the A-League [3W / 1D / 2L] Had to sneak this post in on this date... The Concept of Player Recruitment... For me, finding players is one of the most comprehensive, exciting and ever-evolving parts of FM! Depending on a whole bunch of circumstances at your own club - reputation, current form, board targets, resources, scouting, finances etc... - your market will vary over time and no two saves will ever be the same. And depending on how your FM-world plays out, the places and clubs that you rely on to find a healthy stream o
  10. All fair points and I completely agree on all points. I like League structures and I think footy is best over a season when you need to ensure you have a good squad and not just a good 'best XI'. But I'm glad it's a different perspective - that's the main reason I wanted to do the A-League. I think it functions in it's unique way* and that means you have to adapt a bit from a traditional save. I kind of hope it helps spruce up how fun the A-League can be a bit, and by the end of this might even give folks some perspective of what Australian players come from as they vie for contracts overs
  11. Cheers! Obviously SI could pretty it up and bring in some extra info (transfer fee? age? personality?) and that would look pretty cool. A-League clubs don't really do the exercise justice - imagine you're a club with a better youth flow and a few more players. Actually, let me see if I have another one lying around: In a Real Madrid save you can see how it pads out better when you're busier on the transfer market and utilise a bigger squad.
  12. 17 January 2021 Melbourne Victory - 4th in the A-League [3W / 1D / 2L] Ok so what's been going on.... Early Doors The other Covid-impacted part of the A-League 2020/21 season was in the fixtures - specifically who you play and when. There are a lot of scenarios where 2 sides will play off multiple times within a few weeks. Even doing both the home and away legs within 2-4 rounds. I can't speak to exactly how the fixtures were allocated, but I know that there were a few key elements. One being that they tried to ensure the Victorian sides would play all the Vict
  13. Ah awesome! Jet's are a tricky one because the club has no owner nor any money! But the backline isn't too bad and I don't mind Millar and Prso as dynamic talents. And maybe you can untap Yuel and he'll just be something else! Biggest challenge with journeyman starting in Australia is just how and when to make the jump. A couple of A-League trophies just isn't going to cut it. You'd need a few trophies and some good runs in Asia too. And even then it'd be hard to get a Scottish side to take a punt on you over a local/UK coach. We can't all be Ange Posticoglu! But good lu
  14. 17 January 2021 Melbourne Victory - 4th in the A-League [3W / 1D / 2L] I got into the swing of things a bit and had to stop to remind myself to write! An A-League Season Initially I rushed into matches a bit, but we need to circle back to unpack an A-League season before we get too far in. Firstly it's a 12 team comp with 26 rounds. After 26 rounds, the top 6 go into a 3-week playoff series Week 1 is 3rd v 6th and 4th v 5th (1st and 2nd get a rest). Week 2 is the 1st vs winner and 2nd vs winner. Week 3 is the grand final b
  15. Haha yeah I won't do that every time. But I'll try and do some of the analysis as I see interesting stuff or really nice goals. The hard part with long A-League careers is that there's a salary cap ceiling. So no offence to Durante, Topor-Stanley and Broxham, but you've got to be only 'so good' that you never attract big contracts from overseas. And as much as they say Broxy is a MF, he's a DM at best - so that would make 4/5 from that list defenders. Usually guys who get a few years Down Under, don't quite crack it in Europe, get a couple of years in Asia, and come back to Australia - g
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