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  1. I know you're just explaining how/why it works like that, so I'm not trying to be rude to you here mate. But I'll throw my 2 cents into that discussion. I counter-argue with: Real Life Manager = watches a full 90 minutes and can see which players play well (whether that's high percentage of passing, shots on target, good movement/positioning, creating chances, making key stops/saves/intercepts etc..) FM Manager = watches about 5-10 minutes of the match during highlights and needs stats/analysis information available so he can assess all the stuff he doesn't see in-between highli
  2. You can make one of the right panels match stats, and customise like you used to. Of course it'll mean you have match stats on your page twice
  3. I don't think the widgets are coming. The idea appears to be that you use the 6(/4?) tiles on the right side of the matchday screen (in between highlights) to specify some info. You can put both teams' current formations up for example. Anyway, I'm not advocating for or against it as a change. I'd just recommend trying that approach and deciding if that suits what you're looking for.
  4. When you're just that disciplined. I wonder if it's like Ghandi in old Civ's and it resets to 1 after you break the cap??
  5. When I'm playing journeyman, especially as you start getting into the upper echelons of football, I try to avoid signing players that I was managing at my previous club. Most common example is finding that gem teenage superstar, then you move to a slightly better club in the same league, and it's tempting to go get that kid again. But my house rule is 'new club = new adventure' and I won't go re-buy them. Other 'soft' challenge is more a stylistic thing - when I sign for a new club I try and make do with the squad they have with just a few smaller changes. I don't like joining
  6. When clubs will not budge an inch on the price on their players. Especially if that player is already transfer listed and wants to leave. Worse when you're a giant from (say) Germany and you're bidding on a teen in (say) Africa, and the club is demanding 10M for him when his value is 100k. And it's like: "Mate, for 10M I could buy your entire club." (Not that I'm referencing a particular career or example or anything lol)
  7. I think this is what's making the existing issues so tough for a lot of people though. (imo) FM20 is overall pretty good. There's a lot of fun to be had, I think the 3D matches look pretty good and I've noticed things like the passing - specifically one-touch-play - is a lot better in FM20. You can create beautiful football. But then you're seeing issues (recognised by SI) which hampers a lot of the great stuff a lot of managers have put together. So it's kind of because people can see how good this game could be, that the impact of the scoring balance is so significant. In your position,
  8. 10 February 2028 In the example you'll see today, I'm playing as FC Augsburg in Bundesliga. It's my first day on the job after finishing up at FC Koln, but previously Derby County and Billericay. It's actually a multiplayer game, where I am (portraying as) New Zealand female manager "Mane Quinne" and my friend is Australian born "Rele Gated" - he's currently managing (much more successfully than I) at Ajax. I just wanted to use the Augsburg file as it has a wider Scouting knowledge and will better illustrate my points. Some Managers are the type to micro-manage every elemen
  9. 27 June 2019 I just wanted to bring this discussion back to this to round off. We aren't going to be able to put action to all our notes just yet - at the very least we'll be wanting to see how much money we have and if the Board throw any more curveballs at us. But we've already accomplished Step #1. And while Steps #1 & #4 may well be linked somewhat (I imagine we'll still be looking at 4-3-3 because our wingers and MC's are still our strongest players and we've bet that they'll compete at the higher level), we'll need to see what sort of players we can attract to guarantee that.
  10. 17 June 2019 I know I said "to be continued" above, but I realised we can't talk about some of the other EoS priorities (ie, investments) without looking at some of the EoS fallout from our promotion. So now we're going to take the long way around. Promotion *Make a note about the last sentence there for later. If you've ever had a team go from essentially amateur / semi-pro to full time professional, you'll probably appreciate just how life-changing this promotion is for the club. It changes the very core of your club - all of a sudden you have standar
  11. Ah ha! Cheers! Didn't plan it, but turns out a bit of strategy is enough to get the jump on your opponents in the lower, cash-strapped divs!
  12. 17 June 2019 If you've been reading along (thanks btw), and feel like we've not been living up to the promise of a 'slower and more analytical approach', hopefully our End of Season (EoS) review will whet your appetite a bit more. It's difficult to put too much work into your first season (beyond the effort managing the team of course!) - you're typically making do with what you have, you're learning all your formations from scratch, you don't have the leverage with the Board nor have you had the preparation time to fully realise your plans for the club. Indeed I would say there's almost
  13. 9 June 2019 As season's go, it hasn't been a particularly dramatic one. We got off to a flier and rode our luck as best we could for as long as we could. 2018 went by in a flash and before we knew it, we weren't just some cash-strapped struggling club who would have to fight to stay in this competition, we were battling it out for trophies! It always felt like our destiny was in our own hands and most of the issues were trying to sustain our early-season form. The players were generally pretty happy with our efforts and the Board was ecstatic. So hopefully the narrative hasn't been
  14. 27 April 2019 The run home is fast and furious and the title race heats up. We're fighting with a number of things - keeping players fit after a long winter, trying to look after our ageing players and keep their fitness & form up, and trying to stay 1 step ahead of our opponents who tend to 'figure you out' at this time of the season. Before we start, on a whim I switched skins (I do that), and this episode is brought to you by Rensie FM19 Purple Skin. https://www.fmscout.com/a-rensie-fm19-skins.html I should also mention that I play on 95% 'zoom' so if you like the
  15. 12 March 2019 It seems like a long time-skip, but this is just the Ukraine winter... Artists rendition of Butlee, Minsc & Boo seeing out the winter. Clearly Butlee (from Australia) is freezing and Minsc is unfazed. You could tell that was Boo right? Right!? Contract for Minsc The contract negotiations were fairly swift. The Board would never be able to agree to any promises nor investments, so it was really just down to philosophies and then flat out money. Philosophies are a funny thing. Initially we said we'd play direct football. I figured o
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