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  1. I also think there’s a direct correlation between the tweaks needed to wing play and chances created. Stands to reason that knocking more crosses in for a team dominating possession may well lead to better chances, rather than the current winger passing it 30 yards back to a defensive midfielder
  2. Other than wing play, which it seems pretty much everyone agrees needs a tweak, I think it plays great. I just smashed Auxerre 5-0 with Le Havre so it must be 😉 Seriously though I think a lot misjudge the potential for teams to park the bus, absorb a battering for 80 mins and then do you on the counter because your tactic is set to press like nutters with a higher line, dominating possession. This happens often IRL (a la Palace the last two times they’ve played away to Man City). match engine needs a tweak to wing play for sure though, but the possession and shots should automa
  3. But it’s also reasonable to see a scenario where SI includes the codes not for people to import graphics, but rather change the skins as they wish. In that way FM is no different to many pc games that are able to be modded. Nothing wrong with that. As Luca said SI is free to code it’s game however it wants. And anyone putting pressure on it would be someone outside of a licence and therefore not much of a partner? And therefore little leverage?
  4. Just answered my own question....while the download appears to still be on the site, fm scout has actually removed the download button. Agree with others that if it becomes impossible to customise fm then I’m out (after 25 loyal years). Would be awful to not play anymore but there would be no immersion without the graphics
  5. What I’m not sure about is how fm scout have been able to continue hosting a couple of large graphic packs if they’ve been threatened? They’ve removed a load but have kept for example the massive DF11 mega face pack
  6. Great, thanks. As long as game runs well it's not a major issue, just drives the neurotic in me crazy...
  7. Hi Neil, thanks for reply. Game on face value runs great no matter what star rating it shows on that given day (pretty much instant changes between screens, match engine great, solid processing speed). I don't go mad with loads of leagues, just two or three nations playable with a handful of leagues (with medium database plus some additional players from specific nations loaded). The concern for me is that while it runs great as things stand, what if the random stars are accurate and three/four seasons it my save crawls. Thanks for link, but i'd already found that and followed e
  8. Hi, I'm using a brand new Lenovo 300 Ideapad Intel Core i5 Its spec is easily good enough to run FM17 well, and so far on single player the game has been running well (and therefore the 'issue' I'm raising might seem odd). The estimated speed star rating is all over the place for me, it might be four-and-half stars one day (with, say, two nations/four leagues playable and several nations with players from top division clubs loaded - 18,000 players), but then it went down to half a star today - and I've had various other readings in between. CPU performance star rating al
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