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  1. Hi connor yes mate he has a assistant and his on everything where it says responsibilities but it doesnt mention reserves i have done the same as him an i dont have to play them. b4 it had manager options and the assistant done it but its not on this 1. Can you help mate
  2. Hi can anybody help? Me and my brother are playing a 2 player i dont have to play my reserve games but everytime his reserves have a game he has to play it. Is there anyway just to focuss on 1st team like iam because at the min we keep having to put his reserve games on instant where my reserve games just play thereselfs which is what he wants.
  3. Thats in the past the new co owners are 2nd richiest in the country theres funds there we have no debt what so ever and if you listen to a recent interview when Dean Smith was appointed FFP is no longer a problem his words not mine.
  4. I have bought football manager touch I am an Aston Villa fan so what I was looking forward to being Aston Villa only to find that we have no money to spend an only 20 million in the bank obviously you have not done your research both and new owners are super rich apart from Man City Aston Villa are now the richest so giving them no transfer budget and 20 million in the bank in stupid. Please fix this bug because Even the new owner said Dean Smith has money to spend we have no debt! Please fix just research both owners
  5. So I brought football manager touch started with Aston Villa because Iam a fan and knowing that we have 2 very Rich owners apart from Man City Aston Villa are now the richest with the combined ownership an wealth only to find Villa have 0 transfer budget and only 20 million in the bank this is a massive error as 1 they have told Dean Smith theres money there in January and 2 do your research on these guys we are minted with no debts! Please fix this!
  6. So I can go on steam and order it now on the pc because when I looked on steam it just said single player?
  7. Is football manager 2019 touch a multi player because its only saying single player I will be gutted if its a one player why would they change it?
  8. I have been on steam and tried to order touch but it says single player I will be gutted if its just a one player why would he change it? football manager 2019 has got to be a multi player if you find out or anybody else knows can you let me know mate.
  9. Hi I just tried to pre order football manager touch 2019 but it only says single player does anybody know if its still a multi player? Because its only saying single player can somebody please get back to me asap before I pre order
  10. Factually incorrect. I have checked my finances incomings nowhere does it ever say we have had anywhere near this 90 million tv money if that was the case i wouldnt be in debt as we are well below our budget only money you see go in is 1.4million tv money per game you are on tv which isnt that often.
  11. So it's the first year I get Middlesbrough promoted to the Premier League. Television rights say 90 million we but we look in the bank and its not there. When we are chosen for television which is around about 7 games a season we get 1.4million so how is my club receiving 90 million? In yet if I didn't get promoted with Middlesbrough I would get parachute money put straight into my bank and be better off than going to the premier league. Its a major fault we dont receive 90 million and only get 1.4million when we play on TV if my club was to receive 90 million I would have 2 be on tv every week. Please look into this its a on going problem. Can you please tell me how my club received 90 million?
  12. Windows mate it doesnt crash on a particular date just when it feels like it so I have to save every game then when it crashes i defrag my computer an that helps sometimes but seem to be some issues with crashing every say 1 hour.
  13. The game crashes not at the same point but at differnt times it can work for few hours then crash. Message says unexpected error as occured can you sort this out please.
  14. Its hard to win a trophy now days so if you do would be nice to see the cup or league even a bit of the fans singing real songs.
  15. I for one think when you win a league or a cup that you have worked hard for all season especially something like the Champions League there should be a presentation for you to see or even in the Champions League play the music when the cups won. Its so hard to win trophies we deserve to see what we won.
  16. So basically mate if you get promoted from the championship you get 50k prize money you have already said the television money you do not get straight away And it is not 80 million pounds it depends on how many times your on tv either way its know where near 80 million so how are you suppose to get money when you get to the premier league? If i stayed in the championship you get 5 million straight in your bank surely you can see the mistake? 

  17. Wouldnt it be great to see your players lift cups and also play the champions league music if you win it!
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