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  1. Factually incorrect. I have checked my finances incomings nowhere does it ever say we have had anywhere near this 90 million tv money if that was the case i wouldnt be in debt as we are well below our budget only money you see go in is 1.4million tv money per game you are on tv which isnt that often.
  2. So it's the first year I get Middlesbrough promoted to the Premier League. Television rights say 90 million we but we look in the bank and its not there. When we are chosen for television which is around about 7 games a season we get 1.4million so how is my club receiving 90 million? In yet if I didn't get promoted with Middlesbrough I would get parachute money put straight into my bank and be better off than going to the premier league. Its a major fault we dont receive 90 million and only get 1.4million when we play on TV if my club was to receive 90 million I would have 2 be on tv every week. Please look into this its a on going problem. Can you please tell me how my club received 90 million?
  3. Windows mate it doesnt crash on a particular date just when it feels like it so I have to save every game then when it crashes i defrag my computer an that helps sometimes but seem to be some issues with crashing every say 1 hour.
  4. The game crashes not at the same point but at differnt times it can work for few hours then crash. Message says unexpected error as occured can you sort this out please.
  5. Jack Grelish out for 8 months his fit now so should be 3 to 4 months they have this injury wrong change it please bruce said his fit now.
  6. Its hard to win a trophy now days so if you do would be nice to see the cup or league even a bit of the fans singing real songs.
  7. I for one think when you win a league or a cup that you have worked hard for all season especially something like the Champions League there should be a presentation for you to see or even in the Champions League play the music when the cups won. Its so hard to win trophies we deserve to see what we won.
  8. Sorted it now mate didnt know you had to save the game for it to work
  9. All job applications dont work i clicked it on. put my name down for jobs and no job offers why?
  10. That is a load of rubbish if I am in the championship at the end of the season you get five million pounds straight into the bank but if you go up you get nothink. Every Premier League side gets 80million pound in real life. Why does it say on the game that you get 80 million pound television money when you get 1.2millon per tv game so how do you get 80 million pounds I would have to be on tv 78 times to receive 80 million.
  11. I have got Aston Villa promoted to the Premier League but television money has not gone in straight away! If I did not get promoted I would get 30 million pound parachute payment straight into the bank. So on getting promoted we are actually worse off. This has got to be a bug surely cannot be better financially to stay in the championship. In real life when teams get promoted to the Premier League all the talk is about the television money in yet on this game you dont get it.
  12. I concur with the other people sackings are not off even though they has beened paid for. This is ever since the update. Iam fed up of this now i would like a refund for the no sackings and the foreign influx of players. Its illegal to take money off people for things that dont work. If not fixed or refunded i wont hesitate to take legal action!!!
  13. Every free kick crossed into the box is rewarded with a penalty. injured players for no reason They say players get injured in game but are not injured until afterwards. All players with better numbers firing wide every single time they shoot. since the update the games terrible and unrealistic teams with much lower numbers top and the brilliant players losing everyweek
  14. Wouldnt it be great to see your players lift cups and also play the champions league music if you win it!