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  1. yes its like the game is coded to stop you from selling players to make money for you club to invest in better players this is how football works IRL but on FM the transfer market is against you , i just offered arron ramsey a contract hes a free he wanted 92k i offered 70k and higher bonus instead now i have just qualified for europa league he turns me down he wants no lower than 86k the agent refuses and off he signs for newly promoted QPR for 44k a week on a 2 year deal when my 70k was a 4 year deal a regen at ipswich 16 years old very good right back would walk into most champ teams
  2. transfers is ruing the game for game me not 1 single bid in 6 years for my players arsenal where interested in the 22million rated viera and would have to bid 30 million for the" 89million realease clause " thats about the only sniff ive had , i have transfer listed 20 million rated players let them go for nothing and pay there wages as part of a free transfer just 1 example luke ayling rated 17.5 million offered him around for 5 million no offers offer him for free and aston villa bid but want me to pay 5k of his 16.5k wage which i agree to as its non nego of he goes to villa who
  3. getting a 3k regen for 42million my greatest transfer i pipped arsenals 250k bid
  4. now in my 6th season with leeds finishing top 6th last 3 seasons won a few cups , not had 1 bid for any players despite having 3 wonder kids , have transfer listed over 200 million in talent in 6 seasons and non taken 1 bid for players have to let them go for nothing and pay part of the wage or send out on loan the yet AI teams will buy players not as good as mine and pay twice as much , when i moan about tactics or needing 20 shots to score you are shot down and quoted this happens IRL , so can you please tell me where a team as never received a bid or fee for a player in 5 seasons ? 20
  5. same game as all the others different wall paper , still so predictable .
  6. in my finance im spending £400k a month on ground maintenance surely a 100k a week on a lick of paint etc is a bit to much im leeds in the championship they own there ground so why the need to spend nearly 5 million a season keeping it clean is this a bug ?
  7. hopefully the full game will be improved played 10 games on beta got bored with lots of things click here click there and the scouting screen is awfull now
  8. i have always started in lower leagues/ non leagues but the wages and transfers are unrealistic every season i know good lower league players go to higher leagues for big bucks but apart from the big spenders in lower leagues players go for small fees for example player A playing in non league north or south valued at 10k on £300 you offer 50k club want 300k you get it down to 200k player wants 1.5k a week ( biggest wage at your club ) you offer a modest £800 plus bonus player turns you down , then up on your newsfeed the player moves to a club lower down than you for 40k and £400 a
  9. when you scout a player you get to see his contract , but like you say it could be coded that way which is a simple enough answer isnt it because it sure as hell isnt a bug
  10. ok point taken its frustrating because its ruining the game for me but it seems when you post anything negative about the game your shot down thats just my view , anyway its posted in the bugs forum now so will see where that goes
  11. is it sarcasm because it dont suit your agenda ? im giving MY FEEDBACK about wages and contracts i play the game have done for years so im giving my FEEDBACK on trying to sign players and as its ruining my gaming experience what is wrong with that ? or is it part of the game and i just except it , if it is then fair enough but some feedback from SI would be nice after all its a feedback thread
  12. ok give me some advice then how can i sign players who ask for 2.5k a week but my max wage is 1.8k a week but then the said players accepts a wage of £500 a week ? take the player in bostons team ( before the update ) he was on a non contract ( the midfielder ) tried to sign him for lincoln he wanted £900 a week i only offered £600 a week plus £200 apperance fee/ goal bonus unused sub etc would of meant he could earn over 1k a week if he played 2 games a week now he turned me down the £0 a week at boston must be better ? but in my game he signs for york for £450 a week how do i get r
  13. of course people dont get banned and threads dont get deleted or closed perfect forum isnt it
  14. i could rant all day what is wrong with the game but i will be quoted real life games like greece v someone etc i have played the game for over 10 years transfer and wages have never been fixed same as AI issues so i could write down everything that is wrong with the game but the only response i will get is banned from here , intresting you couldnt answer my questions though but rather diverted away from them goodnight
  15. why would the developers investigate it we all know the games perfect! nothing is perfect is it just people quote real life games when people say i had 30 shots and 65% poss etc and the AI had 4 and won 2-0 tell me how many times do barca play like that in real life and get beat ? how many players move to lower league clubs for 75% less wages you have offered them ? how many clubs sell a player to a team for millions less then what you offered but wont even entertain your bid ?
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