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  1. yes its like the game is coded to stop you from selling players to make money for you club to invest in better players this is how football works IRL but on FM the transfer market is against you , i just offered arron ramsey a contract hes a free he wanted 92k i offered 70k and higher bonus instead now i have just qualified for europa league he turns me down he wants no lower than 86k the agent refuses and off he signs for newly promoted QPR for 44k a week on a 2 year deal when my 70k was a 4 year deal a regen at ipswich 16 years old very good right back would walk into most champ teams with his stats valued 550k chelsea bid 2.5 and add ons i bid 5mill and adds on ipswich want 15 mil with add ons for him but off he goes to chelsea for 2.5 million now if they didnt want to sell then the high price off 15 million is a scare off value but having already having a offer then a double the price offer with same add ons should be accepted oh and arsenal are still interested the 50 million rated viera they will have to bid 55 million to get there man out of his 89million release clause now a 55 millionrated player would cost 200million + in the game but a 55 million rated player cost the AI teams just that and your right its been like it for years so no good moaning because si wont do a thing about it to them being a football manager is all about tactics not buying a bargain player for 100k and selling him for 30 million a few seasons later because that dont happen IRL and its never happened in my years of playing FM if a player is valued at 20 mill AI will all bid 20mill if a player is valued at 100k AI teams will bid 100k , i use to enjoy lower league mangement finding good young freebies 2 seasons later there 200 to 400k in value and good enough for championship bids come in now i should be getting 2mill bids for these players but no only there stated value !!!
  2. transfers is ruing the game for game me not 1 single bid in 6 years for my players arsenal where interested in the 22million rated viera and would have to bid 30 million for the" 89million realease clause " thats about the only sniff ive had , i have transfer listed 20 million rated players let them go for nothing and pay there wages as part of a free transfer just 1 example luke ayling rated 17.5 million offered him around for 5 million no offers offer him for free and aston villa bid but want me to pay 5k of his 16.5k wage which i agree to as its non nego of he goes to villa who pay him 28k a week unreal i thought the 5k was because they couldnt afford him , but then a AI team will bid 15 million for a 10 million rated rightback who wasnt as good as ayling its like its coded to stop you from getting transfer money and the AI just bid amongst them selfs i have now resorted to cheating and making up a fake manager who takes over a team just to buy my players at market value as its the only way to sell players and its ruining the game for me oh and the 3k regens you bid they want 40mill you refuse and stick to 5 mill they refuse but sell to there AI coded team for 300k must be my stupid tactics please sort it out
  3. getting a 3k regen for 42million my greatest transfer i pipped arsenals 250k bid
  4. now in my 6th season with leeds finishing top 6th last 3 seasons won a few cups , not had 1 bid for any players despite having 3 wonder kids , have transfer listed over 200 million in talent in 6 seasons and non taken 1 bid for players have to let them go for nothing and pay part of the wage or send out on loan the yet AI teams will buy players not as good as mine and pay twice as much , when i moan about tactics or needing 20 shots to score you are shot down and quoted this happens IRL , so can you please tell me where a team as never received a bid or fee for a player in 5 seasons ? 20 million rated fullback offer for 7.5 mill no bids offer for 5 million no bids offer for 1 mill no bids offer for nothing 5 bids all want 10k wages paying saves me 30k but lose out on 20mill talent regen at another club valued 3k bid 2 mill they want 42 million plus 30% profit but the transfer system isnt flawed and is RUINING the game !!!!! rant over
  6. anyone know how to avoid them 10 games now have my 7th first teamer out for at least 7 weeks have to play u18s now to fill squad just getting stupid 3 top players all injured in 1 game and no bookings for AI players
  7. same game as all the others different wall paper , still so predictable .
  8. transfers are always poor , you pay through the nose the AI pays you peanuts , its all down to your tactics
  9. in my finance im spending £400k a month on ground maintenance surely a 100k a week on a lick of paint etc is a bit to much im leeds in the championship they own there ground so why the need to spend nearly 5 million a season keeping it clean is this a bug ?
  10. hopefully the full game will be improved played 10 games on beta got bored with lots of things click here click there and the scouting screen is awfull now
  11. big clubs to boring , i like to go through the leagues or try and get sleeping giant( former league club ) back up the leagues like bradford park avenue etc
  12. will start with lincoln city should be a good side in fm18 if the players stats are real , then when database for lower leagues is done will do lincoln united and maybe someother local non league team , prefer lower leagues much more rewarding
  13. i have always started in lower leagues/ non leagues but the wages and transfers are unrealistic every season i know good lower league players go to higher leagues for big bucks but apart from the big spenders in lower leagues players go for small fees for example player A playing in non league north or south valued at 10k on £300 you offer 50k club want 300k you get it down to 200k player wants 1.5k a week ( biggest wage at your club ) you offer a modest £800 plus bonus player turns you down , then up on your newsfeed the player moves to a club lower down than you for 40k and £400 a week it happens quite a lot and ruins the game transfers favour the AI example 2 ... you have a player on a long contract with a min release fee say for example 1 million hes valued at 300k every AI club will only offer 300k never anymore again it favours the AI you have to pay over the odds but AI transfers between there selfs are more or less what the player is valued at and wages more or less what there other players are on example 3 ... was manger at lincoln for 6 seasons conf to league 1 play offs losers built a good team of freebies as could never buy anyone , had all my players on good long contracts with min release fees , now my max wage budget was 55k in div 1 i had 2 good youngsters age 21 value 250k release fee 1mil wages 1.5k each , i left lincoln after losing play offs as was offered the sheff utd job who just been relagated from championship had a 7 mill transfer budget decided to go for my 2 youngsters 2 million for a left back and left winger who where good enough for the championship would be good business and sell my left back and winger at sheff utd both valued at 4 mill and 6 mill so within less than 24 hours of taking over sheff utd my 2 youngsters left behind at lincoln all of sudden are on wages of 5.5k and no release fee lincoln turned down 4 million for both infact the whole lincoln squad wage budget had gone from 55k a week to 210k a week inless than 24 hours . again how did this happen and favouring the AI again and the youngster 1 went to leeds for 650k and youngster 2 to ipswich for 400k 50k more than 1 release fee my 2 mill each wasnt deemed good enough i find this ruins the game big style for me dont know about anyone else but much improvment is needed here after all transfers are a big part
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