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  1. nope, windows is installed on my c-drive, the game and steam are installed on the d-drive...
  2. Just did that, didn't work... Seems like the same problem as with the game itself before the latest update...
  3. Unfortunatly that doesnt work.... Did an uninstall, deleted cach and preference folders for the editor, reinstalled, but still it launches in a black screen.....
  4. @Neil Brock the latest update has solved the problem for playing the game itself (thanx!), but the Football Manager 2017 editor still has the same problem. Starting with a black screen....
  5. yes, all of them... i even checked. reading the log suggests otherwise i think?
  6. Yes i did everything as said. The installation does fail, but i don't understand why or what to do... not even sure it will fix the problem. DirectX.log DXerror.log
  7. Starting the game ends up in a Black Screen... My cursor does show that there are fields i need to fill in, but im only able to see totally black screen. he only option is to terminate the game with Ctr + Alt + Del. I already updated my video drivers, i updated my directX and i reinstalled the game. Also tried running it as Administrator and adding "--no_exclusive_fullscreen" in Steam. Nothing seems to be working. I have been playing FM for a really long time and never had such issues. I am really dissapointed and hope someone is able to help!
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