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  1. Hello, first off great job with this database. I just wanted to ask a quick question about a bug/problem i'm facing when I tried your newest update that I got from the first post. I loaded the file with only the Premier League loaded for quick tests, and I noticed that almost all senior team players aren't being registered for the PL competition and are uneligible to play in the PL. So the clubs end up using youngsters every single game. I haven't edited the PL at all, i'm just using the newest worldwide CL database. Do you know what might be causing the issue and how can
  2. Hey guys, I edited an existing nation completely, created a new league structure and a cup. Everything seems fine when I test the comps through the editor, but in-game, the save always crashes in 2019. And not on the same day, but on different days. It seems a bit weird, anyone has any idea why it might be crashing specifically in 2019? https://www.mediafire.com/?1v56o229zrd48c6
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