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  1. just using this tactic in my all saved fm, i dont know how this tactic very suit with me, with my passion
  2. @superfulhamfc i just going with it even coach disagree, just trait the ppm for player, u can make 1 or 2 player to train ppm coach agreement, and see it will be ruin your game or not, coach must have great ability in tac knowledge and jpa i just curious, sometimes i get big score, another time just can reach 1 goal, waste opportunity in front of goalies such as, the winger must pass then striker can score but winger not pass and decide to shoot, but still this tactic is very awesome for me
  3. franky could you post your tactic for serie - a team, as im managing milan, and in serie-a their deffense is very deep and lower tempo
  4. using this with my milan save, im not change mentality at all, just using control and retain posesion, but in pep talk and press confrence i very choose wisely when in press confrence, and when match i always using opponent player, which player should i take, and how we can win the match with the squad we have, usually choosing assertive concentrate until 30 min, mix with show passion or tighten up, then doing that after 2nd half, if lose in 1st half, using half team talk im not happy ur performance, and in pep talk using concentrate or show passion and if lead, using tighten up to prepare the counter attack, good luck
  5. thx dude, its work now in my ac milan save , it 1st season, after defeat 3 - 2 from juventus, away and got lead 0 - 2 until break, then after the break juventus play like crazy , and some of my important player have injured, after that my team seems back to track, with 5 - 6 clean sheet, as i follow your instruction to retain posesion when lead, and remove get stuck in , because in serie - a, u will proceed more card with get stuck in, like 5 - 6 player will having yellow card with get stuck in, thank you for tactic, but i think this tactic need tweak a bit, for provide more goal, my win now just like 2 - 0 , 3 - 0 , i used other tactic, they can scoring like 6 - 0 , 5 - 1, this tactic is great, but it will be even better if we can scoring more goal, by the way thanks for your oi advice
  6. got little problem, when use this tactic in premier league, its ok, but when in serie a , this tactic v1.2 seems terrible, u can scoring, but the opponent will scoring later after u scoring, and the process ai scoring is same, making possesion, passing to both flank, then cross or flank pass to middle then the player shoot or heading then goal, how can i reduce this in serie - a, i mean, i want to take away their possesion in front of our goals line, i mean, the player to take a risk get a ball from opponent without getting foul or card, thanks, sorry for my bad english, this tactic is good, but when play in serie - a with other team except juventus, because juventus got a complete squad, its sorrowful
  7. RIP kriss, maybe u can post good quote from him in this forum ? or maybe unforgettable moment with him? just saying
  8. using this tactic with my milan in february, got cleansheet in 3 match, good tactic
  9. Game: FM17 Type of game: Career Mode Age: 26 Timezone: Gmt+7 (Indonesia) When Can u play : after 11 am gmt Steam: Faith_Bi / https://steamcommunity.com/id/neri1/
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