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  1. what are the benefits to a quad core when it comes to gaming? so a i7-4712MQ is 2.3ghz, what does that mean in terms of comparing it to a 2.3ghz dual core. i've tried researching it but from what little i could decipher it doesn't have much benefit when it comes to playing games.
  2. jist to tack onto the post above, would you recommend that laptop over this one http://www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-15-5547-laptop/pd?oc=cn54716&model_id=inspiron-15-5547-laptop i can get an added discount with dell which would make them similar price. everything about the dell one seems better from my very very limited knowledge but was just wondering about the processor and gpu card and such as it gets a little confusing unless you know the ins and outs of it. like they may be better on the face of it but all this talk about u series and m series and stuff.
  3. hope the interface is better, really poor for 2014 version imo. hate hate hate the graph's for attribute progress/finances etc where it's not easy to follow where exactly the line is. you should be able to hover over any point or something and it gives you a reading. it's fine for a quick glance and thinking 'ah, yea his attacking attributes have increased' but trying to look closer and find out what's gone up and by how many points exactly takes way too much time. i'd like there to be something like a little +2 or -1 icon to tell me exactly how much the players attributes are changing since the start of the season or something along those lines.
  4. so i'll just c&p what i said in otf has anyone else noticed this? seems mad that i'm now so far over my budget without doing anything, surely the board wouldn't set it so low, i'd literally have to sell 6/7 of the top earners and even then i'd be only breaking even with no hope of bringing anyone in, leaving me with a squad of 14 or so . plus the fact that it was agreed that 93k was the seasons wage budget seems to be totally bypassed.
  5. selling and having to replace agger would be a nightmare, i hope everyone at the club is begging him to stay. won't be easy as i'm sure monaco will double his wages though.
  6. i've grown to like it a little tbh. it looks **** tucked in though, deffo needs to be untucked.
  7. yeah there has to be a middle ground, he's there to manage a group of young men and to do so in such a one size fits all rigid attitude is never going to get the best out of every player, you have to have a little flexibility. it doesn't mean that he should turn himself into harry redknapp and be one of the lads ffs, just adapt now and then and understand that he is working with humans not robots . not surprised some decide to jump on bellamy instead of admitting rafa isn't perfect though. classic stuff.
  8. that rafa stuff is depressing tbh. i remember another player giving an interview or in a book or something like that and he went into how rafa had zero interest in any kind of personal relationship with him and i mean ZERO, never asked about his family or just a general 'what did you do last night?' etc. he hardly ever praised you after a good game either, instead would bring up your mistakes in the game . must grind certain players. must make for quite a stifled atmosphere at the club and can't help to create a real deep bond between the players. far far too business like when you are dealing with a group of young men where confidence is such a key thing imo. managing in such a style is great when things are going well but must be twice as hard to pick a team up when its going through a rough patch. a manager like fergie and mourinho get the balance of business and pleasure which is essential in a team sport just right imo. thats not to say rafas **** or anything, i love the man, but his man management is woeful.
  9. i'd say that was a bit steep yeah . we don't need a striker who's going to want first team football, even if suarez went, sturridge would be our main man, bringing in someone else who'll want to play in his position is not worth it. we need cover, someone who'll be happy with a squad role. someone like kone from wigan would be a better use of money if he was willing to come in as a backup.
  10. erm, no way would i want toure trying to get up and down the line at rb ffs.
  11. carlton coles just been released. remember when it was heavily rumoured hodgson was really keen on him and was going to sign him for us .
  12. no way we should give toure a 3 year contract, i'm not even sure we should give him a 1 year tbh. not sold on him at all, he hasn't looked fit whenever i've seen him. if he's on a short contract to bolster the squad than i'm a not dead set against it, we'll see. good price for carroll. bit worried this injury might put a spanner in the works though. hope newcastle come in with a bid too as i get a feeling thats what he's holding out to see first. wish him all the best when he does go, can't fault his desire to help the team when he put the shirt on. really happy the club seems to be getting its **** together quickly in terms of preparation for next season.
  13. watched albiol last night in the spanish cup final. not what we want tbh, doesn't seem to be the leader/organiser type we're after above all else. was at fault for their goal too, jumped in and was skinned easily.
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