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  1. Well it seems I’ve actually had a breakthrough. It’s pass into space... when it’s not on, the players always just pass to feet, your strikers etc are receiving the ball to feet while standing on shoulder of the defender but with pass into space the runs players make is insane. It was said to me that when I had it on before I was asking my players to pass into space that isn’t there but that’s not the case at all. They play safe and nice for the most part but if a throughball opportunity is there they take it, if your wingers are in acres out wide they get played in. If your inside f
  2. Yeah but my villa were a genuinely good side and teams started defending more after finishing 4th, still managed to follow it up with a 2nd place. So are arsenal, they finished 3rd last season and are in the champions league so even if teams want to treat them as good teams I don’t see why they should become overawed and outplayed by poor teams in a game driven by attributes why can teams with bad defensive attributes play faultless defensive football? If I tried to play like they do I’d get destroyed. i think my tactics are just to basic or something now. You watch people like Rash
  3. I won the europa league, carabao cup, semis of champs league and finished 4th then 2nd in the league before switching to 4123 and going on an absolute downward spiral, i even went back to the old 4231 before preseason in my last season at villa and team performance was no different. I haven't tried anything extreme like that no, i don't really see the point to be honest, i want to play the short passing, possession with intent so i don't see what i'd achieve. i got knocked out of the f.a cup by league one plymouth before i left villa, couldn't even create a decent chance to score against oppos
  4. To be honest I’ve tried most of these things but something else is just not right but I can’t figure it out. I took the arsenal job, they have better more creative midfielders and a far better striker. Team is good all round yet it’s the exact same as when I was at villa. I’ve played other teams setting up exactly the same way with similar if not the same roles and duties if not they’ll be playing something I’ve tried but every team is just better, their players move in attack, make, make runs onto through balls, actually attempt through balls, ping the ball around easily and I just can’t unde
  5. Its all good. I give up anyway, I've tried things suggested on here and reading other threads, i think my tactic looks as though it should work but it just doesn't. we've scored 40 goals in 34 league games and i'm 6th. it's probably my own fault whether it's training related or too many young players I don't know. but we played better and scored more with much worse players while still trying to play like a big team. it's got to a point where we are lucky to have 6 shots a match and losing possession battles against teams in the bottom 3. I'm going to resign and see what crops up an
  6. I do tend to work the ball into the box if we don't create anything early, and low crosses has actually been on permanently i literally changed to mixed to see the difference as i don't think low crosses ever actually look low. i also have bennacer but he has ppm to get forward so i also rotate him at MEZ but hes been injured a lot. i need to strengthen a bit in the middle but nobody good enough has been available i thought AF tend to get far to isolated in single striker set ups, i've tried it but hasn't worked great
  7. ah i see... I lost my main man to barcelona for 120mil and couldn't find anyone ideal but here's what i got brewster has kinda been main striker i bought this guy to maybe try false 9 he's young and needs to improve finishing then i have this winger, i have been using up front and on the wing
  8. He’s a PFa in the original screen shot
  9. I'll add that i think the MEZ is probably a bad idea here but i thought maybe between him, the winger and the WB that maybe they'd help shift the defence to one side and leave my IF in space with the DLP there to pick him out if he received the ball. i've been trying the IF on attack with winger on support with a F9 up top too with both WB on support and changing the MEZ to a BBM, but i think he needs an attacking role, CMa maybe. also Rice did start off as an anchor man
  10. not sure i can post a pic with real kits and facepack showing on tactical screen? just in case
  11. I switched to the 4123, I mentioned it in a post way back now when I asked about maddison as a Mezzala. I made the decision at the end of my previous season to change
  12. I haven’t been randomly changing them I’ve been putting a lot of thought into it, I’m well into the second half of the season and haven’t just been changing it every game and I’ve been very much thinking about the broader tactical context, thinking of how they’ll link with my other players and where they might impact something else and changing other roles accordingly without going overboard and changing too much. For the most part I’ve stuck with a DLP as one role in the CM strata, as I think a more aggressive role will interfere with my IF space, and I want him to have the space to cut in. M
  13. Everything gone wrong now anyway we just don’t create chances anymore having usual issues with when I use this formation, no movement up front and no penetration at all, maybe it’s my players, I literally don’t know I’ve tried every combo of CM partnerships and nothing seems to work. My players are so slow to actually do anything even if I up passing to standard so the tempo increases they’re the same, I’m stumped ai defences even from the big teams are so deep and static that we can’t create space so we hit a wall and fail. When I watch teams attack me there’s so much m
  14. Yeah I haven't ruled out using a winger entirely, my main dislike in general is crossing, I just can't seem to get it to work for me in fm20 and it results in a lot of wasted possession. Also the fact i'm now using a striker who isn't at all good in the air. I guess working into the box negates that issue but i always can't help but feel it blunts the attack somewhat when using it. I'm still experimenting with roles and duties at the moment, we've had some good games but generally not scoring enough or creating enough chances right now. things tend to go a bit stale in the final 3rd but i
  15. Yeah I hadn’t considered that actually, it’s the slightly better physicals and teamwork from Castrovilli and the fact he can tackle a bit that makes me unsure. I might keep Maddison til January and see how it’s going
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