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    played CM/FM since 97/98 and played religiously up until about fm10, didn't play for a few years ended up getting back into it when FM16 came out


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  1. This is what I want but I don’t know how to make it happen, I’m getting tempted to ditch the 442 and play 41221 style but it’s never been a good system for me, I can’t ever get a striker scoring goals regularly enough, I probably have the right players to do it now but I’m not sure on my strikers
  2. I’m trying to play positive at the moment but even in games I dominate I can’t create good chances and end up losing from the ball over the top or a free kick. Never really set up a decent counter attack system before but I’ll give it a go. I think part of my issue is I can’t get players any better than I already have. My club is in debt and I can’t pay the wages for real quality players so it’s almost like there’s no way I can improve
  3. thanks for this, looks really well thought out. I will let my system play out a while longer and see if anything starts to click a bit more but if nothing changes then i will come back to this and try to set something up and give it a whirl
  4. I will give it more time, the CBs are new signings and the cm-d came in late last season. I better find a new keeper then
  5. OK so 7 games or so into the new season, won 3 of the first 4 then its been draws and a few draws in the cup too, i'm still running into the same problems, the long shots are just ridiculous at this point, its every game without fail and no matter how i try to press or use the defensive line we are always vulnerable to long shots. Balls over or straight through my defence have been an issue too. funny thing is my team never create these kind of chances yet even with worse players the AI score so easily. a few games we have created some good chances but struggled to convert them but for the most part creating chances is seeming difficult. media prediction is 4th for this season so we should be right up there winning games, in the player stat comparison tab thing my players are well above average for the most part. I will post a pic of how it looks now and some of the players the star rating deem to be 2-2.5 star. i'm not to sure about good players for my level but I've got the best i can get, finding rounded players is near impossible and these are the best i can get. edit; i should add that I've tried other things like lower LOE and different pressing settings, team on standard but Pi's telling midfielders and strikers to be more urgent but it doesn't seem any different at all, for my liking i still don't feel mt players do enough and are too passive defensively. I don't want to be a long ball team if i can help it or a short passing possession team, just somewhere in between so we can pass the ball around a bit but also be direct enough to score with one defence splitting pass or 3 quick passes
  6. Ok so I thought I only had 7 games left but it was actually 11, didn’t realise the season was longer. But it still seemed no matter what I try we concede goals the same way with a 442. I set more aggressive closing down, tried it both player instructions and team instructions but my players still just don’t do enough, I don’t feel they close down fast enough or make any effort to win the ball back. Tried various CM roles but I don’t have ideal players for some of them. I switched over to a control possession 4141 dm wide and strolled through our last few games of the season. I would switch to 4141 dm wise more permanently for next season but I always end up with the issue of my strikers don’t score when I’ve used it previously. I’m not sure how to prepare for next season now I don’t want to go out looking for certain player types if it’s still just going to set me up to fail. Besides my club is skint and it’s a struggle to pay what most better players want. Maybe LLM just isn’t my thing 😂
  7. Ok I’ve got so much stuff to take in here and try to digest, I’m going to get back and try to change some stuff up and see what I can come up with, I’ve only got 7 games to go until the end of the season so at least I can go out and target some more specialised players for certain roles which I just don’t have at the moment, I’ll come back and post my changes and give an update on how things are going
  8. I'm going to take a look at the line of engagement and defensive line as i see why it isn't helping. the only goals i concede of the same type are the long shots more than anything, goals from the wings haven't been a problem at all, i'm going to look at upping the pressing intensity, i haven't tried the different CB combo before but if it would help defend long shots then im going to try it out. I have tried a target man briefly but didn't see it was helping at all but it could have been because of all the issues elsewhere, it was also hard to find a decent TM there were no good ones for my level available, at least not that i could find. my strikers are pretty much the best i can get my hands on playing in their best roles. I'm going to get back on now and just go back to the drawing board and see what i can do, I will give some of these different roles a go and see what happens. thanks
  9. hi thank you for your reply, maybe one thing I'm guilty of is trying to make my team do to little, I always see how LLM tactics need to be basic with as few instructions as possible so maybe I've gone to the extreme a little. i did use a higher line and LOE at one point but it was a change i made to try stop balls over the top being such an issue by not leaving the space in behind for them to run in to and maybe at the same time draw the opposition on a bit and create more space in behind them for my strikers to run in to, The lower LOE alone i can see now how that is a problem i just wanted us to be a bit more compact with more players behind the ball but i realise by also being compact i am probably inviting more balls over the top also. i didn't want to over load my team with attack duties and start adding them at CM and leaving myself exposed when we lose the ball further up the pitch, I thought with a cm on attack id just end up with 2 CMs who were on totally different wavelengths with only one defending and a big gap next to him, same with the wingers, i wanted them to comeback too and help with defending and never felt comfortable with them on attack but maybe i need to rethink on all this and try it out. full backs are on defend duty because they are rubbish basically so i'm trying to limit what they have to do, I didn't see how they'd help going forward and leaving me more open at the back. 1. in the first season i used the route one tactic and just modified a few things, i had a BBM and a CM(s), i did use no-nonsense roles in defence for a time,but only because it was the players best roles same striker roles but both my strikers scored 20+ league goals each, i don't think i have the tactic saved and it evolved over time so i can't remember all the instructions. 2. I actually need to check this again, we were pretty average at the start but I've changed quite a few players so i'm going to look again when i log on after this. 3. I don't really know with the current players i have, i know how i'd like to play, but i don't think that is possible right now, short passing, high line, high press, counter press how i would at higher levels. for now, but i've tried to stay away for more complicated high intensity tactics at least while i'm this low down and throwing teams together every season. I've never even used a 442 so maybe i'm just trying to be to basic and asking my team to do to little
  10. looking for some advice on where i'm going wrong with my current save, managing my hometown club in the 7th tier of English football. first season i somehow got promoted but 2nd season the struggle is real, my team both struggles to score goals and just gets walked all over. main issues being my players just defend so poorly, they seem to stand off too much, they never look like they are doing enough compared to my opponents who seem to close down fast and eliminate passing options so easily, mainly conceding from balls over the top or just straight through the defence and more than anything else long shots, literally every game without fail we concede from outside the box and i just cant find a way to stop it, my team never score long shots. I've tried adjusting the defensive line and messing with the closing down but it doesn't seem to matter much. attacking is just as bad, we score the odd goal from a long ball to my poacher but struggle to create otherwise. I've been pretty limited by who i can sign, i just cant find good enough players so i'm kinda stuck with what i have, i did try a target man but he didn't seem to help at all, this current cm setup is new, i was using a bbm and cm(s) in my first season which worked OK but not so much anymore so i tried to just make it more solid with a BWM. overall mentality i was using balanced but it was somehow even worse defensively and a switch to attacking worked for a 6 game unbeaten stretch but now its back to being poor again. any LLM veterans who can offer me some advice to get my team playing decently again? i know a lot of my problems could be down to my players but i don't think they're as bad as our performances. they all look really good when i first sign them and then the coach ratings go down over time, i guess because the coaches judging PA and CA is terrible but i think my players look comparable to other top clubs players in my division
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