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  1. Hi - I won the Carabao cup with Newcastle in second season but I haven’t qualified for Europa League ( I finished 8th in Prem league). Shouldn’t I still take one of the European spots?
  2. Thank you Mr Rosler for all of them but especially for V4 - I think you;ve definitely got the best our of both tactics here - goals, ccc's, excellent player ratings across the board. I'm Newcastle in 2018 and am well on course for the league and Cl double (drawn v Chelsea in semis but smashed Real in the 1/4's). Hulk excelling in the F9 role (re-training required) and Adam Campbell (developed amazingly well) or Javier Hernandez in the CF. Full backs consistently get outstanding ratings (I have Corchia and Alex Sandro) and CB's also (on V2 and V3 I felt the right CB always struggled). Plenty of goals from midfield still (I have Ward-Prowse with a 7.78 average by April) but he is on all my set pieces so plenty of assists. All in all an excellent tactic - I won;t post screenshot of results up (don;t know how!) but its virtually 'green dot' wins across the screen. Thank you Mr Rosler!
  3. I wouldn't say that your posts have added anything onto this debate to be honest. Here's a couple of apostrophes for your next post ''' . Oh, you also made the your / you're mistake again by the way. 'Just like I know its don't' doesn't really add much either. I clearly know the rules of football I was highlighting a) a possible bug and b) just posing a question for clarification and potential discussion.
  4. In the round-up of leagues I was informed of player x scoring the pick of the goals with a 'thunderous free kick from 14 yards'. Is this possible? I know the penalty area is the 18 yard box and penalty spot is 12 yards. Even if it was at the side of the penalty area it would still be more than 14 yards away from goal right?
  5. Want to start a new game but might as well wait until all the transfers are complete! Debuchy, Yanga-Mbiwa and Gouffran so far....
  6. Try varying where you play them - I played with a 4 man midfield for a while without much luck, then tried them as AMR/L without much firther joy but I'm now having a massive amount of success playing my wingers (on wingers, attack) right in the top corners either side of striker (as STRR and STRL) either side of a poacher in the middle. Goals are flying in from the front three now (Nathan Redmond on right, Shane Ferguson left and Cisse in middle and I'm actually hammering teams rather than sneaking odd wins.
  7. So many positives to say about this tactic! First season with Newcastle and finished 2nd in the league (lost to Man U away last game of season and lost by 1pt - gutted but also won the Euro Cup! Cisse on fire in the poaching role with Ba a very able sub/deputy. Ben Arfa has got 18 gls and 18 assists in the AMC role - I've added him ticked as playmaker and play through the middle to get the most out of him. The rest of the midfield has chipped in ok but nothing massively special to be honest and I need to have a play with the centre mids for them to get higher ratings (Cabaye and Tiote but around 7) but the team results have been quality so don't want to change things too much (Obertain/Gutierrez/Ferguson on the wings quite average) Discipline has been an issue with lots of bans for yellow and red cards but results dipped when I took tackling onto easy so perhaps this is just something you put up with...? I've used calm, go out and enjoy yourselves etc.. for most away games which makes everyone relaxed and play better! but havent used shouts at all and it seems to work fine. Thank you Romeo - with some better players lined up for 2nd season Im looking forward to seeing its success in the Champions League
  8. Was a little disappointed with Adam Campbell's stats - thought he might have been given a serious upgrade but have had to throw him in at the deep end to cover Cisse during the ACN in Jan - and he's scored 8 in 7 in the poacher role!
  9. You might consider selling both - you can get some serious money for these guys and reinvest in some younger strikers
  10. Am noticing that in the early rounds of league/FA cup, when I've come up against decent teams - they always put their full strength team out? Anyone else noticed this? In FM 12 I thought it was realistic that a lot of the bigger clubs would put out youngsters and squad rotate as we see in real life in these competitions.
  11. Just finished a season - finished 6th with Newcastle (scoring 101, conceding 74: far too high for both?) but won league cup and UEFA cup! PL finished Tottenham, Man City, Aston Villa as 1,2,3. Enjoying the game play but very high-scoring matches and too many disallowed goals as well.
  12. How are people getting on developing Adam Campbell? I want to make him the new local hero but his technical stats arent great. That said I've been forced to play him lots in the 2nd season because of bad injuries to Ba/Wilfired + ACN and he's got 13 goals over the course of the season, albeit 5 against poor quality cup opposition
  13. Youve convinced me to start a MLS game after my current save. Great info in the OP - thanks
  14. OH MY GOD Managed to secure CL football in Season 2 after a credible 3rd place finish. HBA gets a bad injury at the start of season 3 and ANNOUNCES HIS RETIREMENT AT THE END OF THE SEASON due to injury problems!!!
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