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  1. 3 years ago when I played FM 2018, I found a very interesting website, which really up my game to the best. They show you how AI and tactic work in this game. How you adapt to each situation. Like, when you are an underdog how you should play, play narrower deep defensive line etc. I remember they said that counter mentality is, in fact, attack-minded, and vice-versa. A better team should not try to attack but to lure opponent out by doing something (which, of course, I dont remember xD). And they show you what you should adapt to situations like defending a lead, attacking for a late goal, or right after you score, you should pause the match and change the tactic to try to win possession back because thats the time when AI will thro everything into the match. I followed their simple guide and I had to say it worked like a miracle. I mean, I suck at the game, but I won everything with that. Sadly, I deleted the bookmark because something happened in real life and I stopped playing the game. I looked u[ a lot but cannot find out the website, or any clues how to look for it, except for the information I told above. Anyone knows which website Im talking about? Really appreciate for reading my post!
  2. I find my match, no matter I win or lose, seem really dull. Most of the times, the goal come from 1000 passes (tiqui taka style), or crossing, through ball, etc etc. Really simple, nothing...interesting. It's about 99.9999%. I have good players, wonder kid, world class players, full of them, alotogether with good tactics, and even when I dont have that, yeah, I reload to win (sry if you disagree with me, but thats how I enjoy the game). Ai goal is the same, but at least they have about 5-10% amazing goal (curl ball from 30 yard from side LOL). How do I make my players (world class or not) do that at least once in a while? I teach them all the stuff, curl ball + shoot from distance. Overhead kick, lob ball. Tons of them, none ever happens. I use fluid tactic already. Any ideas? Sry for my bad english. Tks for listening.
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