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  1. Hello I click the button in the store but am unable to purchase the all item bundle. On other items i can get pop-up to appear, but not in the bundle. Is there a known issue with the HD8? Thanks, Adrian.
  2. Thanks for this... Still looks as though it is lower down the priority list.
  3. I'm beginning to wonder that myself. Has anyone got a date for this? It looks as though the Kindle release has been put on the "back burner"...
  4. OK, thank you for the update... I'll keep an eye out in the Kindle App store!
  5. When will FMM17 be released for Kindle HD via the kindle store? i can't find a date anywhere..
  6. Hi, The kindle HD7 has been fine for running FM16 with the full database etc... So I'm hopeful that it can cope with the new version :-) FYI it is FMM not FM touch that runs on Kindle HD models... Thanks!
  7. Hello! Does anyone know when Football Manager 2017 (touch) will be available for the Kindle? I've seen the release across platforms, but haven't seen when this version will be available. Thanks!
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