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  1. I managed to get Jimmy floyd hasselbaink quit button n become a coach for me, I also got in Ivan Zamorano & bojan's dad on as scouts.
  2. Just finished my first season - finished 3rd & won the Europa league. Went abit crazy in the transfer market as seen below but paid off in the end. Transfers in - Berardi £35m Embolo £18.5m Barbosa £10m Luan £9m Sisto £6m Ricky Alvarez - free transfer Lucas Romero - £5m Ajer £1.5 Andrija zivkovic £3m Ross Barkley £35m Then Mario Fernandes £20.5 in Jan Transfers out - Townsend £10m Chadli £15m Kane £50m Fazio £4.5m Trippier £4.2m in Jan After injures throughout the season Gabriel barbosa finished top scorer with 20 with Son top assists 13. The chairman gave me extra money in Jan with was a nice boost
  3. There has bin a new update out today & players Overall ratings have changed who have had good starts to the season. Vardy being one of them
  4. On the new update vardy has bin given a boost on his stats
  5. The clauses are just certain times during the season & pops up thru out the season in the monthly reports as I got money from chambers & lambert also.
  6. looks quality so far. really impressed with all your hard work a couple of missed deals for the next update - Andrés Guardado & ever banega have both left Valencia on loan with Guardado a view to a permanent
  7. hopefully out soon....... keep up the good work as you do year by year
  8. not sure tho it is on the beta so id expect so
  9. you just read my mind!!!! i hope someone repsonds to this with an answer
  10. just the free thing is constantly full as every man & his dog gets your updates due to them being the best.........
  11. any chance you could put a mirror up elsewhere if you have time or permit someone else to do so? thanks
  12. Good job your'e not doing it then isn't it pal. I'm happy to wait, but thanks for your input. You have shown me the error of my ways. thank you.
  13. calm down petal i was only asking a simple question....... just because you put a smiley face at the end doesn't make you funny.
  14. bin waiting all day for the update..........any time soon from your 6pm target? thanks
  15. thought so, nice quick move with putting ronaldinho on a free transfer. tho i wouldnt expect anything less with your guys updates
  16. brilliant update so far, are you going to be doing pro/rel in spain as villareal are still in the top division? ive done it my self for now. thanks in advance
  17. Club: newcastle Budget: 11m Looking for: GK With: Other: better than krul & hilderbrand Season: Jan window season 1 Loyalty Bonus: Agent Fee:
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